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The member states of the Confederacy of Borealis have a combined territory of over 158 billion stars. The vast portion of these stars are within the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. Other major galaxies include Ouranir, Ventemir, and Florescence. The Confederacy sprawls over a vast number of stars. It is so large that few polities can compete with it in size. The Confederacy currently does not control the entirety of any single galaxy besides the galaxy Florescence.

Via Sagittaria

Image Number of Stars Width Controllers Notes
ViaSagittaria.png 400 Billion 100,000 light years CoB Flag.png Confederacy of Borealis The largest galaxy with members within the Confederacy of Borealis.

Via Sagittaria is the political and economic center of the Confederacy. It is home to several major species, most notably Humans, Dotsk. and Un'oits. It is also home to the three Kardashev III civilizations within the Confederacy, the United Federation of Star Systems, Sagittarium, and Dotskgard. Via Sagittaria is home to dozens of important worlds and has been one of the most influential galaxies within the Local Universe, its influence only overshadowed by Aylothn, one of the few galaxies that also happens to overshadow it in size as well. As far as galaxies go, Via Sagittaria is vast. 400 Billion stars is an absurdly large number of stars; the average galaxy only has several million at the largest.

Given its vast size, its civilizations have only colonized a percentage of the stars the galaxy has to offer. Most stars colonized exist within one hundred light-years of what are known as "home-worlds" which are more often than not ecumenopoli carrying the majority of the galaxy's population. Within Via Sagittaria exists two "Grand Worlds," mega-structures constructed around black holes that can hold staggering numbers of people. These two structures are named for the black holes they were built around, Mili and Nocturne, the latter of which is the central black hole of the galaxy. These structures account for nine percent of the Confederacy's population and are by far the most important locales to the Confederacy.