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Cruisers are mid-sized starships that form the backbone of any nation's astronavy. Being larger and more powerful than frigates yet still being very flexible, cruisers make for both powerful capital ships and effective escorts for larger ships.


Like the smaller frigates, cruisers are highly adaptive ships, capable of serving almost any role required. However, due to their increased size and firepower, cruisers usually see themselves performing more offensive and defensive roles, whereas the more diminutive frigates would be better suited for scouting duties.

In addition to their modular nature, cruisers are also the smallest warship used as the flagship for a fleet. They are typically seen presiding over smaller fleets, commanding multiple groups of frigates and destroyers. In larger fleets, however, cruisers are almost always placed into battlegroups, protecting larger vessels such as battleships and carriers.

The captains of cruisers are often as diverse as cruisers themselves, oftentimes taking up aspects of the ships they command. The captain of a cruiser built for offense is often rather rash and impulsive, while defense-oriented cruisers are often commanded by more reserved, patient individuals.

Notable Examples