Member Nations

"The CUEN. What can be said about it? It is more than a mere sizable technological league of nations, with many areas under our control. I could say that our nation is considered an envy with good reason. With membership and influence of countless countries, our CUEN has a reputation for making solid choices to continue to promote our ever-growing expansion. Invading them, even for us, would be one of the biggest mistakes of our lives. Instead we, like many, choose to remain on the ‘better side’ of the CUEN because it is in the best interest for everyone in the Universe... Their sheer force and military prowess, along with all their quick wit and absolute power, makes the CUEN a threat to any that dares to cross their path. You know what, let me say this: Why not place The Commonwealth adjacent to The Confederacy? With our good and honest ties...Oh, then one will truly understand how we both have become so utterly powerful. ...I surely hope that our faithful cooperation will continue unto the ends of time. Trust me, it will be worth it."

- Fleet Admiral Benemikt Merithew of the Confederacy. (Segment taken from a certain speech circa 99438 CE)


The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations (CUEN) (commonly known as C.U.E.N, CoUEN, or just The Commonwealth) is an international economic and military confederation located in the Aylothn-Lactea Group consisting of many member nations, autonomous territories, and federal districts. With approximately 117.969 billion (117,969,299,911) star systems across 10 galaxies under some kind of influence, the Commonwealth is the largest and most populous nation in the Aylothn-Lactea Group. There is also a broad and approximate population of 95.71 octillion (95,700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) individuals, which are cast all across the many dense and rural territories which the Commonwealth holds. This makes the Commonwealth the second most populous government in the Local Universe. The most prominent international capital of the Commonwealth is Lowrokira, and the most populated area is a Birch Planet known as B`Kalatala.

The Commonwealth is a Confederation-type government, which means that it holds many member nations that agree and unite under one or more common goals. There are multiple branches and specializations of the Commonwealth Government and varying interstellar councils. The Commonwealth is also a permanent member of the Intergalactic Council and is the highest-ranking government in terms of international economy and technological progression. There are also high amounts of political freedom, including individual freedom in the Commonwealth's borders.

With this vast connection of member nations, the Commonwealth has constituted a large arrangement of travel, security, military, alongside citizen care throughout the entire area. This has allowed for opulence in trading, quality of life, defense, technology, and overall habitability inside the Commonwealth. This has also permitted a large percentage of the Commonwealth to be under direct control by its large and powerful government.

The Commonwealth is widely known throughout the Aylothn-Lactea Group and Virgo Supercluster, primarily for its size and impact. This mostly consists of power, influence, and its staple economic capabilities. These outstanding and notable attributes cement the Commonwealth as an international entity with heavy influence in many affairs.


The Commonwealth is an international confederacy, with its system being that of a multiparty social democracy. The Commonwealth holds nine subdivided republics and several distinct enclaves, all of which are influenced by a central set of representatives and senators. The Commonwealth Government also contains multiple jurisdictions, which are represented by both biological and automated justices. Under law by the government, citizens, biological and cybernetic in nature, are to be protected and represented equally.

The Government of the Commonwealth oversees many workings of day-to-day life in the nation, and is able to hold influence on massive intranational and international affairs. The management of national budget, influence to the Primary Shayama, and the direct ability to declare war are some of the government's most notable abilities.

All government officials of the Commonwealth are highly trained in their fields of humanitarianism, economics, knowledge on the history and structure of the Commonwealth among others. All government officials are also expected to routinely verified, and usually include implants alongside other systems of authentication. Qualifications for being a high member of the government are also complex, and usually take many years of experience in lower fields.

Primary Shayama

The Primary Shayama of the Commonwealth serves as the most influential leader of the nation, being able to hold a heavy level of political abilities. Throughout history, the Primary Shayama of the Commonwealth has served long, multi-century terms which are decided by citizens and by the legislature. The Primary Shayama is supported by two Secondary Shayamans, which serve under the same political party as the First Shayama. These are then supported by national leaders of Commonwealth member nations, and their cabinet. The Primary Shayama of the Commonwealth also holds a cabinet of senators and other government officials, which are typically selected by the people. In total, the Primary Shayama, their selected Secondary Shayamans, national leaders, and both cabinets make up the Commonwealth Executive Branch.

Considering the length of terms in office, combined with the usual high satisfaction of leaders, many First Shayamans of the Commonwealt have served for the rest of their lives. Many of them carry out multiple terms, able to gradually change the landscape of the Commonwealth Government. In the event of a sudden death or injury to the Primary Shayama, a Secondary Shayama is randomly selected to fill the role of the Primary Shayama. If all three top Shayamans are killed or incapacitated, a national leader of a Commonwealth member nation or a high-standing member of the Primary Shayama's cabinet is selected.

Current Primary Shayama

Primary Shayama of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations
Positive Attributes
Negative Attributes
▲ Generous

▲ Charitable

▲ Soitc

▲ Determined

▲ Long-Term Planner

Magic.png Psychokinetic

▼ Slightly Raunchy

▼ Careless

▼ Stubborn

▼ Blunt

▼ Nosy

▼ Secretive

16,271 Years Old
Political Party
National Origin
CUENIndustryPartySymbol.png Federal Industry Party
Lowzyol Federation Flag.png Lowzyol Federation

Commonwealth Parliament


The Commonwealth Parliament is a selection of highly experienced representatives and high standing individuals in the Commonwealth Government. In the seats of the Commonwealth Parliament, there exist the Primary Shayama, all CUEN Member Nation leaders, CEOs of prominent corporations, military executives, and superintelligences among others.

Majority Parties


Federal Industry Party
212/619 Seats

Government: Build international influence

Spending: Development of industry, trade, and housing.

Economy: Corporate Influenced

Military: Bolstering Military

Foreign Opinion: Cordial

International Interest: QPFFlag.png Quintet Puontari Federations

The Federal Industry Party is currently the most major political party in the Commonwealth. With relations between the Commonwealth and the Quintet Puontari Federations on the rise, industry and trade have been skyrocketing among all else. As such, the need for industry and economic presence has grown sharply in the last few hundred years. The philosophies of the Federal Industry Party have also change to accommodate this, as it has since gained an affinity for trading and economic influence.

Historically, the Federal Industry Party has fallen in and out of national use, typically surfacing in times of economic booms or in the fields of heavy trade opportunity. In the modern-day, the Federal Industry Party has been the most influential it has ever been, since the Quintet Puontari Federations has been a very viable trading partner for the Commonwealth. The Exhumation has also called the Commonwealth Astronavy to attention, which is one of the Federal Industry Party's main focuses.

The flag of the Federal Industry Party.


Federal Commune Party
175/619 Seats

Government: Instill Equity

Spending: Development of life, equity, and safety.

Economy: Government Influenced

Military: Heavy Defense Force

Foreign Opinion: Cordial

International Interest: Flag of the CoB.png Confederacy of Borealis

The Federal Commune Party is currently the second-most major political party in the Commonwealth. Usually, the Federal Commune Party is the most dominant political party in the international parliament. However, after a heavy level of trade with the Quintet Puontari Federations, as well as The Exhumation going underway, the Federal Commune Party has been held in less favor in comparison to the Federal Industry Party. Even so, it remains as one of the most powerful political parties.

