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"Cicero stands as a testament to just how much of a pain in the neck Humans are to kill - They'll adapt to wherever you throw them. Cicero should have killed them - Instead, they evolved, and started killing each other. I don't know how they're not all dead yet."

Cicero is an inhabited moon, located in the Gironella system, within the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. It is the home-world of the Human mutant sub-species known as the Frugis, and is a member world of the Commune Federation. It orbits a gas giant known as Brenvyce. People and goods from this world are referred to as Ciceroan.

Cicero has a unique history within the galaxy, as it was home to a variety of Human nations attempting to settle it after the Great Seal-Off of Verpletter. These nations blamed one another for the Seal-Off, and fought until they had only a limited amount of technology left. This led to them being stranded on Cicero together, and to the formation of a feudal society.

Being an incredibly cold and desolate world, Cicero was an intensely hostile world for the Humans to withstand. While they constructed insulated cities and utilized whatever was available to them, the world was still one of absolute bitter cold. Eventually, mutations began to occur in the population there, and the emergence of the Frugis happened shortly thereafter, becoming the new dominant population on Cicero by 2436VC. They were approached by the Commune Federation in 3512VC, and became members of the Federation soon after. Cicero has since become a major hub of activity within the Federation, and is considered one of it's most influential members.


The population of Cicero reaches up to 100 Billion sentient individuals, the majority of which are of sentient species which have adapted for the cold. There is a major Frugis majority, totalling about 80% of the population. The remaining 20% come from various member species within the Commune Federation, including Humans, Oswaihr, Qar-Qar, Yettar, Empatehr and various others.

Much of the non-native population of Cicero reside in mountain-based cities, which have been built to accommodate various other species within the Federation, which are closer to the temperatures that they are better suited to. Many Frugis also live in these mountain cities, though their sections are normally colder, but that they find to be warm. Other Frugis live in steads and other advanced cities, built to withstand the bitter cold of their home-world.


Ciceroan culture is often considered to be fairly complex, with there being many contradictions within it.  

The way that society on Cicero is structured, it is of that of a warrior society - Various areas are sectioned off from one another in what the population calls shrewssevain - The local word for "territory". These "Territories" are based upon the previous feudal rulers realms of influence, and are still named after them, even after they were killed by their populations before joining the Commune Federation. The borders of these shrewssevain have walls around them, with transport stations being built into them, allowing people to travel along the borders and into other territories as they so desire.  

Many are taught from a young age how to fight and how to kill, even with primitive weapons such as knifes and swords. They will often engage in mock battles, where they were to hunt down one another, and attack as though they aimed to kill. This has created a society full of people who are full capable of killing one another should they so desire it - These mock battles are often considered to be little more than sport by the Frugis. They have a series of competitions every year, which they call the Tryxvynia contests, in which teams are pitted against one another. It is very competitive and vast, with each team representing a shrewssevain. 

In spite of this warrior-esq set up, the general population of Cicero has often been described as incredibly friendly, even by the usually welcoming standards of the Federation.  

Ciceroans, particularly the Frugis, are known to be incredibly straight forward about sexuality. Public displays of affection are incredibly commonplace on Cicero, and are paid nearly no attention by the rest of the local population. Many members of the society are also very sexually active, with a number of buildings even constructed for the purposes of sexual fulfilment. Companionship is highly sought after on the moon, as are general bonds between groups. Polyamory is an extremely common occurrence here. Many people here attract a partner via their engagement in sport. It would appear that the Frugis are almost universally pansexual, as there have been nearly no reports of this getting in the way of this companionship.