The Cult of the Emperors is a current of worship in the Empire of Mankind. It is a sort of religious believe, in which the inhabitants pay respect and tribute to the Emperor and the past emperors of the Nation in Temples built all over the planets of the Country. Contrary to popular believe, they do not revere the Emperors as Gods, but rather as all mighty powerful leaders that ensure the continuity and stability of the Empire. By profesing its respects, they worship the Emperor as a state figure or representation of the state itself. People don't pray to the emperor as a deity but rather as a form for the universe to guide the emperor and give him power and wisdom in his decisions while commanding the nation. Rather than a cult to the Emperor himself as a deity, is a cult to the nation, represented in the figure of emperors a direct personification of it.

Imperials think that by worshipping the past emperors, they can guide the current one to success and not intervene in a negative way towards bad decisions. This a syncretism taken by the influences of the Aldorian Ancestors Religion, that became widespread in the Empire in the next millennia

The Cult of the Emperors, gave birth later on to the Cult of the Eternal Flame. This worship was also a cult to the Empire as a State. The Center of that cult is based on Planet Hestias

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