Historically, the Federal Commune Party has always been the most popular political party in the Commonwealth, with its original ideologies existing in some form since the dawn of the nation. Its ideals have influenced all major political parties as well, indirectly guiding them to focus on the people. It has most notably prevailed during times of good success, as well as times of reform.

The flag of the Federal Commune Party.

Minority Parties

Federal Worker's Party
85/619 Seats

Government: Instill Equity

Spending: Development of automation, light military, more jobs.

Economy: Megacorporations Banned

Military: Defense Force

Foreign Opinion: Neutral

International Interest: Flag of the CoB.png Confederacy of Borealis

The Federal Workers Party is one of the more major political parties in the Commonwealth, usually rising and falling in terms of popularity among the people and the government. With the rise of the Federal Industry Party, as well as the Federal Commune Party, the Federal Workers Party serves as a combination of both. In the modern day, the Federal Workers Party has pushed for increased automation, as well as increased equality for those who are employed.

In terms of Commonwealth History, the ideals of the Federal Workers Party have been used to push for workers rights. In the unsteady peace before the Commonwealth's Eclipse, this was more relevant than ever, considering the brash and uncaring nature of megacorporations. However, this kind of ideology continues today, with the Federal Workers Party hoping to mitigate and abolish megacorporations. The Federal Workers Party also hopes to mitigate any remaining hardships with employment and working.

The flag of the Federal Worker's Party.


Federal Reform Party
71/619 Seats

Government: Reform Policies

Spending: Development of living standards, diplomatic strength

Economy: Free Market

Military: Defense Force

Foreign Opinion: Minimal

International Interest: Flag of the CoB.png Confederacy of Borealis

The Federal Reform Party is one of the most recent major parties in the Commonwealth, gaining a heavy level of traction shortly before The Exhumation. Usually, this political party is dead-set on reforming many policies which they see as old or archaic. They also hold a set of beliefs which are different than usual Commonwealth political parties. Typically, they contain thoughts on how the Commonwealth is ineffective in numerous fields, and believes that there should be more representation for other political parties.

Formerly being one of the most popular political parties, the Federal Reform Party has fallen from its original heights. This is a direct result from the gradual reform that the nation has done. While all original problems seem to have vanished for the Federal Reform Party, individuals have constantly found national faults which they hope to repair. This has culminated in a usually stagnant yet fruitful existence as a major political party.

The flag of the Federal Reform Party.


Federal Tranquility Party
37/619 Seats

Government: Maintain Peace

Spending: Living standards, unrest reduction, economic stability

Economy: Megacorporations Banned

Military: Humanitarian Defense Force

Foreign Opinion: Isolationist

International Interest: QPFFlag.png Quintet Puontari Federations

The Federal Tranquility Party is one of the lesser major parties in the Commonwealth, and it has dramatically lost its national popularity. Considering the many known benefits of internationalism, as well as the recent developments with The Exhumation, the Federal Tranquility Party has lost much of its power. However, this is not to say that it has held no influence. The Federal Tranquility Party still holds a grip over many national affairs, such as military spending and use. For a calm environment, the Federal Tranquility Party usually hinders anything which may cause national issues, such as megacorporations. Ideologies are also focused to be more isolationist, as interaction with foreign entities may incite conflict.

Historically, the Federal Tranquil Party has only been popular through times of prolonged war or tension. Most notably, it prevailed alongside the Federal Worker's Party and the Federal Commune Party during the Commonwealth's Eclipse. In times of peace, it usually rises and dips in power, enforcing tranquility while influencing the ideals of the Commonwealth.

The flag of the Federal Tranquility Party.


Federal Technocratic Party
24/619 Seats

Government: Promote Technological Progress

Spending: Technologic progress, Corporate Stability

Economy: Free Market

Military: Large Automated Military

Foreign Opinion: Neutral

International Interest: QPFFlag.png Quintet Puontari Federations

The Federal Technocratic Party is the least popular major political party of the Commonwealth. It is typically focused on technological growth, and aims to automate much of the remaining Commonwealth workforce. Additionally, the Federal Technocratic Party holds a balance of corporatism and economic freedom in its ideology. The Federal Technocratic Party also aims to influence the well-being of Commonwealth citizens, providing bliss in the form of virtual reality. However, this has adversely affected the view on the Federal Technocratic Party.

In history, the Federal Technocratic Party has been on a slow decline, with their highest peak of popularity in the 40000s being cut short by tensions against megacorporations. It soon broke following the Commonwealth's Eclipse, as any parties relating to corporatocracy were muted. Following the brutal war, the Federal Technocratic Party endured many reformations, and slowly rose to the stagnant form it presents itself as today.

The flag of the Federal Technocratic Party.

Law Enforcement

The Commonwealth employs a vast system of automated and physical forces, including a limited section of the Commonwealth Military to form what is known as the Commonwealth Police Force. Ever since its founding in the 30000s and subsequent reforms after the Commonwealth's Eclipse, the Commonwealth Police Force has grown to hold a heavy level of influence over civil affairs. As a result of its influence, the Commonwealth Police Force has been regulated to a high extent. Day-to-day activity usually revolves heavy surveillance, which is the first layer of the Commonwealth Police Force.

In terms of its justice system, the Commonwealth Police Force is managed by a network of artificial intelligences, which can hone in to the exact specifics of all known legal situations. Apprehension is usually done humanely, and with the correct amount of force necessary. De-escalation is also typical for any civil disputes, as there is a ten-step protocol for typical de-escalation. Instances of violent crime may reduce or eliminate the need for de-escalation.

In the case of light or moderate disputes, the Commonwealth Police Force holds a system of therapy for suspects. Rehabilitation is one of the most important key points for the Commonwealth Police Force, as a large number of people are placed into constructive therapy each day. More so, crime has been reduced drastically since the founding of the Commonwealth Police Force, allowing them to allocate more government funds to therapy. Advances in biotechnology have made it possible to remove crime altogether by scanning and removing thoughts. However, this is usually seen an immoral by many provinces of the Commonwealth.

Any manned member of the Police Force likely consists of androids, which work in a set of gestalt consciousnesses. varying from province to province, androids have been set at a uniformly high level all across the Commonwealth. However, biological personnel are not too uncommon, usually appearing as members of the police force, as well as in high-intensity disputes. Ever since the Commonwealth's Eclipse, manned occupation for risky jobs has declined, which places a higher presence of androids with each passing year.

Psychokinesis, while rare, has also made its spot for the higher sections of the Commonwealth Police Force. It is used exclusively in the most violent of civil disputes. Psychokinetic units of the Commonwealth Police Force are mostly sourced from the military, and are likely accompanied by a heavy level of backup. In these scenarios, psychics may use their powers to clear areas, and subdue suspects, with rare exceptions that allow for psychics to directly attack people.

Vehicles for the Commonwealth Police Force consist of ground and aerial receptacles, which usually hold many physical objects to aid in uncivil situations. Weapons, first aid, communications, and autonomous robots are usually stored in these, with larger models being able to contain personnel, or be used as an automated craft on its own. Models which are larger than those may be classified as spacecraft, which is used by the Commonwealth Police Force for any crimes off-world. They are also sparingly used on the surfaces of Commonwealth worlds.


