The Crab Nebula was a large supernova remnant nebula, which provided a massive amount of tourism and corporatism to flood its area. Being one of the brightest and most intricate nebulae in the sky, it has since become a loose and dim dust cloud, which is considered to be completely dissipated now. What remains is a young neutron star, with a selection of habitation modules around it.

In its so-called 'Glory Days', the Crab Nebula was a bright feature in the skies around it, and systems nearby experienced unprecedented tourism boosts. This caused the area to be very popular with citizens, and it still holds an impact to this day. The clouds which used to be the Crab Nebula are now predicted to be protostars in the future. Several megastructural engineering teams have already made protostars from the remains of the Crab Nebula, as they have sped up the process.

As previously mentioned, there is now a neutron star in the center of the old Crab Nebula. This star is named the Crab Pulsar, which is currently being extracted for a massive amount of metals. This gives the Crab Pulsar the nickname The Orion Forgery, just from its sheer opulence.


Ever since major forces of Humans arrived at the Crab Nebula, a ring world was created around the Crab Pulsar, and extraction began. This became one of the first Neutron Star Forgeries in the Milky Way, and it was a valuable asset to the UFSS. It is still very beneficial to many systems around it, giving off many exports of alloys.

In the years following colonization and tourism, several ring worlds were set up around the Crab Pulsar, with varying purposes. Some were used to aid with extraction of the neutron star, while others were used as massive residential areas, carrying billions of people inside.

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