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Duksis is an ecumenopolis moon, orbiting the bright gas giant known as Eplis. The planet is located in the Huglana System, in the Lewis Galaxy, and thus in Herschel Space. It belongs within the Nisu Drakori Arm, a subregion of the larger Drakori Arm. It is part of the so called Termula Region, exactly placed in the Umaki Scattered Systems which unites the Region with the rest of the Galaxy. It is situated on the side of the Umaki Scattered Systems that lies next to the vast emptiness of the outer space of the Universe, being isolated and thus hard to reach for Imperial and Plutocracy authorities. This has made the Outer Umaki Scattered System more dangerous and anarchic than the Inner ones (the ones facing the Mikos Void).

It is a criminal world, largely dominated by the Wreteren Syndicate and acting as its stronghold and capital. Some believe is the home system of origin of the Wreteren, but that is a lie, as their homeworld is the world of Petren.

The ecumenopolis is considered to be one of the most horrific places in Herschel Space to live as the law of the ecumenopolis tends to be based on "the rule of the strongest". Many run aways, refugees, slaves, bounty hunters, assasines and others call Duksis their home.



The planet's origins are surrounded by mystery. It has always been believed by many that Duksis is the homeworld of the Wreteren. However, they are not native to this world but most likely colonized it very early, making Duksis one of their first colonies.

Due to the etymology of the word "Duksis", which is not Wreteren, it is agreed that the world where the ecumenopolis stands today was a colony of the Umaki long time ago. It was however conquered by the ruthless Wreteren. The local Umaki were either expelled, enslaved or killed.

Soon, it became a base of operations. This is caused by the strategic location and control of the second hyperspace lane that passes through the outer parts of the Umaki Scattered Systems connecting Duksis with the rest of the Galaxy, but being easily defendable and difficult to reach by the Empire of Mankind or the Plutocracy, the Wreteren Syndicate's main rivals.

Wreteren arrival

The Wreteren arrived in this world somewhere in between 9 000 CE (11 166 BLD) and 10 000 CE (10 166 BDL). The exact date is unknown. It is believed that Duksis was home to important ancient civilization artifacts that the Wreteren managed to discover and control, getting access to far range travel and even the key to effectively ecumenopolized the world of Duksis. However, the total conversion of it into an ecumenopolis wasnt achieved till much later, somewhere in the year 33 000 CE (12 834 ALD) or 35 000 CE (14 834 ALD).


Most of the population lives their mundane and daily lifes in the fumes and illegal production factories under the Wreteren. Some are paid for their work but many are simply slaves brought to work here by the Syndicate or either enslaved people who own the Wreteren a debt. Most of the main production in the system revolts around drug production in large quantities that is exported and sell in the rest of the Lewis Galaxy and even beyond.

The "Citadel"

The section of the moon nicknamed "The Citadel" is a set of two massive concentrical rings that cover over 11 million km2 from Duksis surface. The first ring holds most of the luxurious and expensive section of the ecumenopolis. Most of the wealthy, that for the most part made money using criminal means, reside in here with entertainement, mansions, expensive restaurants etc...

The second section, which is more like a circle than a ring, is where the large "palace" or the Citadel proper is located. Only Wreteren Lords and their massive slaves and servants are allowed to live in the Palace proper, which covers around 1 million km2. It is a massive building crowned by a tower that helds the council of lords, the headquarters of the Syndicate and the Wreteren Clans and tribes. All Wreteren, simply by being so, have a priviledged right to reside in this circle if they so desire while the Palace is only available for residency to those lords that have earn a place by their infamous fame. Thus the outskirts of the palace in the second "ring" are filled with large housing and even more luxurious items for the local Wreteren. But not all Wreteren live in this area.

The "Pile"

Streets of the Pile

Its a large area of residence where many dark alleys, and the poor live in large conglomerates of housing with little space. Most of the inhabitants live in bad conditions of dense populations buildings filled with layers upon layers. A actual ocean of streets, filled with local bars and little shops are everywhere to be found and most free workers in Duksis live here extends for over 37 million km2 over the planet's surface. Its is always filled with burstling activity and in many areas you dont want to get out at night. The streets are filled with crime.

Factories: "The Fumes"

A large section of long tunnels and tuberies connects large complexes of factories. Most of them have also large fumes and reservoirs, laboratories and the lowest of the low make this section their home. It is, for obvious regions, heavily poluted and people's life expectancy is short. Mutations or crime incident are rampant and not even slaves or most of the population lives in such conditions.

"The Fumes" area of Duksis

Most of the factories are based on massive production of weapons, drugs and derivatives of illegal industries that are forbidden in most of Herschel nations. Still some production is based for internal needs of the Wreteren and their inhabitants. The underground below the factories is where most criminals hide, criminals even hunted down by the Wreteren. The total area of the Fumes is 21 million km2, making it the second largest of the regions after the Pile.

Entertainment Sectors: "The Lights"

Colloquially known as the Lights, is made of large complex of entertainment for the locals. Most of it is filled with bars, gambling areas, prostitution, clubs and many more. The most famous sites are the Arenas, a sector within the Light district made of large fighting stadiums. In them, fighting to death or being thrown to monstrous creatures for delight of the locals is a common entertainment passtime. Cruelty is mostly enjoyed by the Wreteren lords.

