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Destroyers are warships designed to hunt down other ships using their superior speed and powerful long-range weaponry. They usually hang behind the frontlines as their armor is usually light in order to capitalize on their speed. Despite this, they are capable of threatening even the largest ships with their weaponry.


Destroyers are relatively small, lightly-armored ships, similar in many ways to corvettes. However, despite the similarities, the two ship types each have their own role. For destroyers, that role is taking out enemy warships from a distance.

A destroyer's armament is typically focused on long-range weaponry. This could range from torpedoes, drone swarms, or various forms of spinal-mounted weaponry. These weapons are usually quite powerful, enough to either instantly destroy smaller vessels or tear enormous holes in larger ones. However, they are often not suitable for close-range usage.

While a single destroyer is capable of achieving immense destruction on its own, they are even deadlier when flying in groups. Destroyer units are capable of annihilating even the biggest targets before the enemy even knows they are there.

Notable Examples