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Diplomacy & Treaties

Diplomatic Relationships

Broad goals for Foreign Policy are decided by what is known as the "Council of Borealis." This Council is made up of the head of government of every member nation as well as the president of the Confederacy itself. Quarterly, these leaders cast votes deciding which direction the Confederacy should go with its foreign policy. It is up to the Executive Branch of government to carry out these foreign policy goals. The Congress has the right to overturn these policy goals if there is less than a 2/3 majority in the Council's votes.

Military Alliances

While member states previously had the power to engage in military action without central approval, reforms after the War of the Ancients caused the Confederacy to revoke the ability to declare war from all member states. War is now declared by a vote of the Congress and Council of Borealis. Nations are able to maintain their own militaries as well, however, more reforms called for the creation of a centralized military each nation can contribute to with some exception. The Confederacy itself does not have the power to create its own munitions or draft soldiers, meaning the Confederate military relies on tributes from its member states to remain afloat.

Official Military alliances exist with the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations and there are numerous non-aggression and collaboration pacts with polities such as the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony and the Fusion of Crowns. There are also several treaties with some of The Lewis Nations that are mostly just treaties that allow the Confederacy to borrow munitions or funds and pay them back later.

Diplomatic Relations by Country

Relationship Status National Opinion
Member Nation  Member Nation  Very Positive
Alliance  Alliance/Associate State  Positive
Guarantee  Guarantee  Neutral
Trading  Close Trading  Little Thought Given
Military Influence  Military Influence in other Nations  Suspicious
NoOpinion.png  No Relations  Alarmed
Rivalry.png  Open Rivalry  Hostile
Conflict.png  Ongoing War

Alliances and Positive Relations

CoB Member Nations

Confederate Member-Nations.

Member Nation UFSSFlag.jpg United Federation of Star Systems

Member Nation Sagittarium.jpg Sagittarium

Member Nation Sketch-1592154185117.png The Empyrean

Member Nation Vanaheimr.png Vanaheimr

Member Nation Unoit.jpg Un'oit Collective

Member Nation Rendell.jpg Rendell

Member Nation Dotsk11.png Dotskgard

Member Nation Tenshi2.png State of Tenshi


Nations which the Confederacy considers a close ally or an Associate State

Associate State Entente.jpg Entente of Ventemir

Associate State ShevraStandard.png Shev'ra

Associate State Regnum Aureiga - Flag.jpg Regnum Aureiga

Guarantee CUEN Flag.png Commonwealth of United Economic Nations

Guaranteed Independence NTIH.jpg Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony

Guaranteed Independence Kal.jpg Kal Federation

Guaranteed Independence Flag of Empire 1.jpg Empire of Mankind

Guaranteed Independence Flag of Humanity.png Intergalactic Federation

Guaranteed Independence Talondra Assembly.jpg Talondra Assembly Member States

Guaranteed Independence Flag of the Republic of Sion.jpg Republic of Sion

Guaranteed Independence UnionFlagTwoPointOh.png The Union

Guaranteed Independence United.Alliance.flag.jpg United Alliance

Trade Relations

Trade Relations

Nations which hold major trade relations to the Confederacy.

Established Trade Relations CUEN Flag.png Commonwealth of United Economic Nations

Established Trade Relations NTIH.jpg Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony

Established Trade Relations ShevraStandard.png Shev'ra

Established Trade Relations Flag of Empire 1.jpg Empire of Mankind

Established Trade Relations Flag of the Previous Plutocracy.jpg Plutocracy of Gish

Established Trade Relations UnionFlagTwoPointOh.png The Union

Established Trade Relations FlagLyncis.jpeg Empire of Lyncis

Established Trade Relations Intendant II.png Alkan Intendancy

Established Trade Relations Fusion of Crowns

Established Trade Relations The Alech Dominion

Formal Alliance UNFG Flag.png United Nations of the Flower Galaxy

Established Trade Relations Commune flag.png Commune Federation

Established Trade Relations Magocracy Flag.png Cosmic Commonwealth of the Magocracy

Established Trade Relations Lanoir.png Lanoir Confederacy

Military Influence

Nations which hold Confederate military assets.

Military InfluenceEntente.jpg Entente of Ventemir

Military Influence ShevraStandard.png Shev'ra

Military Influence NTIH.jpg Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony

Military Influence Flag of Empire 1.jpg Empire of Mankind

Military Influence UnionFlagTwoPointOh.png The Union

Military Influence United.Alliance.flag.jpg United Alliance

Military Influence UNFG Flag.png United Nations of the Flower Galaxy

Military Influence Lanoir.png Lanoir Confederacy

No Full Relations

No Greater Opinion
Nations which the Confederacy has little relation with/limited trade with.

No Greater Opinion Flag of the Arcadian Administration.png Arcadian Administration

No Greater Opinion Deciarchy Flag updated.png Deciarchy Of The Overlord

No Greater Opinion Terran Nationale Flag.png Terran Nationale

No Greater Opinion Vanguard Republic.png Vanguard Republic

No Greater Opinion Xavier flag.png Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate

Negative and Hostile Relations

Concerned By
Nations whose governments or standing of power may cause issues to the Confederacy.

No Greater Opinion Krizik map.jpg Krizik Regime

No Greater Opinion Krizik Stratocracy.jpg Krizik Stratocracy

No Greater Opinion Zrelgerian Kraterocracy Flag.png Zrelgerian Kraterocracy

No Greater Opinion Theoracy of Silverstar flag.png Theocracy of Silverstar

Established Trade Relations Krizik Dominium

No Greater Opinion Nakazawa Imperium flag.png Nakazawa Imperium

No Greater Opinion Flag of the Aldorian Military Junta-1.jpg Aldorian Military Junta

No Greater Opinion Kreigsleute flag.png Kreigsleute

Nations which the Confederacy has unfriendly relations with.

Openly Hostile QPF Flag.png Quintet Puontari Federation

Openly Hostile Recreators Symbol.png Paragons of Sydiah

Openly Hostile BaariConsulate.png Ku'umi Consulate

Openly Hostile Sedrua Flag.png Sedrua

Non-governmental Organizations

Creed.png Chosen of Sydiah

Omnite.png Omnite

Military Organization

As a Confederation, the Confederate Military operates under treaties rather than simply as one entity. As such, the Confederate Government often negotiates with member-states the same way it negotiates treaties with other nations. The United Federation of Star Systems and Sagittarium tribute the majority of Federal Military assets (at 31% and 30% respectively). Associate-states are usually exempt from having to tribute military assets, however, the Confederacy has a fairly large number of units hailing from the Entente.

Following the War of the Ancients, various laws were passed requiring nations to severely increase military spending. Before this point, many nations simply relied on the larger ones for military protection. The war changed this dramatically. Two percent of the GDP of each nation is currently required to be spent on defense purposes, with most spending well above that two percent. Every major world has at least a division of ships within light-minutes of it. Capital worlds have as many as twenty divisions.