The Edira Galaxy, is a galaxy located in Herschel Space. It is a tiny Galaxy, on the outskirts of Herschel Space, far unto unexplore regions. is famously known for being the home galaxy of the Ekku and home of the Farshlag Syndicate, where their Headquarters are. Still, the exact location of their capital, Banush is unknown for much of the Nations.

The Galaxy is small, with just around 160 million stars. It is at an early forming age giving the galaxy a cloud like appearance. Gas clouds are then very common. The Galaxy is pretty much uncharted for lewisians and other universal nations. Just the Ekku have successfully charted around a third of the Galaxy, where they live. The other third belongs to the Syndicate and is mostly unknown to outsiders, but many Alien species in this area of the Galaxy have thus joined them or have been enslaved by them. The other third remains unknown, although some alien species are known to live here and have created small space nations.

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