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The Eire System is the most important core system ofthe Republic of Sion, where the capital of the nation is located. It is a binary system of the Herschel Space, located in the Lewis Galaxy. The system is made of two suns, Eire A and Eire B, both being red dwarfs. Eire A is orbited by two planets with live, Sion and Eritrea. Eire B has no planets with live, but has a suitable desert planet called Varos, which harbors a big amount of population.

Eire A

Eire A.jpg

This sun is a red dwarf with five planets on its orbit. The most important of all is the planet Sion, which is the capital of the Republic of Sion, a near close ecumenopolis planet, which a big amount of population. The second most important planet is Eritrea, a desert planet with live, tidally locked, but with important terrestrial creatures on its surface.

  • Cannath: A war planet, hostile to human habitation, has still an important suitable habitants on its surface, mainly dedicated to resource extraction and research. The planet has about 51 Billion inhabitants. It is famous for manufacturing luxury goods.
  • Kaloa: Is a Gas giant, it has several important orbit stations that drag resources from it. It has a total population of 75 Billion on its several stations.
  • Eritrea: A tidally locked planet with high temperatures, around 71º degrees celsius. It has a total population of 87 Trillion.
  • Sion: Its the capital of the Republic of Sion, and holds a perfect temperature for Human live. The total population of Sion is 2 Trillion. One of its main activities is Human production on its Bioengineered laboratories. Creating new citizens for the Republic. Most of which are suited to different climates depending on the planet they are meant to be settled. The four most important economic activities in Sion are Robotics and Android Industries, Technology creation and research, Bioengineering, and Banking.

Eire B

Eire B.jpg
  • Ordon: A really hot planet unsuitable for live, specially to humans, has been well adapted with habitats on its surface able to accommodate large populations. Most of its economy is driven towards resource extraction and research activities, like Cannath. Ordon holds important insurance companies. It holds a total population of 47 Billion
  • Tiruz: A big Gas Giant, it has many orbital stations on its surface. Its economy is mainly driven by gas extraction and chemical manufacturing. Its the second most populated planet in the system. It has a total population of 60 Billion.
  • Perix: Similar to Eritrea on temperatures, it is a bit less hostile although lifeless. It has an economy mainly driven by large scale manufacturing and naval construction. It has also many mining resources and part of its economy is also driven towards getting them. It holds a total population of 34 Billion.
  • Varos: Its the most populated planet orbiting Eire B, it was somehow terraformed to adapt some atmospheric parameters and temperatures, stabilizing them. It is a desert like planet, with mild temperatures. It is tidally locked but is side facing the sun never gets hotter than 47 degrees, while the colder side can reach really low temperatures. Most of the inhabitants live on the night-day border and somehow on the sun side. Still, most of the economic activity happens on the dark night side, since that side is completely covered by an ice cap of water. It is usually mined to extract this resource and sold to the rest of the system. Other activities are energy production, mining, services and banking. It has a total population of 72 Billion.

    Varos and two of its moons.