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Ejeunor (Ee-jay-you-nor), also known as the Motherlode galaxy or "Little Sagittaria") is a small dwarf galaxy orbiting the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. It is mostly governed by the prosperous, Shev'ra nation, founded by the native Shevin species.

The galaxy radiates a bright golden glow of thousands upon thousands of stars within its borders.




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Galactic Geography

Globular Clusters


Though not much is known of its prehistory, it is believed to have once been part of a larger galaxy that was subsumed by Via Sagittaria as evident by it's close orbit. It is believed that shortly after this occurred, a mysterious species referred to as the Ejeunor Founders conquered the remnant galaxy and created the famed Orachis-Kenna Path. Shortly after this, the Providence Union came through the wormhole and attempted to conquer the Ejeunor Galaxy, but were rebuffed, as their political power was waning at the time.

The Providence Union did, however, manage to keep hold of a grouping of 11-ish systems surrounding Orachis, but these were abandoned after the Fall of the Providence Union.

In 5391, the UFSS colonized the first of their planets within the galaxy. The Ejeunor Galaxy is currently heading to collide with the Via Sagittaria Galaxy, though not much will happen.


The most notable systems/planets in this galaxy are:

  • Aya system
  • Archer System
  • Rasa system (Info coming soon)
  • Kaige system (Info coming soon)
  • Safegarde system (Info coming soon)