Delyatu (Also called Sheol's Caretaker or Mikaos) is a sapient entity originating from somewhere outside of the normal, three dimensional universe. The extent of its power is unknown, however, what is known is that it possesses great and varying abilities. Currently, it seems to be attempting to enter this universe from wherever it originated. The site of entry is near to the center of the Sheol Galaxy. It possesses the ability to warp space, rearrange matter, influence sapient beings, create wormholes at will, and to create spacecraft from materials anywhere within Sheol.

Authorities within the Confederacy of Borealis decided to station a large number of Magi, soldiers capable of using Psychokinesis, within the Sheol Galaxy in case Delyatu finishes its entry into the universe. Other polities such as the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony and Fusion of Crowns have done the same.


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