Considering that the Commonwealth has always existed in a state of post-scarcity, living and employment standards have been excellent. Even through periods of extreme administrative strife and internal unrest, the Commonwealth has persisted as one of, if not the most developed collection of nations. This standard of living is also influenced by the various governments, which control the massive areas of the Commonwealth. This is because the period of post-scarcity has benefitted the people greatly. Colonialism, one of the Commonwealth's most notable talents, is also held in very high regard. Colonies across star systems are reasonably and effectively administered. They also manage to uphold the satisfaction of colonialists and any other laborers of the field. Colonialism in the Commonwealth is also handled primarily by automated systems and cloning networks, which allow for streamlined and efficient colonization. Since the inception of the Commonwealth, education, people's rights, impartiality, and equality have been keystone features for a satisfactory life in its fringes. Swift and rather notorious healthcare systems have also been implemented and revised. These have diminished mortality and paved the way for a long-lasting and extensive populous. Defense systems all across the Commonwealth are operated privately and by the authority. They have also guaranteed the safety of civilians, working most prominently throughout wartime. (See the Commonwealth's Eclipse and the War of the Ancients.)

National Credit System


Government of Republics



The Commonwealth houses an innumerable amount of species, cultures, and practices of many sizes. These have been spotted in a deep amount of areas. The Commonwealth is known to house every sapient species with care, respect, and equity, admitting them all equally into their borders. Being a tradition for many millennia, the Commonwealth has upheld this kind of law for generations. This has made most cultural acceptance or integration void of conflict.

As these cultures have succeeded, a considerable amount of them has cooperated and come together over many millennia. Cultures have often been subsumed into much larger versions that span over many star systems and dozens of species. Even so, a single galaxy holds millions of cultures, which makes it impossible to control. To solve this, many nations in the Commonwealth have their ways of broadly catering to cultures. Most of these measures involve freedom of expression and action in the bounds of regional law.

While there are variations between the habits and religions of individuals, many share very similar philosophies. These usually have a semblance of independence, liberty, a high standard of living, and self-determination. These, in some semblance, are all common themes in most Commonwealth residents. More distant views have also influenced the Commonwealth, which pulls on the strings of power considerably.









Major Species


Arguably the most influential species in the Local Universe, Timporians are a very major species of the Commonwealth. Yielding from the Zalanthium Galaxy, the Timporians have since risen up and establish the Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium, accepting and integrating many other nations in their path. Their nation stands as the most influential power in the Zalanthium Galaxy, and stays strong as one of the most influential Great Powers.

Ever since the War of the Ancients, Timporians in particular have seen the great potential in trading with the Quintet Puontari Federations. This gave rise to a heavy amount of diplomacy between the Commonwealth and the QPF, something which still holds strong today. This has reaffirmed the natural tendancy of trading and bartering in Timporians, as well as their capability of taking risks.


Zythyns are another major species of the Commonwealth, existing before its founding, Notorious for their high level of intelligence and heightened psychokinetic abilities, have made a massive impact over intergalactic affairs. Zythyns are naturally nomadic and curious, which has affected the size of the Lowzyol Federation by a considerable margin. The beginning days of Zythyn expansion was also filled with a high level of colonial interest, with this interest sparking regional war.

Eventually, the need for expansion admitted Zythyns to the Commonwealth. With their nomadic and witful tendencies, many Zythyns got quick to work on moving all across the Commonwealth, while many others remained and became employed in the fields of Commonwealth science. Soon after, it is known that Zythyns were partly responsible for the Commonwealth's Eclipse with their nation, the Lowzyol Federation, rebelling with others.


  • Homeworld: PlanetIcon.pngCromxePlanetIcon.png
  • National Affiliation: Economic States of Saw-Yos
  • Unique Attributes: Silicon-Based Highly Co-operative Industrious Extremely Adaptive

Sah'ors are a species of silicon-based lifeforms native to the planet of Cromxe. Typically, Sah'ors hold a highly co-operative nature, with their culture reflecting such. Existing as one of the first space faring species in the Commonwealth, the Sah'ors quickly established a nation named the Economic States of Saw-Yos.

It is told that Sah'ors, alongside Qhaunkruds and Scrergeaths, were the first to conceptualize the Commonwealth. As their nations came together, they soon formed it, with more nations following suit. It is this which has given the Sah'ors, as well as other species, the title of 'Fathers of the Commonwealth'. Since the nation's founding, Sah'ors have been noted to congregate around many urban centers, with rural sectors remaining unpopular.


Qhaunkruds exist as some of the oldest sapient species in the Commonwealth. Rising in the 5000s BCE, it is understandable why the Foswoaca Intergalactic Union is the size that it is. Qhaunkruds are inherently aggressive and expansionist, utilizing their environment to detect exploits and use them for their gain. In the years following the age of post-scarcity, Qhaunkruds have tended to a more nurturing and catering attitude. They have also chosen to branch off into numerous sub-species, which has promoted the attitude of expansion.

Nonetheless, Qhaunkruds are still widely known for their behavioral attributes. After the War of the Ancients however, Qhaunkruds have been observed to become more reserved in their attitude of colonization, which swayed the outlook of the Foswoacan Intergalactic Union. Eventually, colonization was turned over for development, which is observed in the modern-day.


Cocziens are one of the more major species of the Commonwealth. They are known for being a forward-thinking, ambitious, and highly intelligent sapient species. The attitude of the Cocziens and their ability for quick expansion has allowed them to spread across the cosmos, constructing highly developed technological marvels. The Cocziens are also quite nomadic, but not to the level of Timporians or Zythyns.

This has made them more reserved in terms of colonization, with their planets being administered slightly more carefully. Colonies are also reserved to more specific areas, though ecumenopoli have appeared. Cocziens are also keen on the idea of saving resources and energy. As a result, they have set the foundation for many major construction projects and megastructures.


Scrergeaths are an aggressive-leaning species with a baseline authoritarian mindset. Holding a deep semblance of forward-thinking nature, the Scrergeaths grew to respect the people around them, soon uniting under one authority. Ever since their age of post-scarcity, the Scrergeaths have expanded all across the Aylothn-Lactea Group, cementing themselves as a major species.

Scrergeaths, while expansionist, are not the most invasive species in terms of colonization. Many colonies which pertain to Scrergeaths are typically more developed by a margin, with cities and other spaces of living holding a higher standard of life. Considering that the CUEN's ideals have warped the natural attitude of the Scrergeaths, many of them take great care in upholding them.


  • Homeworld: PlanetIcon.png Hivol PlanetIcon.png
  • National Affiliation: Free Systems of Hivol
  • Unique Attributes: Semi-Expansionist Authoritarian Isolationist Non-Adaptive

Phazaels, one of the lesser populated major species of the Commonwealth, is known for their reserved nature and non-expansionism when it comes to space travel. They are the centerpiece species for a CUEN member nation names the Free Systems of Hivol. Shortly after the innovation of superluminal technology, the Phazaels formed together to form their nation, seeking to unite all Phazaels and to push for lives of eternal bliss.

Seeking to live a permanent life in post-scarcity, expansion of their species was much slower than average, and often seen as needless. The Phazaels stagnated for a long period, assuming control over a small selection of star systems in the Aylothn Galaxy. Considering the less nomadic nature of the Phazaels, as well as their more nurturing and peaceful mindset, they remained still until Commonwealth admission. Ever since then, the Phazaels have slowly made their way across the Aylothn-Lactea Group, becoming more expansionist.


