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Corvettes are small warships used primarily as the scouting force for a nation's astronavy. They are usually seen flying on the flanks of an enemy fleet, taking out starfighters and other similarly-sized ships. Their size and speed also makes them effective blockade runners.


Corvettes are some of the smallest warships in the universe, with only patrol craft being smaller. They are usually built in a streamlined way in order to maximize their top speed. This comes in handy whenever corvettes find themselves flying in a planet's atmosphere.

During battles, corvettes typically see themselves performing fast attack or anti-starfighter roles. While they can still brawl against other warships, their relatively light armor means that they often lose against anything larger than themselves. However, they can still be devastating against even the largest ships if utilized carefully.

In addition to the roles listed above, corvettes also excel at getting past planetary blockades, using their small size and powerful engines in order to avoid enemy fire and providing aid to any friendly forces on the ground. This is especially handy as a corvette's weapons are usually more than a match for any landbound vehicles.

Notable Examples