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The Communal Republic of Eqeyun (shortened to CRE) is corporate federation that is in Aylothn, extant in the Eqeyun Sector and Nerichi. It is typically regarded for its economic prowess, technological advancement, and heavy level of development in its borders. The CRE is a member nation of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, and has sought to trade with its members to promote economic livelihood. The founding species for the CRE is a race called the Timporians, known to be one of the most influential and widespread species of Aylothn.

The capital of the CRE is a megastructure named Poratus, which resides near the enter of Eqeyun. It has existed as the highest center for population, industry, and commerce for most of the CRE's lifespan. It also effects the Commonwealth greatly, as Poratus is a very well defended area. It holds a large amount of local military assets, and has been notorious for its standing in terms of protection and weaponry. Poratus also earns its status as the industry capital, as it has historically produced a notable percentage of regional assets. The largest industries of the CRE are also on Poratus, though there are several other important areas which have grown over time.

The CRE formed much like other major nations of Aylothn. Conflicts with Sedrua caused many dissenters to rise up, as corruption had caused many to seek life elsewhere. The CRE was also one of the first nations to revolt against Sedrua proper, following the Free Systems of Hivol and the Lowzyol Federation after their revolutions. Ever since, they grew to encompass the area of Eqeyun, one of the two smaller spirals which resides in Aylothn. As one of the densest areas in the galaxy, the CRE profited heavily, and the downfall of Sedrua allowed them to safely grow.

Other nations rose from the ashes of Sedrua. Vaspujian formed rather distantly, and the Economic States of Nerichi rebelled as well. As Sedrua feel even more, the CRE grew quickly, rivaling ancient Sedruan speeds of expansion. With the collapse of the Empire, the CRE was able to expand, with a focus on both internal and external growth. In the late years of early growth, the CRE would grow their economy, seeking for other entities to trade to. As a result, the CRE has grown in size and influence, and was recognized as an influential entity within Aylothn.

Years wore on with no issue as the international power dynamic was forming. The CRE was profiting in the mean time, soon managing to hold a portion of influence of Eqeyun. It also began to manage its own economy well, with the CRE holding much of the region's resources and wealth. Eventually, the Commonwealth formed, with the CRE acting as one of the first founding nations. Profit only skyrocketed from there, as the CRE became well known for trading Sedruan artifacts and creating the Carosi. This lead the CRE to become a powerhouse in interstellar trade, with many other nations becoming interested in its power and wealth.

Commonwealth's Eclipse passed, but it was not much much of a challenge to the OFBE in terms of overall stability. The CRE did help through the war effort, as other nations were close to collapsing or had rebellions. As soon as the Lowzyol Federation was fought back, the CRE worked with other nations to return to stability. It has since remained powerful even through Aylothn's Totality and the War of the Ancients which followed many years after. Now, it is seen as one of the most influential organizations in Aylothn.

The population of the Thulcandran Federation is typical for its size, with 14.5 Quintillion individuals in its borders. However, most of the individuals live near the center of Eqeyun, in the region of Poratus and other surrounding areas. Much of the nation is a rural hinterland, filled with networks of industry and infrastructure built for economic activity. Other centers for population lie in Eqeyun's small arms, while others reside near distant industrial centers. Embassies also inhabit the sparse space, though most are near the area of Poratus.

The CRE, through its history, has always held positive relations with most nations. Receptiveness and high value of trade has compelled most to join in cordial diplomacy. It is said that the OFBE spearheaded CUEN-QPF relations, and this has led the two entities into a state of symbiotic partnership. While the CRE has been very friendly in recent times, it holds disdain for several entities. The most notable of which are the nation of Sedrua and the Paragons of Sydiah.

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