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"Chol is a very hot world, I dont know how the inhabitants can be outside of the domes for over 5 minutes" - Chairman of Chol

Chol, also known as Chol 11, is a partially terrestrial world in the Volkania Sector of the Jewel Cluster in the Eulciar Galaxy. The planet is well known for its yellow atmosphere and its many domed cities. The planet's average temperature is hotter than most other worlds, and very active volcanic activity prevents normal habitation.

Chol is small, being about 9,104 Kilometers, with its terrain primarily consisting of rocky wastelands, red sand beaches, volcanoes and small forests. Chol does not have its own navy, only having a small standing army and Lava Speeders, relying in the Federation Starfleet for protection.

Early History

Chol was discovered by the Volkanian scientists in 11,000 CE, along with Geasc, Chol for many years was considered an anomalous world due to its strange surface, being considered a dead world, yet having multiple patches of native flora scattered around the world. The first colony was established by Cemayan colonists in 17,560 CE, and became the capital, with other colony ships arriving thought-out the late 10,000s and mid 20,000s. A massive eruption in 30,002 CE caused the destruction of multiple colonial cities and volcanic ash blocking the sunlight for about 200 years, which completely screwed over the Cemayans, which rely heavily on sunlight to survive. The eruption killed thousands, but the blockage of the sun caused farms to die, which lead to famine. in the end, almost 95% of the Cemayan population died, and humans became the dominant intelligent species on Chol, followed by Havonians and Zothians.

The local government with new leadership, started to build massive domes to protect the inhabitants from volcanic ash, wildlife and the now polluted atmosphere. 82 domes were constructed between 32,100 CE and 50,000 CE.

Joining the Federation

Chol was already a Republic colony when the VPR collapsed, which lead to a recession that lasted until the Federation's founding in 90,900 CE. Chol joined in 90,908 CE.