Dryan is a swampy and lush world filled with life located in the outskirts of the Paleas Arm of the Flower Galaxy. Dryan is the home planet of the intelligent and widespread sapient reptilian species of Dreians.

Inhabiting Dryan are various arthropodian and reptilian species of fauna hidden among the large trees which make up quite a large part of the terrestrial flora. While exceedingly rare, mammals make up an important part of the ecosystem, as they mostly prey on other creatures whose overpopulation could destroy the fragile ecosystem of the planet. Along with massive species of trees, the terrestrial ecosystem of flora contains many species of cattails, reeds, cordgrass, and other various species in the swampy and marshy landscape. The aquatic ecosystem consists mostly of various species of seaweed and kelp, or rarely primitive hardened coral at warmer seas. Various species of fish and reptiles make up the main part of the upper oceanic ecosystem, with a large amount of arthropodian species burrowing in the seafloor. Many species of fish also live in the deep sea, having a vastly different lifestyle than species near the sealevel.


Being the home world of Dreians, the global population of them is around 1.5 trillion currently, far over what the natural holding capacity is.

The population numbers exclude the inhabitants of orbital habitats and space cities. Most of the population resides in the dense megacities, which reach far into the atmosphere, while the rest live in parts of nature, mostly farming for fun.



Dryan is extremely resource rich, mostly in copper and tin which the Dreians used for constructing technology. Dryan also has uncommon deposits of various radioactive material near the surface, which has given the planet a little bit more radioactivity than usual in some areas.

In the core of Dryan is an anomalous solid material named "Coriuam", which when utilized correctly could be used to destroy entire star systems in mere seconds.


Formation & Early History

An artist concept of what the early Dryan might have looked like

The world of Dryan formed from the planetary accretion disk created from the formation of its parent star of Darvis in around 4,740,000,000 BCE. While formation, Dryan was a burning-hot hellworld uninhabitable to every species. Strikes from meteors used to be fairly common during that time, and it suffered the impact of thousands of meters during a single year.

When a large asteroid struck Dryan, it knocked a large part of it out, forming a ring system which quickly formed the three moons orbiting Dryan today known as Seus, Odeys, and Aries. After that collision, the largest moon of Seus started acting as a protector of Dryan, attracting a few of the major asteroids.

Throughout the early 4,000,000,000 BCEs, many water-rich asteroids slowly cooled down Dryan, and released water vapor into it's atmosphere and form thick clouds which rained the world with water, creating a hot global ocean covering all of Dryan. During the next million or so years, ancient supervolcanoes started to spew out a high amount of material, gradually forming the single massive planet-covering landmass.

Evolution of Life

The thermal vents on which the first lifeforms of Dryan fed on

Around the year of 3,800,000,00 BCE, microscopic live started to evolve in all of the deep water of Dryan, feeding off of the hydrothermal vents. The life would slowly begin to replicate itself and evolve into more complex multicellular organisms. Complex life would continue to evolve into even more forms of complex lifeforms like fish, which would become the main part of the aquatic ecosystem.

Many early plants like seaweed, kelp, or primitive corals started to evolve in the oceans after the fish, giving rise to the lush aquatic ecosystems that exist on Dryan today. After some time, the plant-life started to grow on land, creating the many swampy and marshy areas on Dryan that still exist to this day. Many species of plants have grown bigger than others, due to the heavy amount of nutrients and water in the soil.

Members of one of the first amphibian families of Dryan

Many species of fauna began to inhabit the lands of Dryan in around 32,000,000 BCE. The most prevalent types of fauna were reptilian or arthropodian. Many species split off from the reptiles, gradually evolving into many species of Amphibians. In around 27,000,000 BCE proto-avians started to evolve from the reptiles, and in a few million years many mammalian species started to slowly evolve, however most of them went extinct. Many early-mammalian species went extinct quickly, however around five families of mammals survived, being the direct ancestors of the mammals roaming the lands of Dryan.

