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Eidolite, also referred to as Subatonium, is a dense collection of matter, which involves its quarks being pushed very close together. It is an artificially created matter, with no found natural counterparts in the universe. It is held together by the strong nuclear force, which allows for Eidolite to hold very tough, hard, and strong characteristics. With its dense nature, Eidolite is known to be very heavy. It is almost impossible to create as well, at least in high quantities. As a result, it has not seen many uses. Even with advances in technology, Eidolite has still been shown to be very elusive and valuable.

Eidolite has allowed for the use of close quarters melee combat. Its density has made it primarily applicable to ones which have suits or strong general strength. Eidolite bests another artificial form of matter, Hardlight, in the field of combat as well. It has been shown that Eidolite can shatter solid Hardlight. It is also capable of cutting through most non-solid Hardlight materials. Unlike Hardlight however, Eidolite exhibits lower temperatures. It also unable to be made into holographic materials, though it can be made into a liquid or a gas with much difficulty.

Synthetic Eidolite

Synthetic Eidolite is incredibly easy to bend through strong force alteration fields, and responds to thaumaturgic powers very easily. It typically takes a deep violet glow, though it can be altered during the creation process in the labs. It tends to break down quickly when not kept carefully in lab conditions, appearing to crumble and diffuse into the air. Recent renditions of synthetic Eidolite have allowed it to withstand harsh conditions however, and military use is pending or allowed in several major nations. Creation of synthetic Eidolite has also been made easier in the past few millennia.

"Natural" Eidolite is described as being made from adept Magi, being forged by high thaumaturgic prowess. Classical Thaumaturgy allows for the easiest creation of Eidolite, though it can be made utilizing Thaumaturgy's many branching classes. It holds a significantly higher response to Thaumaturgy in comparison to synthetic Eidolite. Generally in history, Magi have been reluctant to make Eidolite, as it is very strenuous and taxing on the conscience. Natural Eidolite also has the tendancy to lose its potency if made incorrectly, much like synthetic Eidolite. This has left only a small fraction of powerful Magi to create it through the ages. However, Sedrua was very much able to create Eidolite, as The Architects had thaumaturgic supremacy and high mental fortitude. This allowed high production of natural Eidolite, rivaling today's output of the material.

The Eidolite made by powerful users of psychokinesis possesses many similar properties, such as its glow, hardness, and general texture, but there are many key differences. The least important of these is that each one seems to possess a signature color. For example, Moonmoon's Eidolite takes on a distinct royal blue hue. Psychokinetic Eidolite is also a lot more stable in uncontrolled conditions, as it slowly dissolves over a few minutes without concentration on the part of the creator. In addition to this, the Eidolite seems to respond almost exclusively to the psychokinetic influence of its creator, and it loses integrity when manipulated by psychokinetics other than the creator.


Eidolite has been used numerous times in history, holding many applications through science, and the military. The first appearances of Eidolite go back to prehistory, with the nation of Sedrua utilizing it through its expansion. The large population of The Architects proved useful in the creation of Eidolite, as it was relatively commonplace in comparison to today. Since the reduction of Sedrua however, technology including Eidolite was withdrawn from old areas. This was to ensure that rebelling nations would not gain access to the material, though some would manage to take hold of small samples of Eidolite. These would remain as the only pieces for many years, before the War of the Final Transition saw the creation of synthetic Eidolite. Production would be very slow until Aylothn's Totality, where access to Sedruan technology allowed the Commonwealth to create its own, refined Eidolite.

Until the War of the Ancients, Eidolite would be prized, given only to prototype military applications or science. Subsequent trade between the Quintet Puontari Federation and the CUEN granted the former access to advanced technology. This would later grant it the ability to produce Eidolite at a heightened rate, something which most major nations share today. As of late, Eidolite is approximately 20 times more expensive to make than Hardlight, with its properties being only slightly better overall. This has not stopped nations from making Eidolite cheaper however.