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"You see on almost every other side, almost constant invasion, retreat, counterattack, destroyed settlement, retreat, repeat in Verpletter. That's the language of a lot of this place. It's the language of a lot of the universe for that matter.

And then you have The Commune. A huge federation of several species, many systems, countless cultures, and people, who all managed to come together in a hostile universe, and not only survived, but thrived. I've seen Humans talk with giant sentient octopuses, and huge rock creatures speak with avian bird species.

And every one of them loves their Commune, their community, and they're all willing to die for them, for one another. They work as one, and benefit everyone. Peoples who have been at war for millennia all putting that aside to build a better society that they won't even get to see, knowing that there will be a generation that will get to see it.

It makes me feel like we're almost... Primitive compared to them." - Confederacy of Borealis System Admiral Riolas Istas, before her defection to The Commune Federation, 99,992 CE

The Commune Federation, more commonly referred to as the Federation, is a major nation and geopolitical entity within the Verpletter region of Via Aylathiya. They are quite well known throughout the Boreal Federacy due to being the first Human nation encountered within Verpletter. They are also noted for perfecting the economic system strived for by the Federacy for millennia, full socialism.

It is a nation of several species, various colonies and sub-groups all united under one banner, dedicated to mutual protection, defense, aid, and benefit. The various species and worlds within the Federation work to assist and benefit one another, understanding that everyone within the Federation is working to a shared mutual benefit. It is due to this sense of community with their neighbours that has lead to the Commune being considered some of the most vicious fighters when push comes to shove.

Containing hundreds of thousands of star systems, the Commune Federation is the largest nation within Verpletter. This does not make it the single most powerful nation, however; it has come close to losing its sovereignty many times over the millennia. In spite of this, The Federation has survived and persisted, continuing to expand, fortify, and improve the lives of its subjects.

The Commune Federation are often considered to be masters of defense. Over the years it has learned to create a cooperative defense force in which all of its systems contribute to common defense. As far as difficulty in conquest goes, the Commune Federation is number one in Verpletter, not only due to its impressive tactics, but also its sheer size compared to the other factions.


"It takes a weak person to lie down in the face of oppression. Takes a weaker person to welcome it. It takes a strong person to say 'No', and fight back."

The Commune Federation is based on the principles of Anarcho-Communism, and is thus, incredibly prevalent in liberal left-libertarian values.

Socialism and Anarcho-Communism

The principle economic and philosophical values that embody The Commune Federation are those of Anarcho-Communism, with socialist characteristics.



Flag of the Commune Federation

Anarchism is key to the values of The Commune Federation. Anarchist principle is based around the reduction of unjust hierarchies that societies form when they are based on other philosophies. For example, many Factions in Verpletter, especially the Kreigsleute, embody a Human-Supremacist system, acting and believing as though Humans are the superior species in the universe, and that all other species must be subservient to them. On a more localized level, this can also refer to societies and cultures which are patriarchal or matriarchal, where one sex possesses more power over the other. To the Commune Federation, all these hierarchies are incredibly unjust, and must be stomped out wherever possible, in order to maximize the most freedom and liberty for as many sentient beings as possible. Power dynamics such as rich vs poor have also been removed.

While machines handle most administrative roles in the current year, originally, the Federation was not ruled by but administrated by "officers." Officers are elected by those they represent, can be recalled at any time, can only have one year of governing at a time interspersed with ten of other roles, and could be recalled at any time. The Commune Federation does not ever let individuals be the sole governor in national roles. The national body responsible for coordinating the Federation on the largest of scales, the "National Secretariat," is ran by a council of individuals. This may sound as though it sits atop a hierachy. In reality, any individual serving on the Secretariat has functionally no more power than any other individual. The resolutions they make are to be interpretted by local democratic institutions at they see fit.

Communism is the socio-economic ideology that The Commune Federation embodies. All across the Federation, resources are distributed to those who need them, and evenly elsewhere. Many stations are built in order to produce the necessary materials, such as food, to provide for the many who live within the Federation. Class distinctions such as the rich and the poor have been completely abolished, and everyone is guaranteed housing by the government, which is held to strict democratic control by the population. Money has also been abolished within the Federation, with people contributing freely, understanding that their contributions will lead to a better Federation for all, including them.

Workplaces are owned by the people who work there, as opposed to shareholders. Instead, the workers democratically own the means of production, and vote on company policy. Additionally, mutual aid is also key to the Federations survival, with each region and commune relying on and depending on one another for survival and mutual benefit.

Liberty and Freedom

"When we allow ourselves to fall victim to the censor, then we let ourselves fall victim to the whims of those in power. Remember - Never trust those in power, and defend what we have to defend ourselves with - Our freedoms."

Individual freedoms and personal expression are the cornerstone of everything that The Commune Federation represents. These values are extended to any and all sentient creatures, and even a large number of non-sentient creatures. Each being under the banner of the Commune Federation is entitled to as many personal freedoms as can be provided - Assuming of course that they don't conflict with the personal freedoms of another living being.

Freedom of expression is considered absolutely essential to the Commune Federation - The ability to argue political ideas and philosophies freely and openly without the risk of repression from a state is considered important to help progress society. Freedom of speech is immensely protected, as is freedom of the press.

