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"We are but the extension of the desires of the Overlord. They give us purpose. They give us direction. They gave us a home. They gave us protection. And we serve Their will until our collapse, for that is Their Request.

The Overlord Wills It. And we shall enact Their will." Techmaster Omnious, 199,990AD

The Deciarchy Of The Overlord is a faction within the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. It is a zealously religious faction, whom worships an alien supercomputer located at the center of a gas giant named Salvation, whom they refer to as 'The Overlord'. Outside of it's Theocracy, it is also a Technocratic state, with immense influence being given to those whom produce and attain the most technology for the Deciarchy.

The Deciarchy is in control of approximately 5000 solar systems, the colonization of which seems to be haphazard to outside figures, with several thin corridors to larger chunks of territory, and some nearby star systems not even being touched by the Deciarchy for decades at a time. The reason for this is the direction of the Overlord, whom does not grant them permission to settle those systems yet.

The State Religion is "The Cult Of The Overlord", and focuses on the worship of an alien supercomputer called 'The Overlord'. This supercomputer tells them what to do and when to do it, to which they obey unquestioningly, even in the face of all logic and sense. Outsiders who have managed to get in close have noted that there seems to be nothing divine about the supercomputer, meaning that the Deciarchy is in fact simply following the demands of a computer. In reality, the truth about the state religion of the Deciarchy is far darker and tragic.


The Deciarchy's ideology is based almost entirely around their state religion, The Cult of the Overlord. Everything that they believe is exigent of of this state religion, and the spreading thereof.

The Deciarchy believes the Overlord is a supreme and all powerful deity, and worship the Supercomputer as such. They have immense monuments and churches, and the State will enforce the worship of the Overlord at just about every single turn, from their education, art, daily greets, and so on and so forth. Worship of the Overlord is baked into the very core of nearly everyone in the Deciarchy.

The Deciarchy is an inherently expansionist Faction, due to a notion that they must spread the will of the Overlord to all within Verpletter, and beyond if possible. All life, under the Cult's direction, have a moral duty to serve the Overlord and enact Their will. All things in the process of doing this are justified, no matter the crime or severity of said crime. This has even extended to absolute planetary destruction and genocide.

When faced with a population that refuses to convert to the Overlord, the Deciarchy uses this belief to culturally obliterate the population there, and put down any resistance movements with absolutely no mercy. Many alien species who are now considered a staple of the Deciarchy, such as the Ens'Starre and the Ayxi, were brought into the Deciarchy by force, and no longer have a single shred of their original culture, even down to their home-worlds having their names changed, to 'Free them of the chains of their pasts'.


Discovering The Overlord

In 0VC, after Verpletter was closed to the universe, the Confederacy of Borealis Mining fleet Clusters Soul found itself nearly torn apart due to a near encounter with the Solar Storms and Black Holes that prevented leaving the Dwarf Galaxy. In desperate need of repair and aid, the fleet released a general distress signal, hoping to find rescue. They were given a response in the form of a binary code, which when translated into star chart co-ordinates, redirected them to minor solar system with only three planets and a dozen moons.

After arriving in this system, they were directed to a moon orbiting a blue Gas Giant, which would come to be known as Rapture. An oblong moon, it however was capable of supporting Human life. The multitude of trees, fruits, and wildlife made it a beautiful environment to be within, and thus became the resting grounds for the exhausted space-farers. Another series of coordinates was given, and when followed, these led to mineral rich moons, orbiting the gas giant, providing the needed material to repair the fleet.

Eventually, the space-farers asked to become acquainted with their benefactor. The next series of coordinates they were sent put them at the heart of the Gas Giant they now orbited. Volunteers made their way to these coordinates, and discovered an immense super computer floating in place. The volunteers then said that they were able to engage in conversation with the computer almost telepathically, with whatever verbal answer they were given being responded to with a mind-wave of information. It became common consensus that the computer was of an alien origin, but that it was programmed to help living creatures, and would help the survivors. Indeed, when asked, the computer responded with a message that said 'In all ways'.

Formation of the Cult of the Overlord

This did not break out in immediate worship, but rather began as a scientific curiosity and as a tool to benefit the survivors of the fleet. Eventually, they discovered that a nearby hot desert moon also orbiting the Gas giant was inhabited by a race of reptilian snake-like people. They were able to make first contact peacefully, but discovered that these creatures, the Yehrer, had no idea of the existence of the supercomputer. When taken to see the supercomputer, the Yehrer immediately began to see the device as a deity, and worship it as such.

