The Crown Cluster is an open cluster located in the Middle Shell of the Lareas Galaxy.


The Crown Cluster is a fairly large and extremely bright open cluster, with roughly 2500 notable stars and is 133 ly in diameter. The Crown Cluster has a notable Luminous Blue Variable at its center known as Narenna. The cluster is fairly unusual in that it has a large number of habitable worlds interspersed between its massive stars, and it seems to be an island of civilization surrounded by an unusually large area with no intelligent life. Its central star, Narenna, contains a vast dyson swarm that is likely the largest dyson swarm in the local universe.

The cluster also contains many intelligent species, which have united to create the Union of Narenna.

Civilization at the Crown Cluster

The Crown Cluster is entirely colonized by the Union of Narenna, which has a habit of creating vast megastructures around the massive stars of the cluster. Two of the largest dyson swarms surround Narenna and Miraban, the latter has been mostly converted into a Nicoll-Dyson Beam during the Great Lareas War.

Strange things

The Crown Cluster contains several anomalous objects, including one of the only instances of a Porphyrion Star outside the Archurion Nebula. There are also many ruins of vast megastructures, as if a vast civilization used to control the cluster several million years ago. However, these machines have proven undatable. There are also many strange planets, some of which have bizarre signals eminating from them. The source of these signals are unknown.

Massive stars

The Crown Cluster houses some of the most luminous stars in the Lareas Galaxy, including the LBV Narenna, housed in a tight central cluster similar to R136 in the Ouranir Galaxy. The small cluster is sometimes nicknamed the Lareas Jewel Cluster. The Crown Cluster contains 5 LBVs (One being Narenna), 4 O type stars above 100 solar masses, a Porphyrion star, 17 Wolf-Rayet stars, 3 yellow hypergiants and an orange hypergiant, 23 red supergiants, three black holes and dozens of O-type stars above 50 solar masses. Hundreds of late O and B type stars reside in this cluster, and many more smaller, less massive stars. So it comes as a great surprise as to how many habitable worlds are located near this dangerous, radiation-ridden place. Just for context, here are some notable stars listed below:

Some of the notable stars in the Crown Cluster
Name Catalog name (Sira-Renali luminous objects catalog) Spectral Type Luminosity Avg. Temp
Narenna SR 2 B7 0/LBV 2254000 LSol 13500 K
Ugaloni SR 93 B9 0/LBV+X 1212000 LSol 10400 K
Onear SR 116 OẸpe/P8h 1210000 LSol 325000 K
SR 234 WN5h 1329000 LSol 56400 K
Ketlao SR 243 B0Ia0 1615000 LSol 26100 K
SR 253 O1.5V 930000 LSol 51300 K
SR 268 O5III+WN4s 963000+632000 LSol 42100+102000 K
Miraban SR 274 WN6o/WCE 235,500 LSol 68100 K
SR 277 O5 II 1083000 LSol 41500 K
SR 282 Ofpe/WN9+WN3/O3 1530000+306000 LSol 31100+98000 K
Honsin SR 286 O3Ia+O5Ia 1226000+791000 LSol 46500+41400 K
Eorn SR 296 WN7h+BV 1428000+9840 LSol 45800+17600 K
SR 299 WC8ed 314000 LSol 58100 K
SR 300 O1.7V 876000 LSol 50500 K
SR 301 O4.5IIIf 1048000 LSol 45600 K
SR 302 O2V 821000 LSol 50000 K
SR 309 O3V 662000 LSol 47800 K
SR 358 A4 Ia0 839,000 LSol 8240 K
Isiran SR 400 K3 0 653000 LSol 4400 K
Salgare SR 420 WO3e 407000 LSol 175000 K
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