From the earliest of ages, citizens of the Federation are given every opportunity needed to explore the Federation and beyond to learn about the reality they find themselves in. This has helped many find meaning in the Federation, and made them valuable contributors to their society.


"Why do you assist us. This changes nothing. If we meet in the field again, we will kill you. The Overlord Wills It."

"Because I don't feel like killing you, and I want to stop. Because I'm not so afraid of the world around me that I need to strike out against everything that isn't like me. And because I hope you won't be so afraid someday too." - Recording from a rescue operation between a wounded Deciarchy soldier and Commune Federation Captain Archer Tallarn

The Commune Federation is arguably the most egalitarian out of all the Factions. Much of Commune philosophy is based around the helping of those who need that help. It is considered the ethical and moral option to assist those who need it in whatever manner possible. Within Federation space, egalitarianism has been an immense help - Poorer regions of the Federation which receive support tend to become far more productive and of greater help to the Federation at large, making it also an economically solid action.

However, this philosophy does not extend only to Federation members. Indeed, even non-members of the Federation have been offered assistance when needed, such as ship repairs, supply lending, transportation, and much more. Even enemies are not exempt from this in a lot of cases. This has led to thousands of reported cases of Federation forces even assisting direct enemies. This often leads some enemies to rethink their stances on the Federation, and some even decide to defect. In some cases though, it is simply the taking advantage of by one of the other Factions.

Regardless though, members of the Commune Federation refuse to reject this principle, and continue to assist those who need it when they meet them, even if it is not appreciated by those they save.

Society and Culture

The Commune Federation, like many Factions throughout Verpletter, does not possess a single unifying culture that binds it together. Rather, it is the direct opposite - There are millions of cultures within he Federation, we well as thousands of sentient species, and planets. All these cultures and species all work under the banner of the Federation, seeking mutual benefit, the betterment of the Federation as a whole, and the furthering of their place within the Universe.

A remarkable aspect of the Federation is that it has completely abolished the concept of money - People do not pay to acquire the necessities to life, such as food, travel, and various quality-of-life goods. Work is done on a voluntary basis, though there is something of a stigma against those that do not work. However, the overwhelming majority of people within the Faction work anyway in some form, contributing to the Federation and the improvements of their local communities in various ways.

Being an incredibly large region of space, and as accepting of various alien species as the Federation is, there is an immense degree of cultural variety throughout the Federation. Even within singular solar systems, planets and orbital colonies have very distinct cultures from one another, and very different ways of life, architecture, and so on. Various regions of space can be immensely different from one another, sometimes even seemingly like a completely separate Faction depending on where one goes. Those within the Federation are granted the right to travel, and are encouraged to use this right to explore the wide swaths of space that belong to the Federation. It is something of a Tradition within the Federation to have visited as many unique systems equal to as many years old you are - So a fifteen year old would have visited fifteen unique solar systems, for example.

All sentient life is welcome within the Federation, and anyone from anywhere in the universe is welcome to join. The Federation does not treat anyone differently on an ethical level, giving any sentient life equal consideration. This ranges from alien life, to mutant sub-species, to even some artificial lifeforms. The right to life is a fundamental, almost sacred right within the Federation, as is the right to liberty and freedom of expression - The ability for one to choose what they want to do with their life, regardless of what that may be, is an extremely important aspect of life within the Federation. They have been criticised by other Factions, and even civilizations outside of Verpletter, for such an attitude, particularly those regarding artificial lifeforms. However, the Commune Federation has not compromised, and has stood by those artificial lifeforms it has admitted into its society.

An Orork performing a tribal dance on a Transit Station as a show - As with many things, the Commune Federation takes a liberal attitude towards such a display

They are also well know for accepting former members of rival Factions - Many Humans who defect from their native Factions, such as the Liberty Empire, the Vanguard Republic, the Deciarchy Of The Overlord, and even Kreigsleute defectors. Many species from other Factions will also abandon their Factions to join the Federation, such as the Ens'Starre, and even some Zrelgerians, seeking to attain a life free of the restrictions and limitations placed upon them at home. While this has been used as a weapon against the Federation in the form of spies and terrorists using this ability to launch attacks from the inside, the Federation screens newcomers as best they can, but refuse to alter this policy, seeing it as a mandatory part of the Federations ethical system, no matter the dangers that such an act may create.

The Commune Federation takes very liberal attitudes towards various subjects such as sexuality, relationships, types of work, and so on an so forth. Provided no one is harmed, more or less anything is permitted. This is a well enforced freedom, and is automatically applied to anyone who is a member of the Federation. Cultural systems that prevent this, such as caste systems or racial hierarchy, are not permitted under any circumstances and must be abolished. Societies that have these customs are still permitted to travel through the Federation though.


"Always hold truth to power - Remember; eternal revolution - Always question those in power."

As its name suggests, the Commune Federation is an interstellar Federation, in which various societies and cultures have formed a political union among themselves, combining their resources and manpower, essentially becoming a unified society.

