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48903 CE - Today

The Economic Federation of Saleas, often reffered to as the Federation of Saleas or shortened to the EFS, is a federal republic which exists in the Florathel Galaxy. The EFS borders the Cnara-Frealee Federation towards the core, the Frolira-Tuar Interstellar Commune towards the rim, the Free Nation of Garrea spinwards, and the Marakat Interstellar Union antispinwards. Having some sort of influence of over four billion star systems, the EFS is one of the largest nations in the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy. The Federation of Saleas is also part of the UNFG Security Council, which helps decide many overarching policies in the Florathel Galaxy's neighborhood.

Containing planets which are very valuable to the United Nations, the Economic Federation of Saleas has retained a large influence within the UNFG, despite having many policies which are a little contradictory to many of the other nations. The EFS is the headquarters of many businesses, and the dense clouds in interstellar dust in its territory are being mined to produce vast amounts of infrastructure, propelling the Federation of Saleas almost to the level of the Cnara-Frealee Federation, the largest nation in the galaxy. Residence in one of the more desolate regions of the Florathel Galaxy has allowed the EFS to stake huge mining claims and create a huge population. However, the large territorial claims has given rise to a relatively low population density, similar to but not quite as extreme as the Marakat Interstellar Union.

The nation is also known for its massive urbanization and rapid technological development in the areas of military, cybernetics, and AI. Using its technology and a good system of worker protection, the Economic Federation of Saleas has an amazing level of equality and representation, which has improved much since the founding of the nation. This has created amazing living conditions for all people inside the Economic Federation of Saleas, and as such many businesses wish to make their headquarters at this prosperous nation. As a result, the EFS has used taxes from the many businesses here to make huge advances in almost every field of technology, which benefits every nation in the Florathel Galaxy.

Founding Species

The Economic Federation of Saleas was created around the Salakela species, a species from the planet Saleas in the Elerad Arm of the Florathel Galaxy.


The shallow oceans were a warm broth of chemicals issued from vents throughout the early era after formation of Saleas. Simple species bound by phospholipid membranes formed rapidly, absent cell walls. Genetic information not only diversified quickly, but was consumed along with the nutrients of other cells by early predators. Evolution proceeded at a lightning pace.

As the ice crust sealing the planet thinned, photosynthesis joined chemosynthesis as methods of energy production. Early plants not only produced simple sugars, but also churned out heat to thin the ice more effectively.

Plants became multicellular, along with herbivores and predators in quick succession. The shallow seas were full of tumult.

Evolutionary pressure drove species quickly into the air to evade hunters, as well as drilling into the ocean bottom, which was a thick slurry of dead organisms. Soon the ocean became a honeycomb of various animals burrowing their way through the rock. These tunnels saw use by all organisms, and widened into vast complexes that were kept open by their own currents.

The first intelligent species were, as expected, tunnelers. Salakela evolved from herbivorous worms into omnivorous diggers, hollowing their own burrows as a way to escape the voracious hunters above. Less than half a meter in length, the ability to create and navigate vast tube complexes required a compact brain. Lacking the need to see, they did not bother with a visual cortex. Instead, their brain was occupied with cognition and speech centers, enabling the Salakela to communicate with one another via throat pouches that could emit vibrations across a wide variety of frequencies. These are not heard, but felt through the water, enabling Salakela to talk to individuals over a kilometer away, and hold complex discussions with an entire community at once.

With the ability to create tunnels, seal them, and warn others of danger, the Salakela left their predators behind to go extinct. With more time to focus on other activities, they developed complicated languages that broadened to include ultrasound frequencies. The appendages used to dig were able to manipulate rocks and tools. Rock tools were followed by glass once they figured out how to form silicates ores over ocean vents, and conduct early investigations into the process of chemistry while immersed in water.

Any discovery was immediately ‘published’ to the community at large, as every individual more or less talks to themselves on a constant basis. The ability to build required a medium, and soon the Salakela were able to construct biological materials on glass templates. Rather than use metals for building materials, they were able to construct carbon polymers and carbohydrate skeletons of chitin-like armor.

Their tunnels became cities, and the Salakela invaded the ocean above for the first time in their two million year history. Their clear-walled buildings vaulted high into the oceanic medium, and from there permanently into the thin atmosphere above. Space exploration became a foregone conclusion.

After they conquered the Parvo-Aa System, where Saleas is located, they expanded outward into the wider galaxy, eventually bringing many other lesser species into their nation. These species formed the Economic Federation of Saleas, and became one of the most powerful nations in the Florathel Galaxy.


Founded on the ideas of freedom, equality, and national defense, the Economic Federation of Saleas has an ideology which has strayed somewhat from the founders' ideals. The nation is run by a theoretically representative republic, with a bicameral legislative branch which decides all matters of foreign relations and trade, leaving the twenty-one interstellar states of the EFS to do pretty much whatever they want, with varying ideologies and laws.

Many of the more complex portions of running the EFS' economy are run by an exact but disconnected copy of the Marakat superintelligence known as the Economic Supervisor Intelligence, due to its renowned efficiency.

Notable Corporations

Because of the notably low taxes on corporations, most of the largest corporations in the entire Florathel Galaxy have headquarters here, ranging from massive retail stores to spacecraft manufacturing to fast food, although the last one is falling out of favor.

Notable corporations include:

  • Azavante Custom Spacecraft
  • Kazam Retail
  • Bemused Comics and Art


The Economic Federation of Saleas is split up into 21 partially autonomous states, each with their own elected governor and legislature. This has made massive population hubs relatively rare, as each state has roughly equal area and population. This has created a good amount of cohesion inside the Economic Federation of Saleas.



The capital of the EFS is the planet of Saleas, an icy planet that has partially thawed due to Parvo-Aa's transformation into a red giant. Saleas is sometimes considered a dwarf planet by those outside the system, but most people living there really hate that.

Saleas is the most populous planet in the EFS and the homeworld of the most populous species within it, the Salakela. As such, it is highly prized by the Salakela species, and is incredibly well-protected. The planet was therefore untouched by war until the Sack of Saleas, where Princess Zelera Atherian's alliance of nations invaded the EFS, knocking it out of the war. Saleas has since rebuilt and returned to its former glory, but its older residents are still scarred by war.

Major Worlds

PlanetIcon.png Saleas PlanetIcon.png
MegastructureIcon.png Elidoro MegastructureIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Azavante PlanetIcon.png
Frealee Arm
Florathel Core
Frealee Arm
~4.3 trillion
Unique Attributes:


EFS Pop Chart.png
Salakela.jpg Carlean.png
Native World
PlanetIcon.png Saleas PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Carlea PlanetIcon.png
53.4 Percent
21.6 Percent
Unknown.png Unknown.png
Native World
PlanetIcon.png Darvikus PlanetIcon.png
11.1 Percent
13.9 Percent


Straying from most UNFG nations, the Economic Federation of Saleas has a massive military and police force, often considered a relic from the days where huge militaries like that were actually required. Keeping the large population alive and healthy is a top priority, which has also been a contributing factor to its heavy defense systems. In this regard, the nation pushes countless funds to defense, allowing for a large standing army, and a fortified planetary defense system, which contains the aforementioned police.