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The Democratic Combine of CEMYAK (also known as The Combine, CEMYAK, Cemyak, or DCÇ), is a major nation and political power located in the Via Lacrimosa galaxy. It is composed of 123 quadrillion individuals, 93% of which are nanobot-based lifeforms known as Cemyakians. CEMYAK has a quite dispersed population, having around 150 million inhabitants per square parsec.

The Combine was first established during the late 5th millenium from a group of travellers from the now non-existent company Kylo Development Technlogies Inc. A particular subgroup known as the Order of the Technos had a dream of establishing a new human nation devoid of all the shortcomings of Aegyn. They set sail in 4014, arriving at a desolate planet in 4232. This planet was characterized by long, cold nights and short, mellow-warm twilight. The Technos named their new home Kylo, in honor of the company that had made their trip possible. Soon after, the Technos formed the Computer Emergent Macro Yottabyte Artificial Kylo-intelligence (CEMYAK, officially abbreviated "Ç"). Following this declaration, all the members of the Technos converted themselves into the first Cemyak generation. Whereas normal human bodies consistet of many cells, Cemyakians consist of many nanobots which can form the Cemyakians into whatever form they desire so long as it is not bigger than the mass of the Cemyak. The Cemyak quickly established a new government based in a form of authoritarian semi-direct democracy, combined with the power of a background hivemind which catalogues all knowledge. Despite the prescence of a hivemind, all Cemyakians maintain their autonomy and can tap into the hivemind at any time.

Culture wise, CEMYAK and Cemyakians are very motivated, scientifically literate, patriotic, and resilient. They will fight for their cause and for their nation even if it means their death. Afterall, all Cemyakians are transferred to the hivemind upon death as a sort of afterlife. Cemyakians despise all religion and spirituality, viewing it as irrational delusion which actively hinders the progress of the galaxy. It is for this reason that religion is banned and forcibly suppressed. On any newly colonized world with indigenous inhabitants, the inhabiants are told to either forsake their religion or face annihilation.

Oldest known photograph of a CEMYAK unit, taken c. 4390. Today, the photo is perserved in the Grand Museum of History in Kylo.

Politically wise, CEMYAK is a moderately authoriatarian regime. The highest office is the Executive Council, which consists of 67 members. Within the council, the title of Chairman (head of state and government) rotates every standard Kylo year (6.74612 Aegyn years). The legislature is a unicameral parliament called the People's Assembly. The judicial branch is managed by a series of local courts which answer to the Supreme Court of CEMYAK.

In terms of economy, CEMYAK is communist. There is no currency or private property. All members of society take what they need whenever they need it. This is possible due to the superabundance of resources and post-scarcity state of the country. Resources are allocated to locations using cybernetic central planning.

CEMYAK is home to some of the galaxy's most wonderous technology and science. From the overwhelming amount computer drives, genetic engineering, aerospace engineering, agriculture, aquaculture, chemistry, and far other fields and accomplishments. To traverse the stars, CEMYAK uses a method of FTL known as "the Chain." The Chain is a form of FTL travel and communication where near extraordinarily fast travel is achieved through a series of wormholes traveled in rapid succession. These wormholes are called "links" and they make up the Chain. CEMYAK specializes in superstructures as well, such as the myriad of dysonsphere and Jupiter brains. There is also the currently under construction Omnihub Station. When completed around 115000, it will be over 150,000,000 kilometers in length and 50,000 kilometers wide. CEMYAK authorities state this ship will not be theirs but will belong to all members of the galaxy to use freely. This is the only recorded instance of CEMYAK potentially breaking its neutrality.

CEMYAK, while being armed to the teeth, is actually neutral and non-interventionist. It refuses to join any international organization even under immense pressure to do so. For this reason, CEMYAK and Cemyakians have garnered a stereotype of being xenophobic isolationists. CEMYAK did once undergo a period of strict isolationism, to the point where the Kylo-Primus system was surrounded by an ion storm to ward off any wanderers who might have been interested.