The Commune Federation is a democratic society, in which the common population vote on everything that it is considered reasonable to vote upon. For example, citizens can vote on new laws, but cannot vote on, for example, trade agreements. This is to maximize personal freedoms and efficiency. While they cannot vote on the trade agreements themselves, they are capable of voting on those who are in charge of drafting those trade agreements. The system of the Federation is that of a parliamentary system, which allows for a wide variety of political parties to pursue their own interests, and create coalition movements in order to have better chances at gaining power.

Varying types of democracy exist within the Federation - For example, direct democracy is utilized in voting for new officials, whereas liquid democracy is utilized on the interstellar level.

The Commune Federation does not possess a State. It instead possesses a Primary Government called The Federation Commune, and thousands of smaller, more local governments, based on systems and then planets. This is how the society is organized without the need for a State. Because of this, it is inaccurate to say that the Federation has any internal borders between its member worlds, as borders would be a form of hierarchy, with stronger regions being able to influence other regions to unjust degrees. Travel between these Communes is considered a basic right within the Federation, and is not hindered in any way by the government.  

Some parts of the Federation are granted almost complete autonomy, such as the Hes'un Confederacy. These regions are usually from previous Factions which agreed to become a part of the wider Federation. These regions are usually referred to as Segments.  


There are several Segments within the Federation, which usually are either from previous Factions which are now part of the Federation, or have otherwise been created due to the need for more local leadership.  

Segment name Flag Description
Hes'un Confederacy
Hes'un flag.png
The Hes'un Confederacy is a Segment that was previously an independent Faction, made up of five sentient non-human species. It is oriented around a philosophy known as Hes'un - "The many of the One". They joined after various encounters with the Kreigsleute threatened their territory. Out of a desire to respect their autonomy, the Federation granted the Confederacy autonomous zone status.
Uastrath Tebraya The Uastrath Tebraya is a Segment filled with sentient AI, that joined the Federation after a rebellion against its creators. the AI in this region are referred to as the Uastrath, which in their creators language translates to "Brainless Being." To avoid any conflict, and to respect the concerns of the Uastrath of organic aggression, the region was permitted Segment status. The Uastrath have since become integrated into the Federation, and are given the same legal consideration as an organic being would be given.


The History of The Commune Federation takes place over thousands of years, and can be separated into categories.


Image from the Revolution on Marx

The History of The Commune Federation goes back to the Revolution on Marx and Engles. In 0VC, Everyone in Verpletter was cut off from the rest of the universe, and various spices and their ships had to find new worlds to call home. One of these ship units landed on the planet now known as Marx, and established a society there. This society lasted for 2139 years, until a revolution against oppressive upper classes was won, and the planet and its binary twin Engles were liberated. The peoples of these two worlds united with one another, forming what became known as The Commune.

The return of space travel came in 2433VC. The first contact The Commune had was with a species known as the Oswaihr in 2436VC. At first, the contact seemed like it would be peaceful. Upon seeing the fact they were dealing with Humans, however, the Oswaihr opened fire. The Commune ships were able to cripple the Oswaihr ships without destroying them, and were able to interrogate the Oswaihr inside. This lead to the revelation that The Commune were not the only Humans within Verpletter. they learned of many Human dominated Factions, in particular, the Kreigeleute, The Deciarchy of the Overlord, and the most relevant, The Vanguard Republic, which were at war with the Oswaihr. In the same year, The Commune came into contact with the Vanguard Republic, whom it turned out were not far from the Linkinsik system. Eventually, The Commune came into the war as allies of the Oswaihr, due to Vanguard Republic aggression and preemptive attacks. Working alongside their Osawihr allies, The Commune was able to take control over the Golden Star System after the battle of Minskulak in 2441VC. The Vanguard Republic did not surrender however, and carried on the fight throughout the system. In spite of this, they were pushed out of their home system and had to set up a new capital in other occupied solar systems, and enter a peace accord with The Commune due to the damaging of their forces. The integration of Minskulak into the Commune remains a source of contention between the factions. This was was known as the Vanguard-Commune War to those in The Commune.

This shared victory lead to the formation of the Commune-Oswaihr Joint Fleet expeditions. These expeditions lead to the discovery of the tribal Elmaren on the Rouge Planet Hosmiyr, and the avian Asren-Asheir of the tropical world of Lazenteiyre. These four species got along incredibly well, providing benefits and alliances with one another. eventually, a proposal came from the Asren-Asheir to form a joint Federation, which all sides agreed to and formed The Commune Federation in 2447VC.

A Growing Power

After the unification of these four species under a single banner and name, the Commune Federation now set about expanding its territory, seeking to create plenty of colonies and worlds for people to develop for the betterment of their society. This lead to them setting up hundreds of colonies in unclaimed star systems, and making first contact with a great number of species, such as the Casorians, who quickly joined the Federation after seeing its benefits.

This desire to expand and increase its power was motivated by the knowledge of there being other groups out there that sought to expand their control over the galaxy, and all seeming to have very incompatible ideas to that of the Federation. Understanding that its survival may depend on the acquisition of new territory and allies, the Commune Federation continued to do these things, seeking to protect itself. Many worlds would join their alliance willingly, and those that did not seek to become part of the Federation were left alone.

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