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Basic Scheme of the Drakori Arm

The Drakori Arm is one of the five massive galactic arms currently conforming the Lewis Galaxy, one of the galaxies of Herschel Space. The Arm is located in between the Horos Arm on the inner part of the galaxy and the Fokea Arm on the outer part of the galaxy although the innermost part of the arm also touches the Miaris and Nephos Arms. It expands, and makes part of the territory, of several Nations; including the Intergalactic Federation, the United Alliance, the Union, the Empire of Mankind, the Plutocracy of Gish and the Noraki State.

It is home to somewhere around 250 billion stars, with most of them concentrated in the origin of the Arm while slowly decreasing it's density and the number of stars to become just a mist by the end of it's lenght on the outer part of the Galaxy. It covers all of the four galactic quadrants. Its estimated population is unknown but must be in the order of 5 sextilions or more.

The trajectory of the Galactic Arm through the sectors goes as follow: From it's birth in the Inner Quadrant of Rudara (in Imperial Territory), it follows through the Inner Okaia Quadrant, the Inner Yedra Quadrant, the Inner Tirso Quadrant and then back into the Rudara Quadrant transitioning this time to the Outer Rudara Quadrant ending this time on the Outer parts of the Okaia Quadrant .

Regions or Segments

From the Core outwards

Kyaneus Drakori Arm

It is the origin of the arm and the most dense part of the arm, crowded with stars. About half of the stars in this arm are located in this segment. It is the closest of the arms to the core and holds the largest amount of stars in the Galaxy. It starts in Imperial Territory and ends up in Unionist Territory going through some of the most populated areas of the Intergalactic Federation and the United Alliance territories.

Mervele Drakori Arm

This segment holds most of the middle regions of the arm as a whole. It goes all the way through Union territory from it's border with the United Alliance to the border with the Empire. This part of the Arm is less densely concentrated on stars and is the last properly dense territory of the union where most of their most important and most populated of the outer colonies of this nation are located. It leads to the even less dense Mukavi subregion of the Fokea Arm to the Union's most sparsely populated worlds and frontier worlds.

Nisu Drakori Arm

Its the outermost area of the Drakori Arm. It passes through the Empire territory and ends up in the Plutocracy and the Noraki State. The later two are fully located within this segment.

Places that can be found in this Segment are:

Nations within this Arm

The Empire of Mankind

It is present in this arm twice. First in the it's birth alonside the core, passing through the inner Okaia Quadrant, and then again when the Arm reaches back inside the Empire through the Outer Rudara and Okaia Quadrants, through the Nisu Drakori Arm Segment. In fact the Drakori Arm makes the innermost place of Lewis for the Empire and at the same time it covers the Outermost frontier Regions of the Empire as well. In fact about a third of the Empire in the Lewis Galaxy is located in this Arm (although its the least populated of it's regions, because its the least dense in star systems).

The Intergalactic Federation

The Drakori Arm passed right next to the main section of the Intergalactic Federation, in fact adjacent to the Akai Nebula. It is the most densely region in star systems of the Intergalactic Federation and the second most populated section of the Federation in the Lewis Galaxy. Some of the most important Federal planets are located here as well as being home to numerous associated Xeno races, that have joined the Federation. Most of the Arm in the Yeda Quadrant is inside Federal territory

The United Alliance

It covers most of last Kynaeus Segment before it joins the Mervele Segment. It is a highly dense and populated area but less so than the Intergalactic Federation's Kynaeus Segment. The United Alliance has many of it's keys and historical worlds located in this region.

The Union

About most of the middle section of the Union's territory within the Galaxy is located in the Drakori Arm. It is however, one of the least populated within the nation's presence in the Galaxy. Still, it is much more so that the Fokea Arm section and it's multiple frontier worlds. Many important outer colonies of the Union, crucial to connect Fokea to the Core of the Union are located here.

The Plutocracy of Gish

Located in the Termula Region, this massive region of the Drakori Arm is located in transition between the Outer sections of the Okaia and Rudara Quadrants. Thus most of this arm is home to Plutocracy worlds and systems. Not only of the Plutocracy but also from other associated xeno species of the Termula Region, such as the Wreteren Syndicate and the Umaki worlds.

The Noraki State

The most important Xeno nation in the Galaxy. It is confined to the outermost part of the Galactic Arm covering most of its final stages before touching the void of Outer Space. It is fully located in the Outer Okaia Quadrant.

Historical Elements of the Arm

The history of the Drakori Arm is very different depending on the segment of the Arm. Most of them however have a common history based on the

Important Worlds

  • Eku
  • Gish
  • Duksis
  • Petren
  • Uuma
  • Guboida
  • Vissinax
  • Usen
  • Dertina
  • Polubias
  • Kulkis
  • Noratton
  • Yaasi