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"The powerhouse of the Jul-kapa system, it is not only the most populated world but the center of operations and military within the Warlike-factions. This warm and wet jungle world, as I would call it, is the center of the economy in the system alongside Nuon, and one of the worlds that form the Triumvirate" - High Priestess, Annik Marrash

Dakinti is a world, located in the Jul-kapa system, in the Lewis Galaxy and thus in Herschel Space. It's one of the three main powers that make the Triumvirate, the local government that rules the Jul-kapa system. Dakinti was the most populated world and the second oldest within the system.

Dakinti shared the system with the planet Nuon. The planet had to naturally be readjusted to substain human life through a terrashaping proccess. It wasnt long until it was completed and the planet settled by colonists from the nearby Zeurel System

It is heavily based on industry, manufacturing, shipbuilding, military, entertainment, energy and services. Most of the armed forces and the military academy of Jul-kapa are located here. The total population of this world amounts to 33 billion inhabitants.


The Planet has a selvatic and jungle ecosystem. Icecaps are non-existent and oceans are small. However, humidity is pretty intense in the planet and leds to parts of it to have heavy rains. It has 4 continent: Holka, Medren, Filras and Tuxedra.

  • Medren

A continent so vast that takes over 57% of the land in the planet. It has vast extensions of land covered by jungles and dense forests covered in lakes and large rivers. The fauna is exotic to humans and most of the population lives in concentrated cities along the cost or inland, connected through high speed trains. The continent is home to the Medrenian Kau Order, survivors trained in the ways of exploration, hunting, spionage, guerrilla and assasination.

It is known for its four main big cities: Bralda, the biggest city in the continent, it is located in the northeastern coast in a very strategic location, Vinxa, the largest city in the inland jungles, and the seat of the Medren order, Lugauda, a city located in the southwestern coast and Erulamir, capital city of the planet and thus the seat of the Dakinti Council, located in the western regions. The economy of the city is based on pharmaceuticals, machinery, services, wood production, metal manufacturing, administration, small scale agriculture and trade.

  • Holka

The second largest continent, it is divided into a plateau of large trees and plains with small amounts of vegetagion and another area of jungles and dense rain. This divide comes from the Leroponis Mountains which break the continent it two parts, one gathers all the moisture and precipitates on one side of the continent, building up large jungles and forest, deeper than those found in Medren. The other area gets cut from the rains and moisture by the mountains and thus most of the rain comes from the other coast which leaves a less forested area, with room for open prairies.

Here, the Eudenian Fulka trees grow strongand far taller than back home due to their abilities to grow taller to gather moistures from the mist and the rains and the rich soil where they grow (which has its minerals not eroded by rain or eaten by large amounts of dense plant life). The main cities are Hagren and Minsara. Some of the cities lie within the large Eudenian Fulka Trees and are a famous attraction for many to see.

  • Filras

A continent of large penninsulas, it has several nice bays and local coast islands. Most of the inland is covered in high lands and hanging flora, covered in mists. The bay however, or the lowlands of Filras are known for its large fisheries and cities based on high-tech production and shipbuilding. The main cities are Kesaura and Tondimir.

  • Tuxedra

Eudenian Fulka trees

This region is well forested but Tuxedra is famous for its lakes and large rivers, who have created several marsh lands. The area is considered beautiful and it's fauna is not as dangerous as in other parts. This has made the cities here grow into large local financial centers. Shipbuilding, space technologies, entertainment industries and to a lesser extend, tourism, are very important economic sectors in the region. The main cities are Ixaya and Tebrun.


The planet was colonized in 35 510 CE, by settlers from the Zeurel System, most notably from Neldum, Euden and Arkon. But prior to that, exploration of the system was carried away with probes followed soon by tripulated mission. The potential of the planet was seen as it gather an atmosphere and had plant life, probably the system had been seeded with life from Nuon as it was later found. Differently as it was with Etul, which was almost entirely terrafomed, Dakinti had already based life but it's atmosphere did not suit humanity needs so the planet was readapted to suit humans and the local fauna and flora as much as it was posible.

  • Terraforming technology was already advance in the 35 000s CE, so it did not take too long for it to be ready and soon settler could arrive to Dakinti and shape it. Dakinti, as much of the rest of the system participated on the wars against the Tryn for control of the Kapa system, helping and allying themselves with Nuon and Etul to form the Triumvirate that will become the local government in the system. This conflicts led to Dakintians to associate themselves with the Warlike Factions. During the War of the Factions, about half of the population supported more the Nationalist than the conquerors and this in itself led to some tensions within the system. Attacks from other factions took place in the system, thus affecting the world notably.

In the years prior to the Imperial-Unionist War, the planet flourish and lived a small golden age in the system of economic prosperity. However, this happinness did not last long and the Imperial forces attacked the planet bombing several important locations. The Imperial forces also disembarked on Dakinti but were defeated in the battle of Yunesa. However, about 400 000 people were forcefully deported to the empire or removed from the parasite.

The Medrenian Kau Order

Dakinti is the homeworld of the Medrenian Kau order, a set of warriors, trained in the ways of survival, hunting, exploration, spionage, dexter and silent moving, guerrilla and assasination. They have high dexterity and reflexes and are trained in the jungles of Medren to survive and find their ways out in the vast wilderness and danger of the jungles of the continent of Medren.

Originally they were used to save lost people in the jungle, to help them cross the vastity of the jungles into smaller settlements who could only be reach by foot or in small vehicules... and thus posed a heavy threat on the travelers. But apart from the protection the order began to evolve, most notably due to external wars. Like the one with the Empire or the one with the Tryn. During the War of the Factions, Kau were used to kill members of the enemy, to infiltrate their security quite notably and kill them in their sleep.