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The Chosen of Sydiah (Typically referred to as The Chosen and formerly called the Creed of Sydiah) is an organization, consisting of hundreds of members who have sworn allegiance or dedication to the nation of Sedrua. The Chosen of Sydiah primarily functions as a group of powerful individuals, who serve in the Sedruan Government or Sedruan Military. The Chosen of Sydiah, with its operation extending far from its home place of the Suvaren Galaxy, is well known for its very high level of power and influence. Initially, The Chosen of Sydiah was created and named as the Creed of Sydiah, though the ancient disappearance of Mother Sydiah, also known as the Wane of Reality has caused Vurilia Jiutopati to rise to power over The Chosen and the Sedruan Government. It would be until Vurilia died by the hands of his maker would his power falter in any field.

The Chosen of Sydiah holds a notable grip over the activates of Sedrua. Its influence through the Local Universe, as well as the activities of its many members have made it rather well known in local spheres. It is said that The Chosen of Sydiah has been able to maintain its position due to the power of its members. With its strong connection to the Aeterna Caligne, as well as its prevalence in Psychokinesis, has kept it firm in the hands of history. Attempts at dismantling The Chosen of Sydiah, or the greater Sedruan government, have been met with general failure, though numerous members have died in the past.

The longest lasting leader of The Chosen, Vurilia, operated it for a combined total of 160,000 years. The Wane of Reality, as well as his sudden appearance in Sedruan leadership and the slow death of The Architects has made him the de-facto advisor of The Chosen. Since his death after the re-appearance of Mother Sydiah, Vurilia is commemorated for developing The Chosen. Vurilia was known for bringing forth an attitude of brotherhood and friendship in The Chosen. He has also given all of its members high quality lives, necessities, and materials which aid them on missions. This has led to the increase in the morale of all members within The Chosen.

With Mother Sydiah's re-appearance in the modern day, she has become a distant co-leader of The Chosen. While she typically commands high level missions and holds a large sum of power, she is usually not present in most activities. Mother Sydiah has taken very little an active role in the operations of The Chosen to date, focusing primarily on her experiments within the Aeterna Caligne, as well as attempts in quelling Sydiah's Hinterlands. As of The Exhumation, Mother Sydiah has still taken no action in The Chosen.

Notable Members

Mother Sydiah


Basic Description

Yutira Sydiah, (better known by her colloquial name of Mother Sydiah) is the highest ranking member of The Chosen of Sydiah. She is the creator, and is the leader of The Chosen, treating those beneath her with a firm but fair rule. The creation of The Chosen allowed Mother Sydiah to take more time with creating The Architects, as well as manage her budding empire. With Sydiah's age of conquest rising, she began to grow a ruthless personality, subjugating much of Aylothn's area for the name of Sedrua. The Chosen was a very important piece of Sedrua's Expansion, as countless Architects willingly joined in order to project the power of Sydiah and the group. It was through this relative prosperity did Sydiah grow to intergalactic infamy. Through the age of prosperity however, came a time of stagnation and uncertainty. So, Mother Sydiah attempted to grow Sedrua's influence across the cosmos, by spontaneously create millions of Architects, ones which would be the best of their time. However, the dream of Sedruan domination faded as Mother Sydiah's powers backfired, trapping her in the Aeterna Caligne and instantly creating Sydiah's Hinterlands. Sydiah was trapped in the Aeterna Caligne for a perceived 5.7 billion years, experiencing torture, degeneration, and repeated insanity. Near the end of her days in the Aeterna Caligne however, Sydiah felt serenity and found peace with herself, letting go of her extremist ideals long before. By the time of Mother Sydiah's re-emergence in 99,678 CE, she held ambition to rule Sedrua in a new age, which ended with the death of Vurilia Jiutopati, the former leader of Sedrua.