Throughout even more millions of years, certain primate reptilian species began to evolve to walk upright, eventually becoming completely bipedal in 4,000,000 BCE. Along with the new posture, select primate reptilian species began to evolve larger brains, causing them to remember key things about their environment, as well as the manipulation of simple tools by 3,000,000 BCE, and the manipulation of fire in 1,500,000 BCE. And by 200,000 BCE, they learned the first forms of language, causing the evolution of what we would come to know as the intelligent species: "Dreians".

Early Dreian History

Dreians started to spread themselves across the entire planet, with them inhabiting most of the planet by the year of 25,000 BCE. Dreians started forming tribes, each with different technology, laws, and sizes of land. Some Dreian groups would learn how to plant massive amounts of farmland, allowing for great amounts of food for their respective populace. While others learned how to tame other fauna of their home planet, to allow them to travel the land much quicker then they would have been able to do otherwise.

New Dreian Civilization

An ancient temple dedicated to honoring Seus

Many civilizations formed, with the most prominent and technologically advanced being Aldean civilization, located in the southwestern part of Dryan. They built massive pyramid-like structures deep in the swamps honoring Seus, which by the Aldean Religion was the single individual who gave birth to existence. The Seus Pyramids also had other uses, such as housing, or burial places for rich Dreians who believed that when buried in a Seus Pyramid they would join him in eternally ruling over the universe. After a while in the year of 5,258 CE, the Aldean civilization took complete control over the planet, with thousands of massive cities built all across the landspace of Dryan.

Dreian Technology Rise Era

During the year of 7,500 CE Dreians have gained a new perspective on the universe, having advanced knowledge on physics and the inner-workings of the entire reality. Dreians then abandoned the Aldean Religion when they realized it violated the fundamental laws of astrophysics.

Dreians started utilizing steam-based technology for vehicles in the early 8000 CE's, which were only able to move on special railroads connecting all of the major cities of Dryan. Soon followed the invention of motor vehicles which allowed for much more versatility, on the cost of having to built an extremely high amount of roads for the vehicles, which was gradually done is around a hundred years.

Many Dreians started working together to invent Aervals, which were the first aerial vehicles used by Dreians, however only extremely rich individuals used them. More advanced Aervals were invented for public use, and the travel time between two major cities was shortened by many hours, or even days or weeks.

Many factories were built for the production of goods, and cities were modernized to keep up with the ever-changing society of Dreians.

Dreian Space Era

Dreians sent the first object named Voyad into space in the year of 8,257CE , which transmitted them the first ever images of their home planet, which they were fascinated by, and thus started the Dreian Space Age. Soon after, hundreds of more satellites were sent into low-dryan orbit, and the Dreians started evolving faster than ever.

Soon many new technologies were invented, the most prominent of which were what Dreians call Treaions, which were the 'computers' built by Dreians. Soon followed the "Drynel", acting as the global computer network of Dreians. They were followed by small portable computers that could fit in one's hand. Many more world-changing inventions were made like the Global Dryan Positioning System, also known as G.D.P.S, which allowed anyone to view an interactive map of Dryan, which also showed where they are located at the exact moment, or the "Drebane", which acted as the biggest Dreian database of information for everything.

Everything was digitalized, and electrical vehicles were invented, soon followed by hovering vehicles made for public use, which were at the time the fastest way to transportation on the planet, reaching speeds of over 5000 km/h. The first experimental hyperloop constructed achieved the speed of 100km/s, allowing for near instantaneous transport across the entirety of Dryan, and they were made public in the year of 8,316 CE.

Dreians first landed on the closest moon to Dryan, Seus in the year of 8,327 CE, which was considered one of the biggest advancements in the Dreian society. After the first Seus landing, Dreians sent probes to other planets, soon followed by rovers and the discovery of microscopic life in the neighbor planet of Dryan, Surla. After thirty-five years, Dreians landed on Surla, launching from Seus, and discovered that in a specific region it had small invertebrates living in the soil.

Soon the first outposts on Seus were created, followed by self-sustainable cities. Space travel was made public in the year of 8,524, and in only ten years the population of Seus was ten million due to the the increasing availability of space travel for the public.

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