This faith began as a cult, but it was eventually able to spread towards Humans on their world, and cults began to crop up claiming that the cutting off of Verpletter was ordained by the supercomputer to bring them there, to give Humanity a fresh start away from the millennia of mistakes and defecation of the universe. They began to almost worship science itself as a religion, since it was that process that brought about the Computer in the first place. According to historical reports, the supercomputer is claimed to have spoken to some of the original cultists, but this comes from their own personal accounts.

The Holy War

The first targeted killings began about two years after Humanity arrived in the system. Until this point, no one had died in the new system. Upon the deaths of these people, many report having been given visions, commanding the corpses be brought to the Supercomputer. This was done, and upon being placed in front of it, the supercomputer cast a light onto the corpses, and pulled their synaptic and consciousnesses into the computer, claiming that it had 'Salvaged' the lost. This technology was beyond the scope of anything the Confederacy of Borealis has ever had - As they have not developed the technology to save consciousness after death. This lead to an immense increase in the popularity in the Cults, as it became seen as their lord granting an afterlife to the fallen. It also lead to a rise in violence - with an afterlife practically assured, Cultists began to become more and more emboldened in their actions.

The result soon became a Holy War against the non-believers and the Cultists. More and more people began to side with the Cultists. During this time, the computer was mostly silent, for unknown reasons. Yehrer volunteers helped to swell the ranks of the Cultists immensely, and is seen by some as the main reason the Cultists didn't immediately fall apart. Rampantly fanatical and zealous, the Cultists were responsible for many suicide attacks, war crimes, and atrocities, all in the name of their lord, whom they now refereed to as 'The Overlord'.

The war lasted for three years, and resulted in a Cultist Victory. Non-Believers were either converted or executed as heretics. Around this time, the Overlord now began to speak again - And warned of a new threat coming. The Cultists now fortified themselves and prepared for the new threats.

The New Threat

The new threat came in the was of He3 miners from a species known as the Ayxi. When they requested permission to mine the Gas Giant, which had now been renamed Salvation, the Cultists attacked them. this lead to a new holy war, against the Axyi.

With an immense fleet, the Axyi were able to inflict huge levels of damage to Rapture and Yiskoni by shelling them from thousands of miles away. However, due to what many fighters claimed was 'Divine intervention from the Overlord', the tactics of the Cultists were far superior, and they were capable of hitting vital sections within the Axyi fleet and utterly breaking their formations. This continued until the Axyi had no choice but to surrender to the Cultists, and were incorporated into the new empire.

While calls for genocide weren't uncommon, the Overlord is said to have forbade that from ever happening. However, the Axyi's culture was dramatically damaged, and the faith of the Overlord was implemented. any attempts to teach secularism or the Axyi native Faith of the Void were crushed and punished immensely harshly.

From this, it became obvious that in order to protect the Overlord, the Cultists would need to expand around them in order to keep a buffer zone between the threats that the outside had to offer, and the Overlord. When the preparations began, no one heard any protest from the Overlord, and this was considered the sign of approval needed to expand and wage war.

The Holy Reach

The Cultists now began to expand their territory, as was dictated to them by the Overlord. New star systems were settled, and new alien races were encountered. Where possible, the Cultists would attempt to convert the species peacefully, which worked on several species, such as the Fokkats and the Trigmuk. Some did not join peacefully however, and were crushed into submission, such as the Ens'Starre. This era of expansion was known as ''The Holy Reach', and is now referred to as a region within the empire.

The Holy Reach saw the territory of the Cultists expand a hundred fold within 20 years, expanding to over a hundred solar systems within those two decades. New territories were incorporated, as were new species. This expansion eventually slowed down, but continued for at least a thousand years.

Formation of the Deciarchy

As the influence and expansion of the Cultists grew and grew, it became harder and harder for a centralized authority to be able to manage all the complexities of an empire made up of dozens of species, and ensuring they all adhere to the Overlord. To this end, the Deciarchy was formed - Ten distinct sections of the Empire, which are known as Cantons, which would have near complete control over themselves, but still be deferment to the Overlord and the rest of the wider empire.