Vurilia Jiutopati

Vurilia Jiutopati.png

Basic Description

Vurilia Ysylo Jiutopati, (often shortened to Vurilia) was the current acting leader for The Chosen of Sydiah, and existed as its advisor and primary director. Vurilia was indoctrinated into The Chosen by Mother Sydiah, and was the first official member of The Chosen itself. Ever since the creation of The Chosen, Vurilia held a leadership position, respecting his allies and aiding with the creation of Sedrua. By the time of Sedrua's creation, Vurilia helped The Chosen gain a high level of members. He would also use his power as leverage, and aid Mother Sydiah with the creation of more Architects. However, Mother Sydiah disappeared not too long after, and Vurilia was left with a scared nation which was quickly becoming isolationist. As Vurilia gained a higher position of standing in Sedrua, Rinnaq Jostoynia became leader of The Chosen. Vurilia would spend any available time trying to bring back Mother Sydiah, a process which took tens of thousands of years. As Sedrua regressed and eventually reformed, Vurilia returned to his leadership position in The Chosen. He would spend more of his days trying awakening Mother Sydiah, which eventually happened at 99,678 CE. However, this would culminate to his death, as Vurilia would be killed by Mother Sydiah in the same year that she appeared.

Rinnaq Jostoynia


Basic Description

Rinnaq Jostoynia is the third highest member of The Chosen of Sydiah, existing as its general advisor. Created as a member of The Architects in the year of 238,632 BCE, Rinnaq was first utilized as an intelligent advisor for the budding nation of Sedrua. She would act in accordance to Itrian Ustya at first, working with him to keep watch over all lower actions done by the new Architects. She would continue her duties until the time of the creation of Sedrua, when she became a part of the main governing structure. As a leader, Itrian kept close contact with Rinnaq and they became close friends. However, Itrian soon became enveloped with surveillance of Sedrua's territory and cohesion, while Rinnaq was more focused on helping the government. However, complications with The Wane of Reality caused Rinnaq to shift positions of leadership, instead becoming what is known as the Prophet of The Empire. For years, Rinnaq would attempt to safeguard the integrity of Sedrua's path, by watching the nation and guiding it along with the Great Sedruan Prophecies. It was originally under Vurilia Jiutopati's command that she would keep Sedrua along its path. Rinnaq also trained her unique ability with precognition, which allowed The Chosen to make numerous tactful moves in advance. Her usefulness would be re-utilized through all mediums of history, through wars and internal conflict with The Chosen. Eventually, Rinnaq would witness Mother Sydiah's re-appearance, and so she returned to being an intelligence officer for Sedrua. However, Rinnaq's ability with telling the future has still remained useful.

Itrian Ustya


Basic Description

Itrian Ustya is the fourth highest ranking member of The Chosen of Sydiah, and serves as general observation management and upkeep for the Eyes of Sedrua. Itrian exists as the second member of The Architects as well, aiding in the creation of more of his people. Before his time as a knowledgeable observer, Itrian held a baseline body for any member of The Architects. In his years of slow learning and through the budding of Sedrua, Itrian felt as if cohesion, stability, and security were utmost important traits. So, Itrian applied himself in the field of observation and defense. Eventually, Itrian would find himself obsessively helping The Chosen of Sydiah. By the time of Sedrua's creation, Itrian had disembodied himself, in the form of a pure and efficient watcher of the nation's activity. He would go forth to create the Eyes of Sedrua, a network of advanced, undetectable probes which would peer through all lands which Sedrua claimed as its. As Sedrua expanded, so would Itrian's reach, and his observation soon became eternal. However, upon the Wane of Reality, Itrian secluded himself to learning as much as he could about the universe. The decline of Sedrua and the elimination of much of the Eyes of Sedrua left Itrian blind in his own eyes. He would remain rather reclusive, living a solitary life and alerting The Chosen about any potential threats. The rise of the Commonwealth was especially worrying for him, and he returned to a more communal life, working with Rinnaq to fully aid in the repairs of Sedrua and The Chosen. Time wore on, and Sedrua's re-awakening prompted Itrian to recreate the Eyes of Sedrua, which allowed them to create sabotage. Through of his actions, the War of the Ancients was caused, and Sedrua gained an affinity for causing chaos and disorder.

Oculus of Truth

Basic Description

The Oculus of Truth is a extensive network of machines that monitors countless actions which take place in the vicinity of Sedrua, as well as the Aeterna Caligne. The Oculus holds a primary appearance, which exists as a monolithic tower that extends itself through the area of B'Kalatala and several regions on Zushilo. It is technically classified as a member of The Chosen of Sydiah, since its components consist of several souls of The Architects. All former Architects, being members of The Chosen, willingly joined in order to bring forth cohesion and unity throughout Sedrua. The Oculus was initially created after a large depression in Sedrua's government, where The Chosen of Sydiah gained too much power over the ruling government. After the reformation of The Chosen, combined with new laws enforced by Vurilia, the Oculus of Truth was made. Its original purpose was to overlook the entirety of Sedrua, acting with Rinnaq Jostoynia to look over faults in The Chosen, as well as the primary government. The Oculus also improved the Eyes of Sedrua, though it would not necessarily aid to any further expansion of Sedrua. By the time where the Oculus was an accustomed operative of The Chosen, Sedrua was already on a direction of decline and isolationism, which was not necessarily helped by the Oculus in the end. After many years of Sedrua's slow regression, The Oculus rests as a centerpiece for operations in what is left of Sedrua's influence.