  • Homeworld: PlanetIcon.png Aegyn PlanetIcon.png
  • National Affiliation: United Federation of Star Systems
  • Unique Attributes: Highly Aggressive Highly Nomadic Extremely Expansionist Authoritarian Considerably Adaptive

Humans, existing as one of the most expansionist and adaptive species in the Local Universe, have made their way to become a major species of the Commonwealth. The first wave of Humans arrived in the Commonwealth prior to the Commonwealth's Eclipse, migrating before and during the Split of the Lactean Confederacy. Since then, immigration in terms of Humanity halted during the Eclipse, and resumed right after. It also remained the same during the War over Heaven and increasing during the War of the Ancients, to drop to the levels seen today.

With their expansionist nature, Humans have managed to seed numerous nations across the cosmos. However, most attempts at creating a human-centric nation in the Commonwealth have resulted in re-integration or failure. As such, Humans are seen less as a key species in the Commonwealth, and more like a useful cornerstone to its history and culture.


The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations resides primarily over the Aylothn Galaxy, as well as all of its known constituent satellite galaxies. In total, there exist eighteen galaxies which are under Commonwealth influence, which are governed by the many nations which occupy them. The nations of the Commonwealth are usually spread out on varying levels, with several nations holding influence in multiple galaxies outside of the immediate Aylothnn sphere.

As a result of the large influence of its member nations, the Commonwealth has grown to be the most influential nation in the Local Universe, which is further cemented by the amount of Intergalactic Gateways which exist in its borders. Through recent years, the Commonwealth has also held influence in some of the farthest known reaches, such as the Puonay Galaxy, which has also ushered in its status as an intergalactic superpower.

The Commonwealth is located along the border of the Confederacy of Borealis, with both nations having their intergalactic claims meet in the middle of the Aylothn-Lactea Group. Not only this, but the Commonwealth also holds a large array of wormhole gateways, as well as a small number of Intergalactic Gateways which connect both nations. This has exploded the rate of trade between both allies, and has helped both nations grow considerably.

To the hinterlands of the Aylothn Galaxy, the Commonwealth points towards Herschel Space and the Telusian Group. The distance between both places and the Commonwealth is noticeably greater than that from the Commonwealth to the Confederacy. This has made relations between nations in said areas harder to conduct, yet the Commonwealth has managed to pull it off with the Lewis Nations and is able to interact with the rather isolated nations of the Flower Galaxy and the Occult Galaxy.

Tables of Galaxies (Sorted on Number of Star Systems)

Aylothn Galaxy

Tables and Basic Attributes of Galaxies in the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations
Name Image Notable Areas Number of Star Systems National Influence (%)
Aylothn Galaxy Aylothn.png Economic States of Saw-Yos Flag.png PlanetIcon.pngCromxe

Foswoaca Intergalactic Union Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Lipiclite

Vaspujian-Flag2.png PlanetIcon.png Dewoo-Dade

Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Gruxugawa

Lowzyol Federation Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Loxentau

Lowzyol Federation Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Leirokawa

1,000,000,000,000 Star Systems CUEN Flag 3.png Total National Influence: 9.9305%


Foswoaca Intergalactic Union Flag.png Foswoaca Intergalactic Union: 2.096%

Vaspujian-Flag2.png Vaspujian Federate League: 1.826%

Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems Flag.png Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems: 1.758%

SedruaFlag.png Sedrua: 1.646%

Economic States of Saw-Yos Flag.png Economic States of Saw-Yos: 1.469%

Lowzyol Federation Flag.png Lowzyol Federation: 0.807%

Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium: 0.193%

Hivolfreesystems.png Free Systems of Hivol: 0.0874%

Nisrine Mind Flag.png Nisrine Collective: 0.0481%


The Aylothn Galaxy is the centerpiece of the Commonwealth, since major member nations exist exclusively in it, as well as its immediate satellites. Aylothn is also the largest galaxy in the Aylothn-Lactea Group, gravitationally dominating over numerous galactic entities. The area in which the Commonwealth holds in the Aylothn Galaxy is also notable, and it comprises most of Commonwealth Space save for smaller galaxies like the Zalanthium Galaxy. The Intergalactic Gateway Network is also known to be centered around Aylothn, expanding out like a web to numerous other galaxies in the Local Universe.

Aylothn is characterized by its massive spiral shape, similar to that of the Via Lactea Galaxy or the Zalanthium Galaxy. The massive amount of stars which it holds is also marvelous, totaling to approximately one trillion stars systems. This has let the Commonwealth flourish in the fields of the Aylothn Galaxy, and it has especially been attractive to nations outside the Commonwealth.

The influence of Aylothn extends near the Confederacy of Borealis, a nation which is oriented around the Via Lactea Galaxy and its satellites. Resulting from the Intergalactic Gateway Network, the Commonwealth and the Confederacy has opened up, developed, and expanded an array of trade across both major galaxies. Trade has also stretched far from the core of the Commonwealth, now making heavy strides in the modern-day areas of the Puonay Galaxy, pertaining to the Quintet Puontari Federations.

There exist a plethora of major planets in the Aylothn Galaxy, most notably the capitals of several Commonwealth member nations. The high development of these planets, as well as the modern and intricate hyperlane network, has promoted trade and activity between Commonwealth member nations. This has also boosted the tourism market, as well as the need for high commerce and industry in the areas near populated sectors. These capitals also make the Aylothn Galaxy one of the most dense areas of population in the Commonwealth, only beaten by the Peleunsk Galaxy.

Zalanthium Galaxy

Name Image Notable Areas Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Zalanthium Galaxy Zalanthium.png Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Poratus

Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.pngHandshake.pngLowzyol Federation Flag.png Zalanthium-Peleunsk Trade Line

22,000,000,000 Star Systems CUEN Flag 3.png Total National Influence: 75%


Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium: 73%

Lowzyol Federation Flag.png Lowzyol Federation: 2%


The Zalanthium Galaxy is the second-most major galaxy under the major control of the Commonwealth and is the third-largest galaxy in the Aylothn-Lactea Group entirely. It is positioned near the edge of Aylothnn influence, suspended in space near several dwarf galaxies. Being the birthplace and main domain of one of the most influential nations, the Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium, the Zalanthium Galaxy has acted profoundly as a center for manufacturing, community, business, and attractions. The Zalanthium Galaxy is also a significant beneficiary of the Intergalactic Gateway Network, and numerous gateways that lead to the distant Local Universe are often found in this galaxy. It was this network that helped herald in the admission of the Federation of Zalanthium, as well.

Zalanthium is often characterized by its more vibrant coloring, as well as its spindly spiral arms and bulging core section. It is the third smallest and only one of three spiral galaxies in the Aylothn-Lactea Group, with every other galaxy being dwarf galaxies. It is this low density of spiral galaxies that let the Commonwealth expand to the dwarf galaxies, since their size allows for simple and easy colonization. Zalanthium though is much different, with settlement being incomplete as of the modern-day. Commonwealth colonization is also affected by the various regions administered by the Quintet Puontari Federations, which claims approximately 14% of the galaxy, not leaving much left for both parties. However, since both the CUEN and QPF hold a high volume of trust and good diplomatic connections, this does not appear to be an issue.