Luxury Gardens: "The Knife Courts"

Its a sector of the planet, one of the smallest of just 3 million km2 that holds expensive and fancy facilities. Other than the citadel it is the only place outside where large venues can be located. Its the only place where green (Other than the gardens of the citadel) can be seen and only the most rich of the rich can access properties over here, where they live shielded from the rest of the planet with personal guards and luxurious mansions. Many here are financial magnates, or Very high skilled and on demand people, needed for the fuctioning of the ecumenopolis. Politics, backstabbing and treasons happen constantly among the inhabitants of the sector. This area was manufactured mostly for those who were not Wreteren (thus not allowed to live in the Citadel inner circle) but are reach enough to have their own luxurious mansions.

Slave quarters

The slave quarters are miles and miles of residencial places with not proper care or attention. They cover about 12 million km2 in all, but in reality they arent all united in one single area but scattered all over the planet in between sectors. All are build mostly the same. Large structures crumble together, ugly and old without much services. This areas are supervised constantly and well connected to the factories or farms of Duksis.

The Undergrounds

Those are the ruins built under the districts mentioned above. Most of this undergrounds never see the sun. Lakes of contaminated residues, trash, discarded illegal elements and the homeless live in this place, forbidden to ever see the sunlight and the sky. Under here live monsters of all kind. Some mining activity also takes place here. Sometimes assasins use the Undergrounds to attack.

The Underground has different layers:

  • "The Poodle": A large layer of water that covers about a third of the undergrounds. This is what is left of the original oceans of the planet. Most of it is now drained to served for agriculture and the population on the surface. Some areas are also heavily contaminated and horrific creatures have arise from this contaminated dark area of the Undergrounds. The only light are bulps on the ceilings of the it. Not many that ventured into the Poodle come out alive.
  • The Fields: A strange amount of the Undergrounds are left for the use of agriculture. This are for the most part large plantations used in the cuisine and the drugs made above. The fields are the only place controlled by the Wreteren Syndicate directly. They serve as a sort of Greenhouse effect for the plants grown here. Most are low key endentured labourers or slaves.
  • The Leftovers: Most of what is left is what most people associate with the Underground. Is mostly where all the Homeless and trash is located. A chanty town of slums that never see the light of the day. Not many live long lives over here and the most wanted criminals run rampant in this areas.

Demographics and population

As the founding lords of the Wreteren Syndicate, they are the High Crime Lords of Duksis and most Wreteren tribes are among the most infamous sadistic and cruel xeno ever found in the Galaxy. Most of the Wreteren Tribes and Clans are to be found in Duksis and have set control over large portions of Duksis for each and every clan to rule. Each Tribe , except for the Petrenians, is represented by it's main Crime Lord (which is also their Tribe Lord) in the Council of the Citadel where they may live and reunite to control and decide over Duksis and the whole Wreteren Syndicate. Many Crime lords have Crime Clan Lords of lesser status that lived in all planets where they can get profit or have connections to those that do not accept foreign xeno races (Like the Empire or Neikoor). Thus a large amount of Wreteren reside in this world, an is their de facto capital.

Most humans arrived, as they scape the Plutocracy of Gish. Many also came from all other Human nations in Herschel Space, seeking to make fortunes in the planet. Bounty hunters, mercenaries, assasins, bodyguards, sex and drug traffickers, morally depraved scientists, drug dealers, sexual offenders, serial killers and many more of societies least moral individuals have made Duksis their home under the protection of the Wreteren Syndicate.

  • Umaki: 14%

The first species to ever set foot on Duksis, they were early on conquered by the Wreteren. Meaning that many Umaki were enslaved or allowed to reside in the planet under Wreteren control. This has made the Umaki the second largest species in the planet. About half of them live in the Slavequarters but the other half lives all across the other sectors, some even having become rich and powerful crime magnates. Due to the proximity of the Umaki worlds to Duksis, many have migrated here to seek fortune or simply as run aways, scapees and outlaws from their homeworlds. The Umaki from other worlds consider Duksis and those migrating there as a despicable act and called Duksis "The Metal Doom World" in their language.

Migrants seeking fortune in Duksis. They arrived in large numbers when Aldorian and human contact increased. Many are runaways and wanted in their countries for crimes. Others are simply slaves bought to the Aldorian nations that allow slavery (although in most of the cases, such slaves have been smuggled illegally in Duksis).

Their story is very similar to that of the Aldorians. Due to their more combative nature of the Krizik, more similar to the Wreteren, those that have arrived to Wreteren have adjusted very well to the planet's system. Specially those of the Krizik Dominium. Many have arrived as mercenaries, bodyguards and military servants of wealthy individuals. A minority as workers or even as smuggle slaves.

The Noraki are present in the planet but are still few in numbers compared to others considering the closeness of the Noraki State. The Noraki present here were either brought through slave raids into Noraki territory or either through Noraki runaways, outlaws and others that have been persecuted, chased or banished from the Noraki territory. Their numbers have been increasing in the recent millennia.

The Koor arrived in Duksis alongside the Aldorians, mostly just as Slaves smuggled in the planet or sold to the Wreteren Lords and other Slave traders through deals with the Aldorian nations that do slavery. Very few are free Koor, but a large amount has been forming when freeing slaves was allowed in Duksis. Most that are freed are hired for criminal activities. Some though go on to live accordingly to their humble nature running small businesses.

Just as the Krizik, they have adapted well to Duksis system thriving in it. They arrived some millenia after the Arati contacted Humans. Arati have a complex tribe-clan structure that has made them understand the Wreteren even more. In fact, the Arati are very well respected by the Wreteren for some reasons and consider them very good bodyguards and mercenaries. Many Arati have become crime celebrities in their own right working alongside the Wreteren.