Deiona is a warm D-class planet in the Aya system.


Deiona is the third planet from Aya, orbiting around it every 144 days. Temperatures range up to 99.459 °C on this world and its atmosphere is 94.7% Carbon Dioxide and 4.81% Oxygen along with trace amounts of H2O an other gases. A Shevin could breathe unassisted here however the blazing hot temperature would kill an individual in seconds.

It was named after Deiona, the Shevin goddess of fertility.


Most life on Deiona is plant based and is photosynthetic due to lack of water. Vast mossy forests and fields of moss-like plants known as Olnesh, cover the surface, along with more arid regions.

Two E-civs, the Urqels and the Qods, also inhabit the planet.

Notable lifeforms:

Olnesh: A moss like plant that is essentially Deiona's equivalent of grass. Olnesh can be found all over the planet, from the forests to the mountains and is the most common food source for creatures on Deiona aside from photosynthesis. Olnesh reproduces by spreading airborne seeds.

Urqels: Tall slow moving plant-like humanoids that live in small tribes in the Olnesh fields. Urqels usually feed on a common species of small herbivores that subsist on Olnesh, making them easy prey for the Urqels.

Qods: These creatures seem like a strange combination of an insect and a plant, having the qualities of both. Qods are quadruple, have two insect-like wings on their backs, and have two eyes. They feed on Olnesh or any other plant they come across. When sleeping, they have the ability to root their legs to the ground and become completely stationary so they can blend in with their environment.

Vorgoths: Slow-moving behemoths, around 500 feet high, that slowly walk across the Olnesh fields. They have two retractable eye stalks and a thin shell on their backs. The most weirdest feature about them is the mouths they have on their feet which they use to eat up Olnesh with each walk they take wondering the plains.


The Shevins have explored and researched much of Deiona with the use of small unmanned landers, robotic rovers and orbital satellites, having discovered many species. No colonies have been built on Deiona as the Shevins council has decided that it is better if the native life is left alone. However, research is still conducted as long as it doesn't interfere with the local lifeforms.

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