The Collective-Federation War was an armed conflict between the Thulcandran Federation and the Un’oit Collective which lasted from 99969 to 99996 CE, the result of which was the departure of the Thulcandran Federation from the Milky Way Galaxy.


The War officially began on April 4, 99969 with a surprise attack on a Federation border world but the conflict was initiated six hundred years earlier with the very first contact between the Federation and Collective.

In 99362 a Thulcandran ship made first contact with the first colony world settled by the Collective. The Thulcandrans, hoping to help the Un’oit fill in their missing history, offered to show them the research tapes of their entire civilization. Upon discovering this, the colony’s Dendron declared that the humans who had contacted them were heretics and not true life forms like the Un’oit were. The Thulcandrans were quickly met with violence and were forced off the planet.

The Dendron reported what he had learned to the Dendron Circle, the Collective began to plan to attack the Federation.


The Collective constructed Von Neumann Berserker probes which would quickly disassemble planets and used this technology in 99969 CE to destroy three minor Federation colony worlds and five research stations which the Collective believed were actually being used to spy on the Collective. By the time the Federation destroyed these probes, the damage had already been done.

Despite the overwhelming technological advantage the Federation had, the Collective had not been idle during their six hundred years of self-isolation. They had constructed massive battle fleets which they used in the glassing of three minor colony worlds and the deaths of 12.3 million Thulcandran citizens.

The Thulcandran Navy was quickly mobilized and deployed to other minor colony worlds to evacuate the colonists. Mere days after the evacuation of one world, it had been reported glassed by the Collective fleet.

For the first twenty years, the Federation fleet could only defend as wave after wave of Collective warship pressed forward into Federation territory. Finally, in 99990 the Thulcandran Navy requested assistance from the Confederacy, who sent ten thousand of their best stealth warships into Collective space and began strategically attacking various military installations on the Collective-Federation border.

As this fleet of Confederate vessels continued destroying these massive spacedocks and fleet construction space stations, the Collective began to grow more and more desperate and began using manned vessels as weapons by crashing them into cities from orbit, detonating the nuclear engines in their own vessels. However, six years later and hundreds of millions of dead later the Collective requested a parley.

During the two years of negotiations the Torlak Accords were written and peace was finally established between the two interstellar nations.

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