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"Danruiphus has been in war all this time?! You're telling me that could have shot my Kivosian Friend and not go to jail?!" -Danruiphi Soldier, 93,978 CE


Danruiphus, also known as Danrui, K-D-6 and rarely as Kivos 7, due to its orbital position is a cold terrestrial planet located in the Kivos Sector in the Northern regions of the Jewel Cluster in the Eulciar Galaxy. The planet was a colony of the more advanced and industrialized Kivos until 54,000 CE, when the colonial government rebelled against the technocratic Junta of Kivos.

Danruiphus is about 11,945 Kilometers, with its terrain comprising mostly of cold tundras, frozen lakes, crevasses and mountains. This planet, along with Foroth, is known for its ski resorts, and its shipyards, where the Danrui Yards are located. A day last 32 hours, while a year lasts 618 days

Early History

Danrui's history begins when 4 colony ships from the nearby planet of Kivos landed on a valley near the Comcester River in 50,000 CE. By the 20th year of the 50,000s, Danrui, then known as Kivos 7 had a population of 34,500 people, mostly comprising of humans, with Havonian, Streletanian and Chelivian minorities. Danrui Yards was founded in 50,659 CE by the human John Saltz Senior. Comcester City became the Capital City on the 700th Anniversary of Danruiphus's colonization, with the previous capital being literally buried in a freak snowstorm.

Sour Relations with Kivos

During the Kivosian Golden Age, the Junta government of Kivos began to incresingly demand more and more resources from the Danruiphi Colonial Government. By this point, the Danrui people had a vastly different identity from their urban neighbors, being largely underdeveloped and rural, with a large sense of community being present among the inhabitants. The planet was also known (And is still known) for its fast humanitarian response, helping its neighbors when possible, such as helping the twin worlds of Ventis and New Ventis when their system was attacked by an unknown enemy. The increasingly inpatient Kivosians continued to demand more and more resources, resources that could have been used to help another world. The final straw came on 53,978 CE, when a Danrui military ship fired and destroyed a Kivosian consulate ship, with lead to a chain reaction of Kivos declaring war on Danrui, and the start of the Kivos-Danrui "War", which would last for over 40,000 years.

The Kivos-Danruiphus Civil War

The first major attack after the destruction of the consulate ship was done by the Kivosians in 53,979 CE in the Battle of Sector 4, when the Kivos Fleet destroyed multiple Danruiphi Industrial Stations, which were completely unarmed, and lead to over 9,000 civilian deaths. In retaliation, the Danruiphi Navy began sabotaging Kivosian supply lines, but the war at this point was already at a stalemate, when neither side gaining nor losing any territory, and the only battles being small skirmishes between the newly technocratic government of Danrui after an election, and the Junta Kivos.

The War is Forgotten

After nearly 100 years of increasingly smaller engagements and the dismantling of the Junta government and its transition to democracy led to the war being more or less, forgotten. However, a peace treaty was never signed, and the 2 planets were technically still at war, which other nearby systems were cautious off, but any attempts from any outside force to convince the Twin Worlds were in vain, as the Planet's leaders did not know of their ancestors' actions. Both planets were openly trading with each other and had even formed an economic alliance.

The "Peace Treaty"

The "Kivos-Danrui Civil War" would continue for the next 39,000 Years, with a grand total of 500 Kivosian Deaths and 650 Danrui Deaths, a very low number for a war that has supposedly gone on for over 40,000 years, when in actuality the war really lasted for less than 100 years. A peace treaty was signed on Kivos City in 93,978.

Modern Day

Danruiphus continues to maintain positive relations with its neighbors. Its Hospital Ship Fleet and medical advancements rival those of Ingrillies, and continues to assist worlds in need (excluding Northern Alliance Worlds and sympathizers). Skiing is also a popular sport, and along with the Danrui Shipyards, have brought prosperity to the planet.