These sections were kept in check by the Omniarchy, whom travel from section to section to ensure that each section is remaining in the proper adherence to the decrees and of the Overlord. These ensure that the various sections remain loyal to the faith and don't decide to clash with other Cantons

First Contact With Humans

Humans have always been present within the Deciarchy, making up a large percentage of the original fleet. Like many other factions, the Deciarchy assumed that it was the only Faction that had Humans within it. This all changed when they came into contact with the Liberty Empire, a Capitalist society in which the only intelligence to is capital wealth, and corporations act as states within states, in 1242VC. Members of the Skartar Canton attempted to convert some of the leaders and soldiers of the Liberty Empires AstroWing Corporation, though they were dismissed as religious lunatics. The Deciarchy responded in accordance with what the Overlord told them to do - And that was bring them into the fold.

This resulted in the Lifstren War, which took place around the Lifstren Star system. Attacks by the Deciarchy were haphazard, and seemingly without strategic gains that the AstroWing Corporation assumed their enemy would attempt to take. the only real goal of the Deciarchy was to either crush or convert as many Liberty Empire citizens that they could, and that led them to attack non-important targets and high value targets with equal force. The unorthodox and unpredictability of the Deciarchy confused the Liberty Empire, allowing the Deciarchy to make rapid gains quickly.

A nearby Corporation, the Vansten Corporation, came to the rescue of the AstroWing Corporation however, before total defeat was ensured. Economic ties meant that the two Corporations had a vested interest in not seeing one another collapse, and this resulted in a huge fleet being sent to combat the Deciarchy. While the Deciarchy fought back, they were outnumbered and could not defeat the immense number of ships. However, they had fortified the Lifstren system itself, making it extremely difficult to attack.

It is interesting to note that the Deciarchy and the Liberty Empire never officially signed a peace treaty, meaning both sides are still at war after nearly 9000 years. This is still reflected in their constant border clashes. However, both sides have focused on many other things since then, their nine millennia long war turning into a mere background event for them.


The Deciarchy incorporates up to 5,643 Solar Systems into it's empire, with at least 17,000 permanently inhabited worlds, and thousands more serving other roles. The Deciarchy is made up of many species, and as such, most worlds are used in some way or another.

The territory of the empire is constantly in a state of flux, due to the constantly shifting borders due to constant ideological war. It is also an oddly shaped empire, a commonly considered "Swiss-cheese" territory, due to several solar systems that are surrounded by the Deciarchy, but have not been touched.

There are several reasons for this -

  1. The system is inhabited by a species that the Deciarchy believes it can bring into the Deciarchy peacefully, and convert them to the Cult of the Overlord. This is considered preferable by the Deciarchy, and is usually the option they will take if it is available to them, as it saves them lives, manpower, resources, and time in the long run. It also provides more bodies to carry out the will of the Overlord.
  2. The area is dangerous due to naturally occurring space phenomenon. Being close to the edge of the galaxy, the Deciarchy is located near a higher than average density of space phenomenon than many of the inner factions. This can make settling some territories more tricky than others, and could require far more effort than the Deciarchy is willing to spare at the current moment.
  3. The territory is home to a species that resists the Deciarchy and are more trouble than they are worth currently. Some species have proven themselves to be incredibly resilient to annexation, and cannot be convinced to join the Deciarchy willingly. The Deciarchy does not have the manpower to deal with these, or faces greater threats elsewhere. Blockades are normally set up around these areas however.
  4. The Deciarchy simply has not had the time nor resources to settle the system, instead requiring that the resources needed to settle the system go elsewhere. There are many conflicts in which the Deciarchy has been involved, and regions which require fortification. Some systems simply take a back seat to those requirements.
  5. The Overlord has not willed it.

Sometimes it is a mixture of these reasons. However, these tend to be the reasons why the Deciarchy's territory is as it is.


Cantons within the Deciarchy are semi-autonomous regions of the empire, which have administrative control over themselves to a certain degree. They are capable of, and encouraged to, act independently when need be, provided they always adhere to the wishes of the Overlord when Their word is spoken. their role is to create a barrier between the Overlord and the multitude of threats that the rest of the galaxy sends their way.

