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The Cnara-Frealee Federation, abbreviated as the CFF, is a nation controlling 59 billion stars in and around the core of the Florathel Galaxy. The nation is a heavily decentralized federation, much like the Commonwealth or similar nations of its caliber. It is the primary nation of Carleans within the Florathel Subcluster, with roughly 63% Carlean population. The Federation was one of the founding members of the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy, and arranged the treaty to create it.

Living Standards

The Federation has a very high standard of living, as education has always been a very high priority. Since its creation, the Federation promised a high quality of life, as well as providing many government-sponsored programs and social safety nets for citizens to use. The federation also has high quality education and healthcare systems, and its inexpensive housing. Many areas with lots of crime have almost instantly vanished due to there not really being a reason to turn to crime anymore. Basic necessities like health care, refugee care, and the availability of technology mean that the federation is a very nice place to live, and so there are many immigrants from other nations in the Florathel Galaxy, and even larger extragalactic nations as well.

The federation is very diverse, allowing many ways of living. Its many government-funded social safety nets, designed for many different species and cultures, have marked the federation as a welcoming nation for any species.


Artificial Intelligence tutors were invented recently before the founding of the Federation, meaning education is a very simple task in all member nations. Education is considered to be a birthright, being granted to all intelligent species who are born in or move to the federation. However, education can take many forms. Straight-up downloading information to one's brain has been a common practice, as has implanting memories of learning stuff. This has also led to the federation being known as a very progressive nation, as many other large nations of the galaxy shy away from mind uploading and editing in this manner.


The federation has a very diverse culture because of its comparatively large immigrant population. The federation admits every species equally into their borders, and treats them all with care and respect. There are still racists, but as there is an enforced law against it, their numbers are dwindling.

There are many cultures within the federation, some of which have fused into unique hybrid cultures found only within its borders. Because of this, the numbers of cultures have skyrocketed into the hundreds, which makes it impossible to control. To fix this, all of the member states have made laws which involve utter and complete freedom of expression, with exceptions for those involving causing harm to others.

While there are many differences between the beliefs and species of individuals, many share similar ideologies, including freedom, social safety nets, and free will. Almost all federation citizens have these beliefs. However, rarer beliefs like purely equal wages and the total abolition of private property definitely exist and have influenced the modern federation to some extent.


The Cnara-Frealee Federation is primarily divided into two countries, which basically represent territories mostly peopled by either Carleans or Darvikans. They're kind of considered to be extensions of the Cnaran Federation and Darvikan Union, but this is disputed by politics people.

Aside from this, the CFF is divided into nine large states, each of which is divided into a series of sectors. The most populated state is Carleos Vasr, which contains the Cnara System and Birran, as well as roughly 28% of the entire country's population, closely followed by the Darvakre Vasr which contains Darvikus. The least populated state is the Alkai Vasr, located spinwards of most populated territory bordering the Federation of Kaurim, containing roughly 21% of the country's territory but just 3% of its population.


Because of its unique origins, the Cnara-Frealee Federation has two capitals, although some are clamoring for Birran to be made a capital as well.



Carlea is among the most important planets in the history of the Florathel Galaxy. Located in the binary Cnara System, one of the most populous systems in the nation, and has a population of over four trillion individuals. Considered to be a garden world, Carlea is widely viewed as the most beautiful planet in the galaxy by many citizens of the CFF, and is the homeworld of the Carleans.

Carlea had many deserts in ancient days, but they have been terraformed out of existence. As of the modern day, Carlea plays host to a very diverse ecosystem filled with unique animals and plants.



Darvikus is the fourth planet in the Frealee System and the homeworld of the Darvikans. Darvikus is the homeworld of the federation's second most powerful species and the legislative capital of the federation. The planet houses several bureaus which help run the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy, but is not one of the official capitals. Due to its importance in galactic history, Darvikus is one of the most well-known planets in the galaxy. As of the modern day, Darvikus has a population of almost six trillion people, the highest of any terrestrial planet within CFF territory.