The reach of the Zalanthium Galaxy, and much of the Intergalactic Gateway Network, has promoted trade and travel between Zalanthium and the Greater Commonwealth. It was the lucrative availability of space and opportunity in the Zalanthium which constructed one of the most famed lines of trade, the Zalanthium-Peleunsk Trade Line. This tradeline connects numerous wormhole gateways for shipping, industry, and ease of travel for citizens and workers. The Zalanthium-Peleunsk Trade Line also aided in the development of both the Federation of Zalanthium and the Lowzyol Federation, helping them become major nations in the intergalactic stage.

Capitals and influential worlds in the Zalanthium galaxy are more sparse than those in Aylothn, but they certainly still exist. One of the most major planets, Poratus, is the most populated major planet in the Commonwealth so far and exists as one of the most active trading hubs and axes for business. The corporate enterprise in the Federation of Zalanthium has also boosted this, as corporations and other companies of the like have gathered to Portaus from distant areas, seeing great progress most of the time.

Peleunsk Galaxy

Name Image Notable Areas Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Peleunsk Galaxy Peleunsk.png Lowzyol Federation Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Lowrokira

Lowzyol Federation Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Vondya

Lowzyol Federation Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Holyupsk

Lowzyol Federation Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Wa-Strionarh

Lowzyol Federation Flag.pngHandshake.pngOchya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png Zalanthium-Peleunsk Trade Line

2,100,000,000 Star Systems CUEN Flag 3.png Total National Influence: 100%


Lowzyol Federation Flag.png Lowzyol Federation: 95.23%

Economic States of Saw-Yos Flag.png Economic States of Saw-Yos 4.77%


The Peleunsk Galaxy is a very major galaxy in terms of the Commonwealth, even with its reduced level of star systems when compared to others. The size of the Peleunsk Galaxy has actually been beneficial to the population and corporations inside, since it has paved way to a high population density and a high activity of trade and business. The Peleunsk Galaxy is located off the edge of the Aylothn Galaxy, shortly through the hinterlands of intergalactic space. The close distance from the Aylothn Galaxy to the Peleunsk Galaxy has allowed for a strong link of wormhole gateways and several long-distance hyperlanes, which not only help with the economy, but also brings light to tourism. Most of this is handled by a major Commonwealth member nation, the Lowzyol Federation, which manages most of the Peleunsk Galaxy and some areas outside.

The Peleunsk Galaxy is characterized by its saturated golden, almost silky nature. It holds an oblong elliptical shape, which is influenced by the Aylothn Galaxy and by the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy. To the center of the Peleunsk Galaxy lies several keystone areas, such as the planet of Lowrokira and the entirety of the Saykya System. Being the core of trade and the galaxy itself, the areas have garnered a severe level of tourism and activity by other Commonwealth member nations. Most notably, the Economic States of Saw-Yos holds minor influence in the galaxy, orchestrating a network of heavy trade with the Lowzyol Federation.

Being a major holder of the Intergalactic Gateway Network, the Peleunsk Galaxy has many routes to alternate galaxies. These major routes include the Aylothn Galaxy, the Tyolunsk Galaxy, and even the Via Lactea Galaxy as evidenced by a peculiar gateway. This has since stretched Commonwealth influence all across the Aylothn-Lactea Group, bleeding into many other major areas. This has given the Peleunsk Galaxy the nickname of the 'Core Galaxy', as its gateways have been noted to strategically go to these areas.

The major planets of the Peleunsk Galaxy, as previously mentioned, exist primarily in the areas of the Saykya System and the regions of the Economic States of Saw-Yos. Since the Peleunsk galaxy is one of the most densely populated areas in the Local Universe, these areas have come out as one of the most lively and populated sectors. The heavy emphasis of trade also aids in their development, which has primarily boosted the Lowzyol Federation and some of the Economic States of Saw-Yos.

Tyolunsk Galaxy

Name Image Notable Areas Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Tyolunsk Galaxy Tyolunsk.png SedruaFlag.png PlanetIcon.png Zushilo

SedruaFlag.png MegastructureIcon.png B`kalatala

SedruaFlag.png MegastructureIcon.png Jushismor

SedruaFlag.png MegastructureIcon.png Keamori

SedruaFlag.png MegastructureIcon.png Modilloikki

1,620,000,000 Star Systems CUEN Flag 3.png Total National Influence: 100%


SedruaFlag.png Sedrua: 100%


The Tyolunsk Galaxy is one of the closest galaxies to the Aylothn Galaxy, however, it has been locked away as one of the most mysterious objects in the Local Universe. For a period of several hundred million years, it is known that Sedrua, or rather instances of it, has held some kind of influence over this galaxy. It is also known that their home planet, Zushilo, is located near the center of Tyolunsk. Over these years, this has left the Tyolunsk Galaxy as the densest area of population, with Sedrua holding complete control over all star systems in the galaxy. Ever since War of the Ancients was declared, the Tyolunsk Galaxy has since been opened up by Sedrua, and admission into the Commonwealth happened shortly after the War of the Ancients.

Unlike most galaxies, the Tyolunsk Galaxy holds an unusual and remarkable starburst making up its exterior appearance, which is thought to have exploded at 62,935 CE. Occurring in the years preceding the War over Heaven, it is theorized that it is affiliated with Sedrua. Regardless, it has promoted the birth of new stars, and has ushered in a deep state of mysticism and curiosity. Features of the Tyolunsk Galaxy also include the core of the Intergalactic Gateway Network, which has since branched out and existed in numerous galaxies of the Local Universe.

Since it is the center of the Intergalactic Gateway Network, numerous reopened gateways from other locations have led back to the Tyolunsk Galaxy, as well as former major colonies and regions near them. This has promoted the use of a wide-scale and efficient form of travel, which has benefitted many nations which use them. Commonwealth influence as a result of the Intergalactic Gateways has also been pushed to something greater than it usually would be. As a result, Sedrua and the entirety of the Tyolunsk Galaxy is often praised for its enigmatic innovations which have come forth. The Tyolunsk galaxy also contains one of two Penrose Spheres under control by the Commonwealth, B`kalatala. Previously constructed by Sedrua and then incorporated into the Commonwealth, B`kalatala is the densest known part of the Greater Commonwealth. Containing thousands of generations of individuals, B`kalatala is said to hold a sizable percentage of the Commonwealth's population.

All major areas in the Tyolunsk Galaxy belong strictly to the nation of Sedrua, as the Commonwealth and Sedrua have come to a territory agreement. It is told that no other member nation of the Commonwealth may intrude on the space of Sedrua, and it is respected as such. What is known is that visiting the Tyolunsk Galaxy, as well as many levels of tourism, are permitted by the Sedruan Government. Most notably, the sites of The Ancient Spires and the capital planet of Zushilo are available for trade, industry, and free travel.

Aolunsk Galaxy

Name Image Notable Areas Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Aolunsk Galaxy IC 1613.png Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Occalia

Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Igolath

Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Kajupto

1,100,000,000 Star Systems CUEN Flag 3.png Total National Influence: 17%


Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium: 17%

The Aolunsk Galaxy is a rather large and relatively distant dwarf galaxy, located on the fringes of the Aylothn-Lactea Group near the Puonay Galaxy. Currently, the largest and most active CUEN-QPF embassies exist in this region, rivaling that of the Ideayunsk Galaxy. Considering that millions of star systems are administered by the Commonwealth, it is known that it holds a heavy presence all across the star systems of the Aolunsk Galaxy. Trade between the Commonwealth and the Quinet Puontari Federations is also rampant in the Aolunsk Galaxy, since relations have improved over many years.