Thonde Eflein


Basic Description

Thonde Eflein is one of the original Architects, constructed by Mother Sydiah not long after the creation of Vurilia Jiutopati. Currently, Thonde holds the appearance of a faded face, surrounded by clouds of degenerative nebulous gas. It is known that Thonde is succumbing to the Aeterna Caligne, and is most likely the next Architect to fall to its effects. Her perception of reality is very much warped, as Thonde primarily exists in a comatose or transient state of being. When Thonde is lucid however, she is known to be very co-operative, helpful, and is very well known for her intellect, though it is very much limited when compared to before. It has been noted by others who have encountered her that she will act individually, but typically does so without conscious thought. In history, Thonde was known to be more reserved, and went through many personal projects before settling as a defender of The Chosen. She remained in this state for many centuries, until the Wane of Reality struck. Following the event, Thonde found herself isolated from all other Architects. She temporarily left The Chosen, before re-joining and returning to her position. The decline of Sedrua took place soon after, leading to the creation of the Commonwealth, the Great Migration of the SAFAN, and eventual war between Sedrua and other entities. Through the long stretches of time, Thonde would decay slowly, ending up between reality and the Aeterna Caligne. Since of the re-appearance of Mother Sydiah, Thonde's ability to perceive true realities and situations has become severely hampered due to her deteriorating mind.

Drizuna Cluytho


Basic Description

Drizuna Cluytho is a second-generation Architect, initially created by Mother Sydiah as the foundations for Sedrua were being created. Drizuna was first tasked to help create colonies, aid in the uplifting of several species, and more importantly, maintain and strengthen The Chosen. During her lifetime she assisted The Chosen greatly with numerous tasks, including support in the faith of Sydiaism. Drizuna is one of the two remaining Architects which hold a basline form, being characterized with her bipedal form and smooth blue skin. Through her time in Sedruan history, Drizuna spearheaded numerous missions, working primarily as an operative for Sedrua's colonial forces. Drizuna ended up working her way up The Chosen of Sydiah as well, soon becoming close friends with all top members. However, the Wane of Reality and its subsequent events caused Drizuna to essentially lose her mind - and she deserted from The Chosen, joining a nomadic force of Architects which felt as if they had no purpose. Drizuna would live out of Sedrua's borders for a long time, showing no signs of psychokinetic illness after many millennia. Eventually, she would move back to the Suvaren Galaxy, rejoining The Chosen right before Aylothn's Totality. From then on, Drizuna would reform herself in the ranks, hoping to better herself and influence Sedrua to perform actions of diplomacy rather than warfare. She has since remained in a relatively high position in The Chosen, having earned the trust of Vurilia Jiutopati as well as Rinnaq Jostoynia. While the latter has little direct interaction with her, she still provides advice to the leader of Sedrua in matters related to Sedrua.



Basic Description

Moonmoon is one of the oldest living humans in history and the first human to have Thaumaturgy. His body has not aged since he first reached adulthood many, many millennia ago, save for the changes he has intentionally made in the recent past. He is the head and founder of a large religion by the name of the Cult of Silverstar and a galaxy-spanning nation called the Theocracy of Silverstar. Having long since left his homeworld, Moonmoon has seen much of the universe. Through tens of thousands of years of collective knowledge in diplomacy and political strategies, he has subjugated the majority of Lunen Tsuki under his undivided rule. Having lived for so long, one of his few continual joys is expanding his reach in the realm of thaumaturgic abilities. Moonmoon stands as one of the newest members of The Chosen, brought in by a promise of new knowledge in thaumaturgy that he had not yet accessed. He hasn't learned much during his membership in The Chosen, but he holds a strange fascination with Mother Sydiah, seeing her as a potential mentor figure and a necessary piece of a future "cosmic awakening" that he's begun to mention on occasion.