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Golomian Confederacy Flag.png Golomian Confederacy

8,980 BCE - Present

History of the Commonwealth

The History of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations extends across 108,752 years. The species and nations which formed the Commonwealth have since sculpted it, being significant roles in its modern-day appearance. Much of the original structure of the Commonwealth stems from the age of revolutionary activity from Sedrua. Its cultures have remained acted in a parallel manner since. Early regional history of the Commonwealth is defined by Sedrua, which assumed control over a large percentage of Via Aylathiya. The rising and falling of Sedrua led to the creation of the modern political climate. The organizations which formed from the remains of Sedrua eventually rose up on their own accord. They created new governments, sparked wars, with a few of them crumbling as of the modern day. Those which survived formed the Commonwealth, with others joining it after.

The Commonwealth has since grown to be a major force through Via Aylathiya. It currently stands as the largest national entity in its area, and rivals the Quintet Payotari Association and Sedrua in power. It is also similar to the Confederacy of Borealis, another loose confederation which holds influence over the Borealis Arm, spinward to the QPA. In the modern-day, the Commonwealth is currently alarmed by Sedrua and another ancient organization named Sydiah's Paragons. The Commonwealth is heavily invested in the current political climate, and has continued to hold influence across its claims this way. It has also strengthened assets throughout its borders and foreign nations.

Creation of the First Nations (11,691 BCE - 10,476 BCE)

Expansion (10,476 BCE - 21,833 CE)

War for Peleunsk (237 CE - 693 CE)

Limited Decline (693 CE - 21,833 CE)

Gradual International Unity (21,833 CE - 34,106 CE)

Creation of The Commonwealth (34,106 CE - 34,212 CE)

Continued Growth (34,212 CE - 40,976 CE)

Internal Strife (39,976 CE - 41,276 CE)

Commonwealth's Eclipse (41,276 CE - 41,656 CE)




Backlash & Evacuation


Post-Eclipse / Aftermath

Peace and Growth (41,521 CE - 65,753 CE)

Via Aylathiya's Totality (65,753 CE - 65,926 CE)

Golden Age (65,926 CE - 88,073 CE)

The War of the Ancients (88,073 CE - 88,805 CE)


Total War


End of the Ancients


Age of Unrest (88,805 CE - Present)

Celestial Plague

Second Recreator Conflicts

Sedruan Conflicts