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Satellite Galaxies

Nebulon Galaxy

As small as the Nebulon Galaxy is, it's still as valued. Thanks to the galaxy's magnificent appearance, one might think it is full of life. Truthfully most of the planets and moons in the Nebulon Galaxy are rocky with tenuous atmospheres, but extremely resource rich.

More than thousands of mining corporations have settled in the galaxy, and are harvesting an unimaginable amount of resources per standard year. The most famous of which is the Aegis Mining Corporation, which operates about half of the gargantuan mining vessels in the galaxy.

The lack of natural habitable worlds in this galaxy has led to many worlds to be terraformed into lush and thriving ecosystems of life.

Kardesh Galaxy

The Kardesh Galaxy is the most distant satellite galaxy Cosmoria has. Only containing roughly 79 million stars, Kardesh contains only four contacted intelligent species. It orbits very distantly from Cosmoria directly above the galactic disk, and many consider it to be its own thing rather than a satellite of Cosmoria.

Currently, the Kardesh Galaxy is controlled by the Kardesh Alliance, a nation made up of all four main species in the galaxy. The Kardesh Alliance has cordial relations with the United Nation of Cosmoria, and, having conquered the entire galaxy, has nothing to do but build inward. Because of this, the Kardesh Alliance has constructed amazing megastructures all across the galaxy, and have developed many new technologies for them and their allies to use.

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