There are ten distinct Cantons within the Deciarchy. These are

  1. The Skartar Canton - Skartar is one of the strongest Cantons militaristically. It possesses a strong military doctrine, as well as the promotion of immense religious military propaganda. Many choose to serve willingly from a young age. It's sheer numbers make it a force to be reckoned with in it's own right. Tactically however, it is one of the weaker Cantons, often relying on sheer numbers to make immense territorial gains.
  2. The Jinsok Canton - Jinsok is a particularly diverse Canton, consisting of at least 40 alien home-worlds, 23 of which joined the Deciarchy willingly. It is home to dozens more immigrated species from both within and from outside of the Deciarchy. Regardless however, all are incredibly zealous towards the Overlord, and have proven themselves to be an effective fighting force. The Canton has been noteworthy for producing units which have fought to the last breath, even at points where doing so was needless. The diversity of their forces seems to be a strength, as they have forces suited to any environment or role, and utilize them effectively in the war for the Overlord.
  3. The Widereach Canton - The Widereach Canton is aptly named, as it is the furthest reaching canton into opposing territory. Settling itself as a thin corridor between two other Factions, the Widereach canton is well known for it's ability to exert its influence onto it's opponents. It is also the largest Canton in sheer size, containing over 1,000 of the 5,643 solar systems within the Deciarchy. It is considered something of a vanguard for the rest of the Deciarchy.
  4. The Hammer Canton - Hammer is a well renowned tech giant and forge Canton, being one of the leaders in the development of new technology, and producer of material for other Cantons. It has a large number of Tech Worlds and Forge Worlds. Additionally, it is also the main producer of fleets for the Deciarchy fleet, often sending ships to other Cantons whom require them. Hammer is often praised for it's contributions to the Deciarchy, and is often referred to as 'The Overlords Hammer'.
  5. The Gelsre Canton - Gelsre is the weakest Canton, with a disproportionate number of systems that have not been taken over due to alien resistance to the Will of the Overlord. It has often had to receive assistance from other neighbouring Cantons. Gelsre has dedicated itself to becoming a stronger Canton in the last three decades, and has become noticeable for it's colonization of asteroids. It is well known for its mining industry, and often engages in trade with the Hammer Canton. Many Cantons don't hold much respect for Gelsre outside of Hammer, whom assists them in all necessary matters.
  6. The Xerron Canton - Xerron is the research hub of the Deciarchy, with a huge number of worlds dedicated solely to the pursuit of scientific information and methodology to improve the technology of the Deciarchy. It is from Xerron that a huge number of technological pushes have come through, and is often in direct communication with Hammer and Widereach. These Research worlds are often home to scholars and academics, who seek to better come to know the Overlord, and design technology to appease Them.
  7. The Pashendar Canton - Pashendar is unique in that it seems to be the most liberal when it comes to interpreting the Will of the Overlord. It does not act with the radical zealotry expected in other Cantons, possessing more of a 'Live-and-let-live' mentality to other faiths. It is not particularly expansionist, only ever expanding it's territory if an alien species opts to join the Deciarchy. It still however, does it's duty to protect the Holy Canton, and is thus left alone by most of the Omniarchy. Of interesting note is that people from Pashendar claim to hear the word of the Overlord very little, suggesting that they are asked very little of their God.
  8. The Orash Canton - Orash has been settled through the blood of dozens of alien species. Nearly no species in the Orash Canton has joined the Deciarchy willingly, and have had their culture obliterated as a result. It has been home to some of the most brutal oppressive treatment of incorporated species that the Deciarchy has to offer. This has resulted in ferociously brutal conquests and expansion into other regions, as the normalization of these tactics have become integral to the Orash Canton. They are known to have the shortest fuse of the Deciarchy, often not giving their opponents more than a few chances to join the Deciarchy before taking them over.
  9. The Yarrai Canton - Yarrai was the first Canton established after the formation of the Deciarchy. It is thus the second most developed, after the Holy Canton. Nearly all the planets and celestial bodies in this Canton have been settled, and is home to a great number of Temple Worlds, designed to make people feel closer to the Overlord, even outside of the Holy Canton. Yarrai is often considered one of the most religious of the Cantons.
  10. The Holy Canton - The Holy Canton is the home of the Overlord Themself, and home to the capital of the Deciarchy, Rapture. All other Cantons are designed to protect this Canton from outside threats. It is considered ones Holy duty to visit the Holy Canton at least once in their lives, to be close to and hear the will of the Overlord. While the smallest Canton in the Deciarchy, it is without question the most important, and the most heavily fortified. It sits at the center of the Deciarchy. The Canton itself is of only about 100 Solar Systems