Core Orbital Dynamics is a massive independent starship megacorporation providing spaceships for most nations in the Cosmoria Galaxy.


Core Orbital Dynamics primarily produces public-use starships for great prices. Prices range from 10,000 Anizos, to 100,000,000 Azinos. It was founded in the year of 79521 CE by Britt Steiger, and Johhny Foste, who wanted to create one universal shipbuilding corporation in Cosmoria. Currently the CEO of the corporation is Finn Severt.


Image Name Description Size Role
ZY-C ZY-C is a model of light freighter produced by Core Orbital Dynamics. While used primarily used for hauling, ZY-C can put up quite a fight with it's retractable kinetic weaponry. As an entry level ship, the ZY-C has relatively weak shields that can be destroyed in the matter of minutes. 4m tall

35m long

12m wide

Light Freighter
Manta-Ray The Manta-Ray is a class of light fighter starship produced by Cosmorian VesselForging. The Manta-Ray is generally used by mercenaries as a cheap, yet effective ship. It's shields can withstand a great amount of damage, and it's kinetic weapons can destroy smaller enemy ships with ease. It's shape as a manta ray allows for great maneuverability in atmosphere. 4m tall

25m long

75m wide

Light Fighter
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