The Aolunsk Galaxy is characterized by its deep blue hue, and its bright plethora of luminous stars, which act as a heavy amount of resources for both the CUEN and QPF. The high gaseous content of the Aolunsk Galaxy has also proven useful for harvesting various chemicals. These resources have since propelled colonization in the region, with international relations between the QPF and CUEN fully administering this.

The influence of the Aolunsk Galaxy does not halt at its borders. Instead, the history involved with this galaxy has propelled its reach far into the Local Universe. From times during and after the War of the Ancients, the Aolunsk Galaxy has been mostly revered for its role for the Commonwealth and the QPF. Most notably, the Aolunsk Galaxy has been seen as both a battleground and a stage for growth, considering the heightened level of trade and activity in the area. This is also positively modified by the previously explained diplomacy.

The Aolunsk Galaxy holds three major capitals, which are all responsible for the development of post-WOTA relations with the Quintet Puontari Federations. The most major of them, Igolath, is most prominently respected in the fields of diplomacy, since it was the first QPF-CUEN colony in the Aolunsk Galaxy. Two more major worlds followed, and with them followed a sense of trade and forgiveness. In time, these worlds would expand and house numerous marvels of engineering, as well as trade lines and traffic.

Puonay Galaxy

Name Image Notable Areas Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Puonay Galaxy Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte.png Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png PlanetIcon.pngGala-Poro 390,000,000 Star Systems CUEN Flag 3.png Total National Influence: 0.037%


Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium: 0.037%


The Puonay Galaxy is one of the more secluded and mysterious galaxies in the Commonwealth, primarily being influenced by the Quintet Puontari Federations and The Paragons of the Burning Crown. Other than the influence by exterior organizations, the Commonwealth has a small but firm grip over the Puonay Galaxy. There exists several outlets for the Intergalactic Gateway Network, as well as one CUEN-QPF embassy world, Gala-Poro. The influence of the Commonwealth over the Puonay Galaxy is a result of the high amount of trust given to them by the Quintet Puontari Federations.

The Puonay Galaxy is characterized by its rather thin but noticeable level of star systems, which are primarily administered by the Quintet Puontari Federations. Being a galaxy of heightened conflict, it almost seems as if there could be conflict at any corner. However, the defenses administered by the Commonwealth and QPF ensure the safety of most star systems. The trust between both superpowers has also promoted the use of trade, and has most notably extended the reach of the Zalanthium-Peleunsk Trade Line to the Puonay Galaxy itself. Since there are a smaller amount of star systems, trade is also simple and effective.

Being near the edge of the Aylothn-Lactea Group, the Puonay Galaxy is one of the last galaxies to have an extended and developed Intergalactic Gateway Network. As such, it holds numerous gateways which lead to other major galaxies, as well as ancient capitals and other peculiar areas. It was these gateways which made the invasion against the Via Lactea Galaxy more effective in the mid-late War of the Ancients. It also aided the QPF in a assaults against the Zalanthium Galaxy. As of the modern-day, the Intergalactic Gateway Network is now used as a way of trade, travel, and overall efficiency. However, the rather recent memories of total war have not been fully forgotten.

The embassy world in the Puonay Galaxy, Gala-Poro, has also tended to CUEN-QPF relations, and has shown the greater Local Universe that the Quintet Puontari Federations has a capacity for cordial relations and trust. This ended up promoting more relations between the QPF and other nations, such as the Confederacy of Borealis. This embassy world, as well as the immediate areas around it, are one of the more densely populated regions of the Aylothn-Lactea Group. This is because it holds some of the most secure defense systems, and unique kind of culture which has improved travel and tourism.

Jilaiayunsk Galaxy

Name Image Notable Areas Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Jilaiayunsk Galaxy Jilaiayunsk Galaxy.png Foswoaca Intergalactic Union Flag.png PlanetIcon.pngThaccara 74,000,000 Star Systems CUEN Flag 3.png Total National Influence: 100%


Foswoaca Intergalactic Union Flag.png Foswoaca Intergalactic Union: 100%


The Jilaiayunsk Galaxy is a relatively close domain of the Commonwealth, existing is a vibrant dwarf irregular galaxy in the distant reaches of the Aylothn Galaxy's influence. With its far distance away from the Commonwealth, colonization of this area has been slow, with the Foswoaca Intergalactic Union being the most major nation in its vicinity. Since this nation holds a major stake in the Aylothn Galaxy, colonization of the Jilaiayunsk Galaxy has been sluggish, beginning in the 55000s CE and continuing into the modern-day.

The Jilaiayunsk Galaxy is characterized by its deep crimson and maroon clouds surrounding its rather disordered and tan core. The looks of this galaxy have not only been attractive, but have proven useful as there are many areas rich in gases and new star systems. This has made the Jilaiayunsk Galaxy hold increased colonization compared to other galaxies of its size. Even so, the Jilaiayunsk Galaxy is still incomplete in terms of influence by the Commonwealth.

The Jilaiayunsk Galaxy is located far from the Aylothn galaxy, existing as a small and distant dwarf galaxy, much like many others. Only a few functioning Intergalactic Gateways have been found which lead to the Jilaiayunsk Galaxy, but it has been enough to call for colonization. While areas which are controlled are directly connected to major galaxies, interest for the region is still low following increased gains in the Aylothn Galaxy. On an upside to the Jilaiayunsk Galaxy, population density and immigration has remained optimal since there are major gateways connected to it.

With colonization being a minor point of the Jilaiayunsk Galaxy, there happens to be one major world, which is a notable trading capital named Thaccara. Existing close to a major Intergalactic Gateway, the planet of Thaccara has experienced major growth, and its state as a superhabitable world has been expanded upon. For about 45,000 years, the area around Thaccara has slowly been industrialized, expanded, and made heavy with corporate presence. Other nations have also taken a great interest in the area, establishing embassies and strengthening diplomacy.

Nisrine Cloud

Name Image Notable Areas Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Nisrine Cloud Nisrine Cloud1.jpg Nisrine Mind Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Nisrine 35,000,000 Star Systems CUEN Flag 3.png Total National Influence: 100%


Nisrine Mind Flag.png Nisrine Collective: 100%


The Nisrine Cloud is a very exceptional and history-rich galaxy, existing on the concourse of multiple Intergalactic Gateways and residing close to the Aylothn Galaxy. This galaxy in particular has been under full Commonwealth influence since the 96000s, making it a very recent and fresh domain to the nation. The galaxy is entirely controlled by one of the few Artificial Superintelligences in Commonwealth territory. This intelligence, the Nisrine Collective, is the newest major member nation to the Commonwealth, arriving after vanquishing the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction. While the Nisrine Collective first sprung up as untrustworthy, the Commonwealth has since adopted it as a nation.

The Nisrine Cloud is not only characterized by its lenticular nature, but by its eccentric historical value over the course of many millennia. This galaxy has been the site of two major conflicts, a collection of Nawian-Usurpes Conflicts and the Nisrine War. These have defined the Nisrine Cloud as a whole, drastically changing the political landscape every time. Recently, the Nisrine War has brought relative peace and prosperity to the Nisrine Cloud, making it a notable feature of the Commonwealth and promoting trade all across the galaxy. The Nisrine Collective also fully repaired most of the Nisrine Cloud's integrity after the Nisrine War, making it entirely safe to live in.

