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The Cosmorian Mass Extinction

The Cosmorian Mass Extinction was the most dangerous event to ever happen in The Cosmoria Galaxy, even perhaps in the Local Universe, however it was definitely the most mysterious.

it happened around 5,450,000,000 BCE, and during that time, countless civilizations were destroyed, and tens of thousands of planets were destroyed, the cause of that horrifying event were ancient Black Hole Bombs, that were suddenly set off.

It is unclear what civilization made them, however it is clear that the Black Hole Bombs were in thousands, possibly even tens of thousands.


The following is a simplified timeline of events that have occurred within the Cosmoria Galaxy.

Anything in bold is considered to be a major event that has had a wide effect in the Cosmoria Galaxy.

BCE = Before Common Era

CE = Common Era

Before Common Era [BCE]

Date: Event:
12,400,000,000 BCE: -The Cosmoria Galaxy forms.
5,450,000,000 BCE: --The Cosmorian Mass Extinction Takes Place.

Common Era [CE]

Date: Event:
54520 CE: -Aziel Discovered and Settled.

-Auralia Discovered and Settled.

-Aurantia Discovered.

54693 CE: -Jivario Discovered and Settled.