The Dagda System (RS 8409-2269-8-5352807-53 in is a triple star system located in the

The orbits of the stars in the Dagda System

Milky Way Galaxy. It contains the red dwarf Dagda and the equal-mass, binary brown dwarfs Egobail and Gardicia. The system spans over 170 astronomical units and contains 8 planets, one with life.

System Overview


Stellar Components

The Dagda System is composed of 1 red dwarf and 2 brown dwarfs. They have very little mass; in total, the entire system has less than 23% the mass of the Sun.



The primary star, Dagda is an M0V-Class red dwarf orbiting 0.696 AU from the system's barycenter. It has a small asteroid field located near the dwarf planets Sadah and Mikko. This belt stretches from 0.07 to 0.29 AU. Dagda has 6 planets. There are 2 L-Classes, one D-Class, one N-Class, one J-Class, and one T-Class. The planetary system spans a total 1.55 AU across.

Dagda has a temperature of 3576.9*C, a radius 56% that of Sol, and 42% the Sun's mass. It also has a gravitational pull 37.1 times that of Earth.

Egobail and Gardicia

Egobail and Gardicia, with Aine in the background

These brown dwarfs are both L-Classes. Egobail, the primary member, is an L6V dwarf with an average temperature of 1407*C. Its diameter is 0.064% that of Sol, and its mass is about 43 times that of Jupiter. Gardicia, on the other hand, is and L8V dwarf with a temperature of 1287*C.



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