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The Economic States of Nerichi (ESN), often referred to as the States of Nerichi is an intergalactic federal republic which exists primarily in the reaches of Aylothn and its immediate satellites. Holding some kind of influence in over 7.26 billion (7,262,097,800) star systems, it exists as one of the larger member nations in the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations.

Containing valuable planets to the Commonwealth, the Economic States of Nerichi has kept a large presence inside. The large presence of massive business and resource gathering has also propelled to levels similar to that of the Lowyzol Federation. Residence in the galaxy of Aylothn has also allowed for the Economic States of Nerichi to stake massive claims, develop on colonies to a great extent, and for expansion to be a constant in its history. However, this has given a rise to a remarkably low density of population, much like other Commonwealth member nations.

The nation is also well-known for its urbanization and for technological advances in the areas of weaponry, medicine, and space travel. Cybernetic and artificial intelligence are also major areas for development. Using its technology and good system of checks and balances, the Economic States of Nerichi has implemented a massive system of equality and representation, which has been present ever since the foundation of the nation. This has created a large incentive of life inside the Economic States of Nerichi, and as such it has created a massive turn of profits from consumers. As a result, the Economic States of Nerichi has used its profits to spec into almost every major field of technology, and has done so with great success in almost all of them.

Founding Species

The Economic States of Nerichi was created and is centralized around Staleyans, a species from the edges of Aylothn. Further originating from the industrial and economic powerhouse of Cevros, the Economic States of Nerichi has spread out far and wide, all thanks to the Staleyans and their ingenuity. The nation was effectively founded over five thousand years ago, when Staleyans were unified under the powerful empire. Though now, the nation has transformed into a Federal Republic, with a large degree of autonomy given to districts, planets, and organizations.

Staleyans are well-known for their innate sense of defense and protection, which is a trait that has carried on since the primal days of their existence. This is exaggerated by the large military and defense systems, built by Staleyans in order to instate order and peace throughout their nation. As a more pragmatic and defensive species, the Staleyans have been more focused on creating order and developing worlds than spreading to other systems. However, some expansionist tenancies in the spirits of many Staleyans have pushed the Economic States of Nerichi to become large in its own right, even with a deeper focus on internal development.

Government / Ideologies

Founded on the prospects of freedom, equality, and national defense, the Economic States of Nerichi has an ideology which fits that of a Federal Republic. The nation is run by a representative republic, with the national government in charge of things such as foreign affairs and interstellar trade. The Economic States of Nerichi is split up into seven interstellar districts, each with their own elected governor who has control over their respective areas. This has created a set of planetary hubs, as well as a greater level of cohesion inside the borders of the Economic States of Nerichi.

Straying form most Commonwealth nations, the Economic States of Nerichi has a heavy police system, which is for keeping the large population in check. Keeping its large population of people happy and healthy is a top priority for the government, which has also been a contributing factor to its heavy defense systems. In this regard, the nation has countless funds to its name, allowing for a large standing army, and a fortified planetary defense system, which contains the aforementioned police. Crime and citizen dissatisfaction has also dropped as a result of the tightly knit security inside the Economic States of Nerichi.



Major Planets


Cevros is the capital of the Economic States of Nerichi, and is also the first capital of military throughout the entire Commonwealth. With a relatively large population and high defense systems, Cevros clearly reflects the ideals of the Economic States of Nerichi. It is also a good center for economics and trade, as many Commonwealth member-nations seek to do many business activities on the rather high-supply world. Cevros is also home to many Commonwealth military bases, as well as government buildings. With a vast array of cities encompassing its surface, its population matches that of many highly developed worlds and hubs. As a result, there happen to be an increased density of orbital constructs in orbit around Cevros as well.

Being the home planet of the Staleyans, defense is a key factor in the environment around Cevros. The crime rate in even the largest of urban areas is rather low, and security systems, while rather obtrusive, have kept the population safe for many years on end. This security state has spread to the other core worlds of the Economic States of Nerichi, with other worlds having a similar level of heavy defense systems and strong military focus. In the capital city of Cevros, this defense is heightened as it contains various important buildings related to the government and military. Development of these vast areas is also very high, with even the poorest of people being rather well-off compared to other times in history.

Population Demographic


The military of the Economic States of Nerichi is one to behold - considering that it is one of the most bolstering forces in the galaxy of Aylothn. The Economic States of Nerichi also has a notably high military budget, which has propelled itself to become a very strong Commonwealth member nation. The aforementioned orientation on defense by the government is the reason for this, and it has made the Economic States of Nerichi nearly untouchable by any foreign threats. The military itself is made primarily from automated forces, which have been overwhelmingly popular in the military since its creation many millennia ago. Ever since mass automation, the Economic States of Nerichi has given away many starships to other nations, which has made it the top donor of military craft in the Commonwealth.

With the Economic States of Nerichi military being some of the strongest, many sectors of unpopulated and sparse territory have been dedicated to manufacturing ship parts and technologies. This has made the ESN military one of the biggest industries in its area, with industrial star systems being utilized to the fullest. The military also has a vast amount of soldiers, although the majority of them are made up of robotic personnel and other automated forces. These characters are all put under different kinds of guidance by the states of the Economic States of Nerichi.