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The Dimensional Wormhole Network is a highly advanced and extensive network in the Palioxis Starfield, that consists of hundreds of thousands of wormhole gates. Together, all of these wormhole gates connect every populated star system within the Anthrovian Cosmos. The Dimensional Wormhole Network began as a project to transport citizens between the major planets and moons, but has since evolved to become the core of trade, politics, transit, and warfare in the Human nations.

Each properly populated star system within the Anthrovian Cosmos possesses a singular wormhole gate for the nearest systems. There exist five major hubs for the Dimensional Wormhole Network. The Central Dimensional Hub contains wormhole gates to the thousand most populated systems within the Anthrovian Cosmos, all in a singular centralized megastructure.


The Dimensional Wormhole Network is completely free to use for the general populace. This is accomplished by allocating a percentage of tax revenue to the upkeep of the Wormhole Network. Large-scale commercial customers, such as conglomerates or other governments, are charged usage fees to help power the Dimensional Wormhole Network.

All of this usage is overseen by a special department of the Dimanthrovian Council. Every vessel that travels via the Dimensional Wormhole Network is logged in the council's centralized database. This is to prevent people on the wanted list from approaching inhabited areas or to track them down.


Ever since it's construction over a thousand years ago, the Dimensional Wormhole Network would be such an important and integral asset, that the entire Human civilization within the Palioxis Starfield would be entirely dependent on it. If it were to be obliterated, the Palioxis Starfield's Human civilization would soon succumb the course of death and war. In the case of such a disastrous event, only fully self-sufficient worlds would remain the same as before.

Because many of the Palioxis Starfield's populated worlds are completely reliant on goods and resources imported from manufacturing worlds, many worlds may face global wars if no imports were made. Many worlds rely on tourism for profit, and without the Dimensional Wormhole Network, tourism and revenue would be negligible.