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Fetuses growing on artificial uterus

Ectogenesis, from ancient greek Ecto "outer" and Genesis "birth". It's a science branch in which an organism is grown in an artificial environment, outside the body in which it would normally be found to grow.

For example, the growth of a human fetus or embryo outside the uterus of a human female. This also applies to other living organism, such as the growth of bacteria outside the body of a host.

This method of reproduction requires an artificial uterus that would allocate an interface able to supply the nutrients and the oxygen needed to nurture the fetus, as well as a way to dispose of waste material. It also allows to shortened the pregnancy time and the viability of a fetus.

This was a measure implemented by the Lewis Nations, but that was invented to help women with problems in reproduction, homosexuals, single parents and others. This technology was regarded as unethical and thus abandoned by the CoB, but retaken by the Lewis Nations. Specially by the Empire to create slaves and clones on demand. However, the country that makes more use of this technology is the Republic of Sion.

History and Use

The Technology was greatly improved by the Empire, by the late 34,950 CE (14 084 ADL), right during the Slave Revolts of the Empire and developed in large scale to create clone slaves at the aftermath of the conflict. Still, this technology was already available on a more primitive stage by 25,220 CE to aid in the colonization process of several Imperial colonies and to assist infertile women and men in delivering a child. The Plutocracy also acquired this technology but used it mostly among the lower classes to produce serfs in need, since not many settlers left the Empire for the Plutocracy so some of them were artificially made in order to colonized some Plutocratic territories. This instated even more the nobility of the Plutocracy, who were the only ones to have reproductive rights, and the only ones to be allowed to have natural births. This practice was completely erased when the Plutocracy fell and became a Megacorporation.

The Intergalactic Federation has mostly forbidden this practice and the United Alliance has allowed it in some of its worlds, or among some alien species.

The Republic of Sion is the nation that most widely has made usage of this technology, to the point it is the most used of all. It was taken from the empire and improve significantly to the point in which most citizens of the Republic are born this way, either by the state or by loving parents wanting a child. In that nation, having a kid by natural means has become something unfashion, and even to the point of looking it upon. So this has increased the amount of couples using this technology instead.