Major Worlds

PlanetIcon.png Carlea PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Darvikus PlanetIcon.png
MegastructureIcon.png Birran Matrioshka MegastructureIcon.png
Florathel Core
Frealee Arm
Florathel Core
~5.9 trillion
Untold quadrillions
Unique Attributes:
PlanetIcon.png Pyre PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Morli PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Sarelle PlanetIcon.png
Florathel Core
Florathel Arm
Florathel Core
  • ~720 trillion (sphere-of-influence)
  • ~1.1 trillion (atmospheric)
  • ~410 trillion (sphere-of-influence)
  • ~3.9 trillion (atmospheric)
Unique Attributes:

Diplomatic Relations

The Cnara-Frealee Federation has diplomatic relations with the majority of nations in the Florathel Galaxy, and some others beyond it. They are almost invariably peaceful, with the exception of species that straight-up attack them.

Positive Relations

Amanian Federation

The Amanian Federation is a small nation recovering from war, and the Cnara-Frealee Federation is sending them materials and things to help rebuild their society. They are both members of the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy.

Kingdom of Saihera

The Federation's relations with this nation are more neutral, as it is relatively distant. They did, however, orchestrate the treaty which ended the almost galaxy-spanning War of Saiheran Succession.

Neutral Relations

Union of Narenna

The citizens of this federation are torn between supplying arms to this nation or staying out of the Great Nebular War.

Republic of the Spider Nebula

See Union of Narenna section, its the same.

Virozic Republic

See above

Negative Relations

Kormin Empire

The citizens of the Cnara-Frealee Federation mainly dislike this nation, due to their brutal assault on the Union of Narenna and the Republic of the Spider Nebula.


Initial Founding

Main Articles - Pre-CFF Nations, Morli, Tariro

The Cnaran Federation was a large nation that was actually rather similar in governance to the modern CFF. However, it was composed of mostly Carleans, and Darvikans didn't exist outside their home system. The Darvikans themselves ran a single-system civilization in the Frealee System known as the Darvikan Union.

The first Carlean scout crafts arrived at the edge of the Frealee System in 53453 CE, downloading errant transmissions from the various inhabitants of the Union in an effort to decode their languages. Interestingly, a vast array of languages from the history of Darvikus were still in use in the Frealee System at this time, so it took much longer as the language decoder assumed that all transmissions were in the same language.

Ten years later, most of the ten largest languages were fully translatable, and the Cnaran Federation decided to make contact. Of course, the Union already knew perfectly well about the existence of the Federation, due to the dimming and far-infrared excess of many stars in the region. However, they didn't know a way to contact them, and were likely holding off and hoping they wouldn't invade.

In 53467, a small Carlean craft appeared in the skies of Darvikus. It had warned of its arrival hours earlier, and was guided to a landing site near the capital of the planet for the first ever Carlean-Darvikan interspecies meeting. The then-president of the Union, Urin Endraka, was actually in favor of finding a way to peacefully join the mysterious civilization seemingly at their gates, and had already drawn up a potential agreement which involved giving up a lot of autonomy in exchange for highly advanced technology.

The Carlean ambassador, whose name is unfortunately lost to history, immediately ripped it up on the grounds that giving up that much would be entirely unnecessary. After some cool tech demonstrations, and many sleepless nights locked in a room with some other Darvikans, they successfully drafted the Act of Union, which was to merge the governments of the two nations, still allowing them great autonomy from each other. It was presented to the Darvikan public, as it was believed to be too important to allow a small government chamber to have absolute power over its passage. It passed with a landslide vote of roughly 74% of the population in favor.

Much of the Darvikan population that was against it lived in the vicinity of the gas giant Morli, and stated that an act of union would grant the so-called "alien overlords" far too much power over them. They asked for modifications to the treaty, allowing the planet of Morli to be granted almost full independence from the Darvikan Union, an objective the population had wanted for quite a while. This was added, and the act was firmly accepted by the Darvikan populace by 53481.

