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Dualistic Era is a period in the history of the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space, that expands for over 1 million years, from somewhere around 9 million BCE (8.980.000 BLD) to 8 million BCE (7.980.000 BLD). This period happened right before the S'aka Civilization emerged, and almost a third of what is known about this era is thanks to the records saved by the S'aka while the other two thirds are split into the archeological records and what other civilizations told about this era in their own archeological records.

This era is famoulsy known to have been crucial in the history of the Lewis Galaxy and to have inspire the necesity of the S'aka to ascend and to learn from the mistakes of former civilizations. The Dualistic period is called so because the Galaxy was ruled by two major civilizations in this period, the Snudra and the Livitoi. They seemed to have been engaged in a horrific war that inspired the S'aka to never again repeat such mistake and considered all life and intelligent life as sacred ever since.

The two species were the Snudra and the Livitoi. The Snudra were a sort of laying egg lizard like creatures while the Livitoi were skinny long necked creatures with several limbs. It is not really known other than the Snudra were a rather militaristic beings, ruled as a Stratocracy, while the Livitoi were more of an Oligarchy of scientist and merchants more based on profit and materialism. The Livitoi were more wealthy and technologically advance but the Snudra had a larger military strenght. Both were ruthless and committed large genocides, including the destruction of world in both sides that were inhabitable till the late Vatnu Era or even Irin Era.


  • Primitive Dualistic Period (10 million - 9 million BCE)

Somewhere in the 10 million BCE, the two species arose in their respected native worlds as primitive species. The Livitoi have been suggested to have arose in the world of Tarsus or Avalon while the Snudra might have come from the now largely small world of Paldo due to the importance this world has in S'aka, Snudra and Livitoi records and the inmense amount of Snudra remains and artifacts, as well as S'akas. Apparently Paldo was also a pilgrimage site for many S'aka. The world was unsettled until the Irin Era civilizations arrived to do archeological prospects.

  • Early Dualistic Period (9 million BCE to 8.7 million BCE)

This is a period marked by the emergence of both civilizations, achieving space travel and the ability to get out of their home world; first to their home system and then to nearby worlds and systems, starting a colonization process. The colonization seemed to have extended through 300 000 years all across different sides of the Galaxy. Most of what is currently known as the Drakoni Arm and the Horos Arm was under the Snudra, while the Miaris Arm, the Nephos Arm and some of the Drakoni Arm was under the Livitoi.

  • Middle Dualistic Period (8.7 million BCE - 8.4 million BCE)

This period sees the massive expansion of their homeworld system and nearby ones into more and more stelar systems far between. This period saw an exponential colonization and expansion of both species and their first encounter with foreign species of intelligent life. It seems that not much intelligent life existed in this period and those few encountered were weaker and suffered extermination in the hands of both species or where locked within their home systems in a sort of prison, in a similar way as some Lewisian nations do today. This period ends when both civilizations, the Snudra and the Livitoi came into contact with each other.

  • Late Dualistic Period (8.4 million BCE - 8 million BCE)

It's the last period in which the two civilizations clashed after the initial contact all they way down their mass extinction events. It marks a period of massive war lasting for 400 000 till complete destruction of both species. It is unknown if they survived as regressed species in someworlds but even if they did, they will come to Ascend alongside the S'aka millennia later. This war is called the Big Dualistic Event, by xeno-historians. It cause massive destruction in the Drakori Arm where nations shared a border.