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Corpius Prime is a desert terra located in the Florathel Galaxy in the Akris Arm. It is located in the binary Haaltas System, and is the homeworld of the Androcorpius species.


Androcorpius Prime is the second planet orbiting Haaltas A, and has one moon in orbit around it.



The planet presents extremely high temperatures peaking at over 100 degrees celcius from time to time, making the atmosphere full of water vapour, being the gas breathed by all lifeforms. due to the planet's inclined orbit the temperature is rather unstable, and at its coldest in the year water forms agian in the land, this makes the geography of the planet constantly change drastically, this process makes life for the Androcorpius extremely hard


As previously stated, the geography of the planet is at constant change but it keeps a pattern of flat highlands and mountains, as plains get covered in water for half of the year.


The planet is fairly massive at 1.39 standard masses and a diameter of 22909 km. The planet's metallic core makes up 26% of the mass.