The Creed of Ysylo (Typically referred to as The Creed and formerly called the Creed of Sydiah) is an organization, consisting of hundreds of members who have sworn allegiance and dedication to the nation of Sedrua. The Creed of Ysylo primarily functions as a group of powerful individuals, which serve in the Sedruan Government or Sedruan Military. The Creed of Ysylo, with its operation extending far from its home place of the Suvaren Galaxy, is well known for its very high level of power and influence. Initially, the Creed of Ysylo was created and named as the Creed of Sydiah, though the ancient disappearance of Mother Sydiah has caused a one Vurilia Jiutopati to rise to power over the Creed and the Sedruan Government.

The Creed of Ysylo holds a notable grip over the activates of Sedrua. Its influence through the Local Universe, as well as the activities of its many members have made it rather well known in local spheres. It is said that the Creed of Ysylo has been able to maintain its position due to the power of its members. With its strong connection to the Aeterna Caligne, as well as its prevalence in Psychokinesis, has kept it firm in the hands of history. Attempts at dismantling the Creed of Ysylo, or the greater Sedruan government, have been met with general failure, though numerous members have died in the past.

The current leader of the Creed, Vurilia, has operated it for a combined total of 160,000 years. The disappearance of Mother Sydiah, as well as his sudden appearance in Sedruan leadership and the disappearance of The Architects has made him the de-facto advisor of the Creed. Since his implementation as leader of the Creed, Vurilia has made numerous changes over the eons. As of today, Vurilia has brought forth an attitude of brotherhood and friendship in the Creed. He has also given all of its members high quality lives, necessities, and materials which aid them on missions. This has led to the increase in the morale of all members within the Creed.

With Mother Sydiah's re-appearance in the modern day, she has become a distant co-leader of the Creed. While she typically commands high level missions and holds a large sum of power, she is usually not present in most activities. Mother Sydiah has taken very little an active role in the operations of the Creed to date, focusing primarily on her experiments within the Aeterna Caligne, as well as attempts in quelling Sydiah's Hinterlands. As of The Exhumation, Mother Sydiah has still taken no action in the Creed.



The structure of the Creed of Ysylo is very straightforward, with numerous tiers which describe one's standing. The higher ranks of the Creed are often tasked with more dangerous missions, or hold a higher place in the Sedruan Government. The ranks of the Creed follow the down-to-up order of Apprentice, Paladin, Mercenary, Director, and Consort. Each rank holds its own specific requirements and privileges. Promotions or demotions of ranks happen upon request of any member of the Creed of Ysylo, and they must be approved by a vote of all members. It should be noted that, barring circumstances, any sort of break in the code of the Creed, especially a crime, may result in a quick vote or instant demotion / banishment. The ranks of the Creed of Ysylo, in a down to up order, are as follows:






Initiation Process

Notable Members

Vurilia Jiutopati - The First of the Architects

Vurilia Jiutopati.png

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Mother Sydiah - The Typhonian Mistress


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Rinnaq - Director of the Creed


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Itrian - Seer of the Seers


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Rhodakin - Warrior of the Suvaren


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Thonde - Sculptor of Reality


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Drizuna - The Reformed Architect


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Moonmoon - Son of Chaos


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