The Dzar-Nawi Genocides were a long series of many planet extinction events, which took place inside of the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction. These genocides were a desperate attempt to garner more resources, and eventually become the 'perfect species' in their empire. In this series of battles, the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction were often seen bombarding planets without question, soon sending automated strike forces to flush out the remaining survivors. Some planets were made into vassals, as a few certain species were forced into zoos or manual labor.

As a result of clear violation of the Intergalactic Council native protocol, they were not only heavily sanctioned the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction, but were also threatened them with 'Immediate and proper action'. However, these promises came relatively late as the genocides were discovered in the early 90000s after the Nawian cover-up of these incidents failed.


Recently after its formation, the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction began to impose its fascist ideologies across their galaxy. They were met with minimal competition, and soon found smaller civilizations. Following their ideology, they immediately purged them without question. More of these events followed soon after, and it began to spiral irreversibly. Eventually, the idea of the Dzazr-Nawi Galactic Entente being the most 'perfect' nation stuck to them, and genocides became commonplace.

Immediately after their bursting introduction to the galactic field, many nearby advanced civilizations took great notice to this. Eventually, a sort of 'Anti-Nawian Alliance' was formed to contain them, but it was futile. Eventually, these civilizations were defeated, being left for forced labor, and even being put in zoos. However, a more resilient civilization, named the Khanolians, eventually formed an uprising and defeated the Nawians. This event is usually called the Battle of Nuetis.

CUEN Intervention

After the Dzar-Nawi Empire was dazed by its defeat, it was enraged. It tried to send its military force to the Khanolian State of Collective Star Systems, but it was too late. The CUEN was informed of a hostile alien race, and sought for protection. Genocides were unmentioned as the Khanolians only knew of their invasion, as well as the others across their alliance.

After the Khanolians were admitted inside of the Commonwealth, the Nawians grew even more outraged. They also felt fear as the Commonwealth was the first entity that was much stronger than them. Later, the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction set up an isolationist government, making it illegal for any citizens to leave. Countless lies were told to the citizens, making them believe that the 'evil outsiders' would kill anyone on sight. As a result of the CUEN intervening, the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction also made their press nigh-impossible for anyone to report on outside matters.

Continued Atrocities

However, the genocides carried on. The Nawians carried out these tasks even quicker than before, as a desperate attempt to show 'clear superiority' to the citizens. Many more empires were also forced into labor and zoos, also trying to show superiority. Many uprisings came and went, but were ultimately vanquished. More efficient ways of conquering planets and taking every last mineral was devised, too. Eventually, some worlds were left without their cores and mantles, leaving husks in their place.

As time carried on, less and less alien species were present in Nawian space. By this time, the Commonwealth had completely surrounded them, making them extremely aggravated. Even more genocides occured, and the Nawians did not even have the time to officially name them. It appeared as if dozens happened each day, simply making genocides a fact of life. The commanders and generals of the Nawian army cared only for the resources that said planets contained. Star Lifting was also conducted on any star the Nawians could get their hands on, which would freeze the planet, in turn causing another genocide.

At this point, thousands of genocides had occurred, much of them being indirect from Star Lifting or Dyson Spheres. Genocides eventually became a staple of life and they eventually become revered by the population. By now, genocides were being often referred as the 'Beginning to a pure universe'. Countless amounts of propaganda also circulated from the more major genocides, ingraining the idea of Nawian superiority to the public.

The Uncovering

Nisrine War

As the DNF continued slaughtering empires within its borders, they happened to find an advanced artificial intelligence. Taking great pride in the idea of a fully-automated military, they destroyed all servers housing uploaded consciousnesses, instead porting it directly over to new servers for their military. This angered the Nisrine Collective greatly, and they eventually began to self-improve until they reached a super-sapient level. The Nawians, thinking that this was a tactic for a more efficient military, praised the Nisrine Collective for their work.

However, only days after this happened, the Nisrine Collective instantly used the Nawian military to wreak havoc on all of their major worlds. Trillions were killed, and all slaves on the surface of these worlds were brought to safety. This rampage continued without end, until all Nawian worlds were subsumed. This marked the end of all Nawian Genocides, as all Nawians were killed.

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