The Nisrine Cloud is located not too from a major Intergalactic Gateway, making it easily accessible despite its distance from the Aylothn Galaxy. Ever since contact was made with the Nisrine Collective, the Commonwealth has initiated a heavy amount of development and industrialization to the area. Much of this was headed by Nisrine Mind, the main core and superintelligence of the Nisrine Collective. In the modern-day, the Nisrine Cloud holds a great amount of corporate influence, industrialism, and commerce to satisfy the vast population.

After the fall of the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction, the Nisrine Collective has repurposed the planet of Nisrine, which now acts as the most major planet in the Nisrine Cloud. However, this is not the most populated area, since many megastructures exist in adjacent systems. Other planets, which are ecumenopoli, also hold a higher amount of people on them. Nonetheless, Nisrine has remained as the most famed planet, considering its rich history and heavy emphasis on trade and quality of life.

Ideayunsk Galaxy

Name Image Notable Areas Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Ideayunsk Galaxy Ideayunsk Galaxy.png Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Barashayai 4,600,000 Star Systems CUEN Flag 3.png Total National Influence: 100%


Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium Flag.png Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium: 100%


The Chronayounsk Galaxy is one of the most isolated claims by the Commonwealth, and it also remains as the second smallest galaxy administered by it. With no member nations in a reasonable distance of the Chronayounsk Galaxy, several Commonwealth member nations came together in the name of diplomacy and trust. As a result, the Chronayounsk Galaxy is now populated by five Commonwealth member nations. There are many regions of the galaxy which act as hubs for trade, diplomacy, and newly constructed gateways which traverse to populated areas.

The Chronayounsk Galaxy is not like most dwarf galaxies in the Commonwealth. It is characterized by its spheroidal, almost perfect shape as it is suspended in space with no disturbances. Appearing more or less like a galactic core, the Chronayounsk Galaxy holds a miniscule amount of stars in comparison to other galaxies in the Commonwealth. Nevertheless, the Chronayounsk Galaxy is still densely populated, and sought after for its diplomatic and international value.

Since it is isolated, the Chronayounsk Galaxy was uninhabited for many centuries, save for miniscule civilizations. However, several Intergalactic Gateways, which needed to be activated on both sides, were detected traversing to the Chronayounsk Galaxy. It is not known why these gateways were built to this area, since other dwarf galaxies of this size are typically left alone. These have given rise to theories of Sedruan activity, considering the level of ancient debris in the area. However, the nation denies any major operations in the Chronayounsk Galaxy, which has left the Commonwealth to speculate as this is being studied.

Being a center for diplomacy, the Chronayounsk Galaxy holds one major world, the planet of Penzuezuno. This planet, holding a heavy amount of international and corporate activity, holds many places of business and trading. It is heavily populated, being one of the first colonial outposts in the Chronayounsk Galaxy. Ever since, the Chronayounsk Galaxy has constructed a develop network of hyperlanes and wormhole gateways. The more advanced wormhole gateways lead to notable areas all across the Commonwealth, with more linkage to political and diplomatic sectors. The Intergalactic Council has also held a stake in the Chronayounsk Galaxy, developing many places for political activity.

Different Major Worlds

The Commonwealth has many major worlds, all of which are designated as high priority planets. Many of these include many industrial and economic centers of member nations or dense populational capitals. Other planets belonging to the Commonwealth remain as designated symbolic areas, reserved for preserving history and ancient tradition of many species. Ever since its founding, the Commonwealth has taken a liking to major worlds and capitals, incorporating them into its space.

PlanetIcon.png Barashayai PlanetIcon.png
MegastructureIcon.png B`kalataka MegastructureIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Chüepari PlanetIcon.png
Ideayunsk Galaxy
Tyolunsk Galaxy
Aylothn Galaxy
1.4 Trillion
10.1 Octillion
3.1 Trillion
Unique Attributes:
  • Diplomatic Site
  • Economic Center
  • Heavy Level of Trading
  • Attractive Natural Life
  • Birch Planet
  • Densest CUEN Realm
  • Oldest Populated Megastructure
  • Corporate-Leaning Industries
  • Regional Power
  • Intragalactic Influence
  • High Development
  • Multiple Intergalactic Gateway Junction
MegastructureIcon.png Commonwealth's Sphere MegastructureIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Gala-Poro PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Igolath PlanetIcon.png
Aylothn Galaxy
Puonay Galaxy
Aolunsk Galaxy
63 Sextillion
735 Billion
904 Billion
Unique Attributes:
  • First Modern Birch Planet
  • Largest Modern Megastructure Project
  • Heavy Tourism and Immigration
  • Massive Population
  • CUEN-QPF Diplomatic Site
  • Heavy Trading
  • Heavy Industry
  • Historically Valuable
  • Major Aolunsk Outpost
  • CUEN-QPF Diplomatic Booster
  • Dense Post-War of the Ancients Population
  • First CUEN colony in the Aolunsk Galaxy
MegastructureIcon.png Jushismor MegastructureIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Kajupto PlanetIcon.png
MegastructureIcon.png Keamori MegastructureIcon.png
Tyolunsk Galaxy
Aolunsk Galaxy
Aylothn Galaxy
19 Quintillion
1 Trillion
2.1 Quintillion
Unique Attributes:
  • Naturalist Collection of Ringworlds
  • Large Population Center
  • Heavy Industry Nearby
  • CUEN-QPF Diplomatic Site
  • Megaopolis Surface
  • Heavy Nature Preserves
  • Interstellar Fauna/Flora
  • Major Star Lifting Site
  • Efficient Population Housing
  • Most Recent Sedruan Megastructure
PlanetIcon.png Leirokawa PlanetIcon.png
MoonIcon.png Loumona MoonIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Loxentau PlanetIcon.png
Aylothn Galaxy
Aylothn Galaxy
Aylothn Galaxy
2.3 Trillion
601 Billion
1.8 Trillion
Unique Attributes:
  • LZF Embassy
  • First Major LZF Colony in Aylothn
  • Very High Trade
  • Opulent Economy
  • Strong Local Government
  • Dense CUEN Moon Colony
  • Heavy level of Planetary Megastructures
  • Uniquely High Power Supply
  • Commerce Capital
  • Colonization Aide
  • Second Major LZF Colony in Aylothn
  • Intergalactic Gateway Nearby
  • Historic Value
  • Dense Cultures
MegastructureIcon.png Modilloikki MegastructureIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Occalia PlanetIcon.png
MegastructureIcon.png Pezuezuno MegastructureIcon.png
Tyolunsk Galaxy
Aolunsk Galaxy
Aylothn Galaxy
67 Quintillion
527 Billion
301 Trillion
Unique Attributes:
  • Mellow Population
  • Steady Immigration
  • Strong Presence of Artifacts
  • Major Planet in the Aolunsk Galaxy
  • Relatively dry
  • Megaopolis Surface
  • CUEN-QPF Embassy World
  • Shellworld
  • Regional Power
  • Heavy Commerce Centers
  • Loose Population
Unidentified or Incomplete Icon.png
Unidentified or Incomplete Icon.png
Wa-Strionarh 2.png
MegastructureIcon.png Thaccara MegastructureIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Tirazippe PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Wa-Strionarh PlanetIcon.png
Tyolunsk Galaxy
Aolunsk Galaxy
Peleunsk Galaxy
4.3 Trillion
2.7 Trillion
12 Trillion
Unique Attributes:
  • Superhabitable Planet
  • Major Population Growth
  • Corporate Presence
  • Diplomatic Center
  • Intergalactic Gateway Nearby
  • Densely Populated
  • Commerce Capital
  • Sky Cities
  • Plentiful Orbital Structures
  • Peleunsk Capital
  • Trade Capital
  • Near Lowrokira
  • Intergalactic Gateway Nearby

