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Edana is the homeworld of the Edans and the temporary homeworld of the Perathri and Myreani. It is surrounded by a huge cloud of orbital habitats which house more than two thirds of the planet's population.


Edana is the third planet in the Ardaya System, and is the most populous planet in the system. Formerly a harsh, desert world, the planet was terraformed to be suitable for many species during the process of transforming the Ardaya System into a vehicle to escape the Myrmidan Galaxy. Anything going to Edana or its two moons is exceedingly well searched, as Somnar Hive spies attempt to sneak in and sabotage the elaborate escape plan.


Edana is a relatively flat world with only one high mountain, the extinct volcano of Mount Hope. The planet has a static-lid crust, and no plate tectonics, so any mountains are hostpot volcanoes. The planet has very large oceans, which are filled with life and even some intelligent species emigrated from other planets. The endless plains are covered in prairies and savannas, with the occasional arcology every few miles.

The most geologically interesting portion of the planet is Mount Hope, the tallest mountain on Edana. Mount Hope is a recently extinct volcano over twice the height of Mount Everest and has vast and dangerous cloud forests. The cloud forests of Mount Hope are filled with exceedingly dangerous plants, many of which are carnivorous, and will be explaned later. Mount Hope is hypothesized to have a huge magma chamber which is slowly pressurizing and pushing up the mountain to greater heights. However, soon this magma chamber will drain out and the vast mountain will stop rising.


The savannas of Edana are covered in tall grass which occasionally flowers, not much interesting about that. The really interesting portion of the planet in terms of flora is the cloud forests of Mount Hope, which are filled with huge, dangerous carnivorous plants. Examples of this include a huge plant species of varying size, capable of devouring and digesting species, depending on its size, from human size to Carlean size. Needless to say, its a good idea to avoid these.

There are also huge pits hidden in the ground, which it is not a good idea to fall into because there's a pool filled with digestive juices at the bottom, with a form of bait specially designed to lure in unlucky wildlife from the savannah below. These are usually found further down the mountain, beneath the clouds.

Needless to say, the cloud forests of Mount Hope, albeit interesting, are very unsafe to travel around.