Eeyttir, jokingly known to humans as Dinosauria, is a temperate terrstrial planet and the homeworld of the Conyth and sixth planet in the Dragtar System.


Eeyttir was discovered in 3312 CE by a Confederate exploratory probe. Immediately, the planet reached interstellar and intergalactic acclaim due to the presence of life forms resembling Earth's own dinosaurs.

Thriio from the surface of Eeyttir.


Eeyttir had a violent early history, forming from its star's accretion disc as most planets within the universe form approximately eight billion years ago. It formed a primitive atmosphere of thick carbon dioxide and water vapor, creating a hot D-Class world. Also during this time it is presumed that Eeyttir's ring system appeared.

Eeyttir from orbit.

Not much is known about the history of the planet prior to the emergence of the Conyth over 6.5 million years ago. Archaeological studies conducted by humans and Conyth have both shown that there was no natural life from the planet before terraforming began.

Upon the completion of terraforming, the planet had a remarkably earthlike ecosystem, with the plants and animals being genetically engineered offshoots of their terrestrial counterparts.

Map of Eeyttir

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