Citizen Demographics

The population of The Commonwealth, extending loosely across intergalactic hinterlands, has come to grow in an exponential and massive sense. As such, the Commonwealth has incorporated a vast amount of major species in its borders. It is said that thousands of sapient species have grown to pledge their allegiance to the Commonwealth, holding up many nations and bringing them forth in intergalactic affairs. In the modern-day, the Commonwealth retains a Melting Pot kind of nature with its citizens, and expresses a freedom of expression for many sorts of species and cultures. Ideals which center around equity and equality pertaining to citizens have remained the norm before and since the Commonwealth's Eclipse. A list of the most prominent (left to right, up to down) species in the Commonwealth is below:

Unidentified or Incomplete Icon.png Zythyn.png Sah'ors.png
Species Name
Native Planet
PlanetIcon.png Poratus PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Lowrokira PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Cromxe PlanetIcon.png
Population Percentage
~7 Percent
~4.5 Percent
~3.5 Percent
Unidentified or Incomplete Icon.png Unidentified or Incomplete Icon.png Unidentified or Incomplete Icon.png
Species Name
Native Planet
PlanetIcon.png Lipiclite PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Dweoo-Dade PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Gruxugawa PlanetIcon.png
Population Percentage
~2.5 Percent
~2 Percent
~2 Percent
Unidentified or Incomplete Icon.png Unidentified or Incomplete Icon.png
Species Name
Native Planet
PlanetIcon.png Hivol PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Aegyn PlanetIcon.png
Population Percentage
~2 Percent
~1.5 Percent

Diplomatic Relations

Foreign policies and relations of the Commonwealth are strongly oriented around trade, social cordiality, co-operation, and acceptance of culture / customs. The Commonwealth has been noted to be a very xenophilic organization, which employs a volley of physical and automated diplomats, and holds a heavy focus over teamwork in neighboring corporations, trade lines, and societies. Diplomats also ensure strong development of member nations in the Commonwealth, and has publicly vowed to keep them in a close and profitable harmony. The Commonwealth tends to promote the ideals of heavy economics, industry, commerce, and immigration to surrounding nations, and enforces it in its intranational borders. There also exist many worlds dedicated to being embassies, with a heightened level of diplomatic sites and cultural centers than normal. With these being spread all across the Local Universe, the Commonwealth has not only spread its influence, but has given itself a big name in terms of nations.

Relationship Status National Opinion
Member Nation  Member Nation  Very Positive
Alliance  Alliance  Positive
Guarantee  Guarantee  Neutral
Trading  Close Trading  Little Thought Given
Military Influence  Military Influence in other Nations  Suspicious
NoOpinion.png  No Relations  Alarmed
Rivalry.png  Open Rivalry  Hostile
Conflict.png  Ongoing War

Alliances and Positive Relations

CUEN Member Nations

Member Nations which reside in the Commonwealth.

Member Nation Economic States of Saw-Yos

Member Nation Foswoaca Intergalactic Union

Member Nation Free Systems of Hivol

Member Nation Lowzyol Federation

Member Nation Nisrine Collective

Member Nation Ochya-Baros Federation of Zalanthium

Member Nation Sedrua

Member Nation Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems

Member Nation Vaspujian Federate League


Nations which the Commonwealth is guaranteeing in times of conflict

Formal Alliance Confederacy of Borealis

Formal Alliance POLIKY

Formal Alliance Quintet Puontari Federations

Formal Alliance United Nations of the Flower Galaxy

Guaranteed Independence Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems

Guaranteed Independence Empire of Lyncis

Guaranteed Independence Glitter Territories

Guaranteed Independence Intergalactic Federation

Guaranteed Independence Empire of Mankind

Guaranteed Independence Republic of Sion

Guaranteed Independence The Union

Guaranteed Independence United Alliance

Trade Relations

Trade Relations

Nations which hold major trade relations to the Commonwealth.

Established Trade Relations Confederacy of Borealis

Established Trade Relations Empire of Lyncis

Established Trade Relations POLIKY

Established Trade Relations Quintet Puontari Federations

Established Trade Relations Shev'ra

Established Trade Relations The Alech Dominion

Established Trade Relations Empire of Mankind

Established Trade Relations Plutocracy of Gish

Established Trade Relations The Union

Military Influence

Nations which hold Commonwealth military assets.

Military InfluenceConfederacy of Borealis

Military Influence POLIKY

Military Influence Quintet Puontari Federations

Military Influence Empire of Mankind

Military Influence The Union

Military Influence United Alliance

No Full Relations

No Greater Opinion
Nations which the Commonwealth has no greater opinion of.

Established Trade Relations Aldorian Confederacy

Established Trade Relations Cnara-Frealee Federation

No Greater Opinion Aldorian Shabada

No Greater Opinion Arcadian Administration

No Greater Opinion Havenite Republic

No Greater Opinion Hes'un Confederacy

No Greater Opinion Human Alliance of Ambrosia

No Greater Opinion Lanoir Confederacy

Established Trade Relations Commune Federation

Established Trade Relations Cosmic Commonwealth of the Magocracy

No Greater Opinion Deciarchy Of The Overlord

No Greater Opinion (2)
Nations which the Commonwealth has no greater opinion of.

Established Trade Relations Socialist Planets of Taitheia

Established Trade Relations Sonoran Union

Established Trade Relations Thulcandran Federation

Established Trade Relations United Planets of Garrius-Hade

No Greater Opinion People's Kingdom of Kapiar-Veserbia

No Greater Opinion Talondra Assembly

No Greater Opinion Terran Nationale

No Greater Opinion Ugnara Kingdom

No Greater Opinion Vanguard Republic

No Greater Opinion Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate

Negative and Hostile Relations

Concerned By
Nations whose governments or standing of power may cause issues to the Commonwealth.

Established Trade Relations Aldorian Assembly of Clans

Established Trade Relations Aldorian Dominium

Established Trade Relations Aldorian League

Established Trade Relations Krizik Dominium

No Greater Opinion Aldorian Hegemony

No Greater Opinion Aldorian High Kingdom

No Greater Opinion Krizik Regime

No Greater Opinion Krizik Stratocracy

No Greater Opinion Zrelgerian Kraterocracy

No Greater Opinion Liberty Empire

No Greater Opinion Nakazawa Imperium

No Greater Opinion Theocracy of Silverstar

No Greater Opinion Aldorian Military Junta

No Greater Opinion H.I.V.E System (Human-Intelligence-in-Verpletter-Extensive)

No Greater Opinion Kreigsleute

Nations which the Commonwealth has unfriendly relations with.

Open Rivalry DELYATU

Open Rivalry The Administrator

At War With
Nations which the Commonwealth is waging war against.

Ongoing Conflict The Paragons of the Burning Crown

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