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The Cnara-Frealee Federation, abbreviated as the CFF, is a nation controlling 2.9 billion stars in and around the core of the Flower Galaxy. The nation is a heavily decentralized federation, much like the Commonwealth or similar nations of its caliber. It is the primary nation of Carleans within the Flower Subcluster, with roughly 63% Carlean population. The Federation was one of the founding members of the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy, and arranged the treaty to create it.

Living Standards

The Federation has a very high standard of living, as education has always been a very high priority. Since its creation, the Federation promised a high quality of life, as well as providing many government-sponsored programs and social safety nets for citizens to use. The federation also has high quality education and healthcare systems, and its inexpensive housing. Many areas with lots of crime have almost instantly vanished due to there not really being a reason to turn to crime anymore. Basic necessities like health care, refugee care, and the availability of technology mean that the federation is a very nice place to live, and so there are many immigrants from other nations in the flower galaxy, and even larger extragalactic nations as well.

The federation is very diverse, allowing many ways of living. Its many government-funded social safety nets, designed for many different species and cultures, have marked the federation as a welcoming nation for any species.


Artificial Intelligence tutors were invented recently before the founding of the Federation, meaning education is a very simple task in all member nations. Education is considered to be a birthright, being granted to all intelligent species who are born in or move to the federation. However, education can take many forms. Straight-up downloading information to one's brain has been a common practice, as has implanting memories of learning stuff. This has also led to the federation being known as a very progressive nation, as many of the larger nations outside the galaxy shy away from mind uploading.


The federation has a very diverse culture because of its comparatively large immigrant population. The federation admits every species equally into their borders, and treats them all with care and respect. There are still racists, but as there is an enforced law against it, their numbers are dwindling.

There are many cultures within the federation, some of which have fused into unique hybrid cultures found only within its borders. Because of this, the numbers of cultures have skyrocketed into the hundreds, which makes it impossible to control. To fix this, all of the member states have made laws which involve utter and complete freedom of expression, with exceptions for those involving causing harm to others.

While there are many differences between the beliefs and species of individuals, many share similar ideologies, including freedom, social safety nets, liberty, and free will. Almost all federation citizens have these beliefs. However, rarer beliefs like purely equal wages and the total abolition of private property definitely exist and have influenced the modern federation to some extent.

Diplomatic Relations

The Cnara-Frealee Federation has diplomatic relations with the majority of nations in the Flower Galaxy, and some others beyond it. They are almost invariably peaceful, with the exception of species that straight-up attack them.

Positive Relations

Amanian Federation

The Amanian Federation is a small nation recovering from war, and the Cnara-Frealee Federation is sending them materials and things to help rebuild their society. They are both members of the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy.

Kingdom of Saihera

The Federation's relations with this nation are more neutral, as it is relatively distant. They did, however, orchestrate the treaty which ended the almost galaxy-spanning War of Saiheran Succession.

Commonwealth of United Economic Nations

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Neutral Relations

Union of Narenna

The citizens of this federation are torn between supplying arms to this nation or staying out of the Great Lareas War.

Republic of the Spider Nebula

See Union of Narenna section, its the same.

Negative Relations

Kormin Empire

The citizens of the Cnara-Frealee Federation mainly dislike this nation, due to their brutal assault on the Union of Narenna and the Republic of the Spider Nebula.

Somnar Hive

The vast majority of the population strongly dislikes the Somnar Hive, as they have committed horrific war crimes to conquer the Myrmidan Galaxy. The Federation contributed a large fraction of the UNFG fleet in the Ardaya Conflicts.

Major Planets

Major Planets
Name Image Description
Carlea is the most populous planet and first capital in the Cnara-Frealee Federation. It is the home of the Carlean species, and has a large population.

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Darvikus is the second capital of the Cnara-Frealee Federation, and is home to the Darvikan species.

It has three moons, all of which have large populations.

Sarelle is the last planet of the Cnara System, and the third most populous. It is a gas giant and has two moons, one of which has native life.
Pyre is the first planet of the Cnara System, and one of the few known worlds with silicon-based life. As a result, its population has a significant fraction of researchers.
Revarea, being in the Providence Neutral Zone, isn't technically part of the territory of the Federation, but the majority of the researchers studying the ruins of this ancient world are citizens of the Federation. This planet was formerly one of the capitals of the Providence Union.
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