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"They're the masters of craft when it comes to Fasia, and maybe throughout the entire Federation - If you want something fixed, upgraded, or in proper working order, you're best going to find a Dwanvo Craft-Master."

The Dwanvo are a Human Mutant Sub-species, hailing from the planet Fasia, located within the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. They are a short, stocky, resilient species, whom form their homes underneath the surface of the surface of their world, in an immense Under-Empire.

Like all the other Fasian sub-species, the Dwanvo were subject to a rapid evolution. In the case of the Dwanvo, they became shorter, but more padded with muscle. After having a series of conflicts with the Elaven and the Skyborne, the Dwanvo opted to craft their cities and empires under the surface of Fasia, creating their huge Under-Empire civilization over the next ten millennia. They became well known and respected for their craftsmanship, and their resilience to the many attacks that they would suffer over the next few centuries.

Until the arrival, and their subsequent admittance into The Commune Federation, the Dwanvo enforced a practice of a Caste based system, in which an individual would be born into a social caste, which would determine their opportunities in life. For example, a Dwanvo born into the mining caste would have only mining based opportunities, and could not, for example, do artistic work. This system was responsible for several Dwanvo civil wars, which was more common than conflicts with the other species. This social structure was phased out after The Commune Federation arrived, as Caste based systems were not permitted in the Federation.

Like many of the Fasian's, the Dwanvo did eventually begin the process of space colonization. They were most well known for the settling of various asteroids, which they were able to turn into thriving settlements.

Dwanvo are well known for their physical strength, resistance, craftsmanship, and determination. their skill as craftsmen have seen an incredible number of the sights of Fasia being made by them, as well as general commodity production. They are also well known for putting their efforts into ship production, creating a steady stream of Fasian ships, and acting as repair teams for various coming and going ships throughout the region.

Physical Appearance and Anatomy

Dwanvo female.jpg

The Dwanvo are a very short species, with an average height of about 1.2 meters, or a 4'5 foot, mutant species. In spite of their short height, they are a very resistant and tough species, able to resist many heavy hits that would be devastating to other species, and deal out harder punches in equal measure. They are a naturally strong species, often being born with muscles, and those muscles are very easy for them to grow.

In spite of their short stature, however, they are the closest of the Fasian species to their Human ancestry. They do not possess any major mutations, varying hair colours, eye colours, or have any particular abilities outside of their enhanced strength.

Dwanvo in the Universe

The Dwanvo have become a widespread people, reaching various corners of the universe.

On Fasia

The Dwanvo are located all over Fasia, and have presences in just about every city on the world. they have walked just about every path of life, from soldier, to farmer, to academic, and so on and so forth. They are integrated into the wider Fasian culture well, and are respected throughout their home-world.

On Fasia, the Dwanvo are split into two referential groups - The Overs and the Unders. These terms have no real meaning, other than to differentiate which Dwanvo lives where.

The Overs is a term for those who live on the surface primarily. Typically it does not matter where these Dwanvo reside, for they are still surface-livers. The majority of Overs live in what are called Over-Cities, which are cities that have been built up around entrances to the Under-Empire. Overs often have a better understanding of other species and customs than Overs do.

The Unders is a term for those Dwanvo that live underground, in the Under-Empire. These Dwanvo are the majority of Dwanvo, though this does not mean that they do not travel to the surface regularly. They are often considered more abrasive than the Overs, as they do not interact with aliens and the other sub-species as cleanly as the Overs. They are still capable of working with them as needed, however.

Dwanvo that live in the orbit of Fasia are considered Overs, as as Dwanvo that live on other planets. However, if they live underground on other worlds, they become known as an "Under-[Planet name]". For example, an 'Under-Marxer', or an 'Under-Ciceroan'

Within the Commune Federation

The Dwanvo are a widespread species, as many took the opportunity to spread out throughout the Federation, often seeking to learn what the Federation had to offer them. Many were able to use the opportunity to escape the expectations of their Caste System, which had just been phased out, but societal expectations would remain for a long time.

Many Dwanvo were able to find various jobs throughout the entirety of the Federation. One of the most common fields that they were found in was that of construction work and architecture - Via cultural osmosis, many Dwanvo had skills that translated well into construction and architecture. Many began to work at repair yards, fixing up ships that were damaged either from battle, or from various anomalies or malfunction, or any other number of issues. Many also became engineers on dry-dock stations.

A large number also became crew-members of the Stellar Fleet, taking the opportunity to see as much of the galaxy as they could. Here, they were noted for their tenacity in the face of combat, and were often incredibly skilled at getting others to follow their orders, and making tactically sound decisions. After centuries of fighting on Fasia, many were well aware of the various dangers that awaited them in combat zones, and were able to lead and fight when it was necessary to do so.

As the centuries passed, many Dwanvo were also responsible for the creation of various underground civilizations throughout the entirety of the Federation. Some were capable of settling new worlds on their own, and others were invaluable at helping set up underground networks for various transportation systems and goods passages.

Dwanvo are a common sight throughout the Federation, and are found on a great number of worlds. They have become a well integrated people, and are fund in just as many walks of life as any other species.

Within Verpletter

Some Dwanvo have been reported joining other Factions, seeing them as being more in line with their own ideals. Many have been reported in the Sonoran Union, and the Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate.

Some have been reported joining more openly hostile actions to the Federation however, such as the Liberty Empire, or the Vanguard Republic. There have even been reports of some attempting to join the Kreigsleute, though none have ever been reported as serving within the Kreigsleute ranks. It is assumed that any who attempted to join were killed on sight.

Within the Universe

The Dwanvo have been able to leave Verpletter in some cases. The cases vary wildly with how they were able to leave the Verpletter dwarf galaxy, and in the various locations that they would head to.

There have been a few cases of Dwanvo arriving in the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy, often seeking to start a life away from the constant wars and dangers of the Verpletter galaxy. Many have also been reported throughout the wider Confederacy of Borealis.

There have also been those who have not left willingly, with some arriving on the world of Kreon as slaves.

Culture and Customs

Like every species, there is no singular unified Dwanvo culture, and it varies from location to location, and from planet to planet. However, there are some constants with Dwanvo.

Underground city Fasia.png

Underground Architecture

The Dwanvo are well known for their immense underground cities. These cities can vary from narrow corridors with buildings excavated into the sides, or huge chasms with open air, and cities within those chasms.


While their caste system is officially abolished, there is still a degree of societal expectation placed upon Dwanvo to work within their previous Caste distinctions. No Dwanvo are punished for straying outside of their caste, nor is there any discrimination. It is merely an expectation that many have that has faded with time and seems will completely fade within a few more centuries.

Noteworthy Dwanvo

Many Dwanvo have become noteworthy throughout the universe, via their contributions to various societies. As such, they have become noteworthy individuals, famed throughout the Commune Federation, and Verpletter as a whole.

Yudramri Nukhouth 

Yudramri Nukhouth is a male Dwanvo, who is famous for becoming the first Dwanvo Stellar Fleet Captain. He commands the CFS Basilisk, which saw action against the Zrelgerian Kraterocracy, and the Pyros Hegemony. Much of his fame comes from his 'Asteroid Ambush' tactic, where he takes the CFS Basilisk behind an asteroid, and then, when the opponent is in range, blows up said asteroid and then activates his shields, shooting asteroid debris at the enemy, which will usually damage if not outright destroy his target.

Reirfitalyn Oaken

Reirfitalyn Oaken is a female Dwanvo who serves on the CFS Eternity, and acts as it's chief engineer. She is considered to be an absolute master of electronics and engineering, and able to fix just about anything that requires technology to function.