The Cnaran Federation also rapidly passed the Act of Union, and it was signed into law in 53491. The process was almost complete. Because of bureaucracy, such an action couldn't be taken by signing something into law. There had to be a treaty for some reason, despite the fact that everyone knew what would happen. The signing of the Treaty of Union took place on the planet Tariro, and as such was also called the Treaty of Tariro despite the fact that it already had a name. Unfortunately, just after it was signed to nationwide applause, an incredibly powerful bomb went off, which destroyed Tariro and killed all who lived there. The extremist group known as the Sylean Front, whose mission statement was to oppose any interspecies cooperation from the Carleans, took credit. This vile act ignited the horrific Sylean Civil War, the first, last, and only non-defensive war the Carlean species took part in.

Sylean Civil War

Main Article - Sylean Civil War

After the destruction of Tariro by the Sylean Front, a huge fraction of the populace was enraged. The bombing had essentially the opposite of the intended effect. Instead of galvanizing the Front's supporters, it scared away anyone except utterly mad fanatics from supporting their cause. However, some of the aforementioned utterly mad fanatics were very smart, and began assembling an automated war fleet.

The Sylean Front was joined by many other extremist groups, such as the Acolytes of the Great and Powerful Tawir, who were essentially mercenaries. The Acolytes were not native to the CFF region, but were exiled from the region they came from for their extremely violent ways.

The combined fleet emerged from hiding in the uncolonized claims of the former Cnaran Federation and sped towards Carlea. However, the fleet of the Federation managed to engage their spike drives and meet them en route. So began the most absolutely ludicrous battle ever fought, with both sides sheathed in superheated plasma, making projectile weapons the only actually useful weapons. The Federation fleet was much larger, but the vast majority of their weapons were lasers, meaning they were useless in this environment. The enemy fleet was much smaller, but they had much more projectile weapons for some reason.

Because of this, the battle was almost a draw. It lasted over a year, with the entire fleet slowly drifting off course, and what remained of both sides was lost in the superheated void for almost a decade until it could find a gravitationally balanced point to return to the universe. Because of the battle's length, it has been called a war, and no one really won. The Sylean Front still exists, although it isn't anywhere near as extreme.

War of Saiheran Succession

Main Article - War of Saiheran Succession

After the Sylean Civil War, many of the population wanted to withdraw into relative isolationism. However, the majority wished to cultivate international relationships and expand their nation into the untamed regions rimward and spinward of the core. As the population increased, they did so, and the expanding colonists had explored out to the edge of the Frealee Arm by the outbreak of the War of Saiheran Succession.

The CFF did not take part in the war, and instead supported civilian populations caught in the crossfire on all sides. The vast majority of the population thought the war was really stupid, and they were later proven right.

As the nation slowly expanded spinward of its core regions (the other direction was blocked by the EFS), they encountered several primitive species, which the colonists chose to leave alone until they could land and not be percieved as gods.

The war raged on, and the inhabitants of the CFF waited it out, occasionally making attempts to get people to stop fighting. However, after the final combat between Sais, Zelera, and Kalea, the war ended, and the CFF was key in the reconstruction effort.

Modern Times

After the end of the War of Saiheran Succession, the CFF spearheaded the effort to rapidly rebuild after the devastation of the war. One of the key portions of this effort was the foundation of the UNFG. The Cnara-Frealee Federation was a key choice for the permanent members of the UNFG Security Council, and remains on it to this day.

After the war, the CFF slowly colonized the mostly empty space in its spinward regions near the Federation of Kaurim. Nothing particularly interesting happened as this was occurring. Today, the CFF is the most powerful and prosperous nation in the entire Florathel Galaxy, and this trend shows no signs of stopping.

Cnara-Frealee Federation

Cnara-Frealee Federation

Cnara-Frealee Federation Flag.png


53,941 CE
Kardashev Type
Major Worlds
Carlea, Darvikus, Birran, Pyre, Morli, Sarelle



Decentralized Federation
Economic Type
Mixed Economy
Democracy Index
713.488 Octillion Proteas
Full Equality
Military Status
Great Power
Economic Status
Great Power