The Cosmoria Galaxy is a very active spiral galaxy approximately 6 mly from the Via Sagittaria Galaxy in the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group. The Cosmoria Galaxy is home to the only quasar in the local universe, and this quasar outshines the rest of the galaxy a thousand fold and is visible in the daytime sky of places like Lowrokira and Thalsiedeln.


The Cosmoria Galaxy is known for its beautiful structure, but this is far outshined by the vast lobes of hot material ejected from the quasar at the center of the galaxy. These lobes extend roughly half a million light-years out into interstellar space from the galaxy. These lobes are easily visible to the naked eye, although they are far brighter in radio waves, precluding study of the region behind these huge lobes. The Cosmoria Galaxy is surrounded also by huge amounts of rarefied superheated intergalactic gas, hot enough to glow in X-rays (shown in infobox image above). Because of this extreme activity, the Cosmoria Galaxy is utterly lifeless with no native intelligent species.

Despite this, the outer reaches of the Cosmoria Galaxy are controlled by the Collective Systems of Cosmoria, a Human nation founded by migrants escaping the devastation of the War of the Ancients. The CSC has shied away from colonizing the core of the galaxy, as the entire region is irradiated by the central quasar. The Cosmoria Galaxy is also very active in terms of star forming, with many nebulae and such scattered through the galaxy.

Currency, a project is ongoing named the Cosomoria Rehabilitation Program, that intends to reintroduce life to worlds that lost it due to Cosmoria becoming a quasar. It was started only around a hundred years ago, and currently the Aziel Sector has been fully introduced with life. This includes the lush worlds of Auralia, Keleros and Survus, among many more.





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Anything in bold is considered to be a major event while relatively minor things are not bolded. The "Common Era" is defined as modern history. 0 CE is defined as the year in which the ancient powers in the universe were reorganized or had contracted greatly, thus creating a completely different astro-political setting.

BCE = Before Common Era

CE = Common Era

Before Common Era

13,800,000,000 BCE: --The Cosmic Primordia causes the Universe to be created.
13,580,000,000 BCE: -The Cosmoria Galaxy begins to form.
9,547,000,000 BCE: -The Cosmoria Galaxy fully forms.
8,624,000,000 BCE: -The Cosmoria Galaxy collides with an ancient galaxy.

Common Era

88,875 CE: -Humans arrived in Cosmoria after more than two thousand years of extragalactic travelling. All of the colonists are migrants from escaping from the devestation of the War of the Ancients.
88,876 CE: -Humans discovered Aziel.

-First settlement on Aziel.

88,921 CE: -Theories started appearing on the existence of Hollow Aziel.
88,954 CE: -Hollow Aziel has been proven to exist.
90,054 CE: -The nation of Collective Systems of Cosmoria has been founded.
91,984 CE: -The Cosmoria Rehabilitation Program has been proposed.
91,985 CE: -The Cosmoria Rehabilitation Program has been initiated, with it's mission of restoring life to Cosmoria that went extinct due to it becoming a quasar.
92,564 CE: -Survus has been successfully reintroduced to it's extinct ecosystem.

-Keleros has been successfully reintroduced to it's extinct ecosystem.

-Auralia has been successfully reintroduced to it's extinct ecosystem.

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