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"I don't think there has ever been a species I've seen that is as beautiful as they are respected and accomplished in The Commune Federation" - Militia Commander Serena Mikhailovich

The Elaven are a mutant sub-species of Humanity that are native to the world of Fasia, in the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. Like all the Human sub-species on Fasia, they evolved from Humans that settled the planet after being sealed off from the rest of the Universe, and were subject to the rapid evolutionary changes unique to the world of Fasia.

Interestingly adopting adaptations that make them look like Elves from old fantasy media genres, the Elaven are considered an exotic people, and are considered attractive by many non-Fasian natives. As Fasia is a member of The Commune Federation, many Elaven have found themselves in the stars, among Humans, and other alien species that have joined in the Federation. The Elaven are a well accomplished species in the Commune, holding down many respectable positions, such as Planetary Governors, Fleet Admirals, Sector Administrators, and at least seven Commune Federation Prime Ministers.

Historically, on Fasia, the Elaven were considered one of the most influential out of the Human mutant sub-species, next to the Sürunen and the Qar-Qar. They were considered to be particularly brutal to their enemies, the Orork in particular. Since their admission into The Commune Federation however, the Elaven governments have sought to improve conditions and relations throughout Fasia.

The Elaven are now a widespread species, being present on many worlds, and even possessing majorities on some. They were also a major proponent of the Fasian space program, settling at least two of Fasia's moons before the arrival of the Federation.

Appearance and Anatomy

Elaven Female 2.JPG

The Elaven, for the most part, appear incredibly similar to Humans, if slightly taller on average. Some Elaven males can reach between 1.9 and 2.0 meters tall, while some female Elaven can reach between 1.8 and 1.9 meters tall. They also possess skin, have as many skin tones as Humans do, and are almost identical in terms of internal anatomy.

While there are some differences between Humans and Elaven, the vast majority of them are purely aesthetic differences. The only major difference between them are in their hearing abilities - Elaven are more capable of pinpointing the origins of sounds, but this is their only inherent difference.

Close up of Elaven eyes

Elaven ears are pointed, and their size can vary. Some can grow to reach the top of the skull, while others are smaller. One of their most notable features is their eyes - Elaven eyes have black sclera, which are normally white on Humans. They do possess irises, but these irises do not have pupils, and are instead just circles of colour. These irises are usually bright colours of some kind, varying from red, to white, to yellow, pink, and other bright colours. It is thought that the Elaven evolved this adaptation to help them hunt in the forests that they resided in on Fasia.

Elaven hair colours are also noteworthy - The hair colours of the Elaven are essentially limitless, and can be any colour. They can also vary from person to person - For example, the roots or ends of an Elaven's hair can be a completely different colour from the rest of their hair.


The Elaven structure their society into various 'Clans'.

Elaven Clan systems are not associated directly to bloodlines, and are not necessarily families to the Elaven. Instead, the Clan structure is more based on various family units coming together under a single banner to some unified end. This means that people of the same family can be in two separate Clans, even if those Clans have opposing interests. This also means that relationships within the Clans are permitted.

Clans can range in size dramatically, some of the largest having hundreds of thousands of members, while the smallest can sometimes be as small as ten members.

In the past, Clans were a major part of Elaven society, as they were seen as symbols of allegiance and of loyalty. Loyalty to a Clan had to be absolute, and many were still considered a part of the Clan of their birth, even if they left it. Actions that harmed the Clan of ones birth or of their adoption were looked down upon, and those who did those actions were considered 'Blood Traitors'. These individuals were often deeply looked down on in Elaven society, and were all but exiled from the entirety of Elaven society.

In the modern age, Clans do not have a huge impact on the individual lives of the Elaven however, as it is merely a social structure. Individuals do not have any overtly special obligations to their Clan like they did in the past. Clans are considered a major political framework within Elaven society, often representing various interests throughout their communities.

There are hundreds of clans throughout the many Elaven cultures.

Customs and Culture

Member of the Olokrana Clan

Like with most species, the culture of the Elaven is not homogeneous or singular, but varies dramatically from world to world, and in the case of the Elaven, Clan to Clan. There are some generalities that the species shares however, due to a unified society on Fasia during their pre-space-faring days.


Member of the Sylcaryn Clan

The Elaven in particular tend to favour long hair, seeing it as attractive and as a symbol of ones maturity, as they see it as a symbol of a long life. Some Clans, such as the Olokrana Clan, will tie their hair up into particular patterns and styles, designed to be unique and attractive, and to keep their ears visible, whereas others, such as the Sylcaryn Clan, do not engage in this behaviour, and allow their hair to simply flow freely.

The exact length of hair that is considered a "Mature" amount varies from Clan to Clan, but a fondness for long hair appears to be a constant among the majority of Elaven. However, it is important to note that this does not apply to every Clan or individual, as there are Elaven who prefer to keep their hair short.

Naming conventions

Elaven naming conventions are fairly simple, though there are a few rules that the Elaven tend to follow.

Each Elaven is described of being "Of the clan [Clan name]" at the ends of their names, and do not possess last names otherwise. Because of this convention, the Elaven do not allow any two members of a Clan to possess the same name, meaning that they have to check what names have been used. This has resulted in a wide variety of Elaven names. For example:

Given Name Clan Name Full Name
Oranaren Olokrana Oranaren, Of The Clan Olokrana
Yumetu Sylcaryn Yumetu, Of The Clan Sylcaryn
Halueve  Dordove Halueve, Of The Clan Dordove

If an Elaven leaves a Clan and joins a new one, their name will change to that of the new Clan. If, in the unlikely event that a newcomer has the same name as an already existing member, they will then adopt the name of their former clan as a last name. For example:

Given Name Former Clan Name Current Clan Name Full Name
Haemir  Quistina Xilgeiros Haemir Quistina, Of The Clan Xilgeiros
Lymseia  Ysildea  Faestina Lymseia Ysildea, Of The Clan Faestina
Ruvyn  Wranpetor Shadan Ruvyn Wranpetor, Of The Clan Shadan

Ecology and Architecture

The Elaven city, Arran Lenora

Due to their forest environments on Fasia, the Elaven have a particular fondness for ecological living - That is, creating communities and societies that integrate nature as much as possible. For example, the city of Arran Lenora on Fasia is integrated into giant trees which are known as Fasi Gigantus, or "Home Trees" to the Elaven, which they build towns and cities in, while ensuring that the tree does not die.

In more traditional cities, the Elaven tend to encourage for the integration of more plant-life. Considering that this is an important part of Commune Federation architecture, their suggestions are often met with enthusiasm, and many cities all over the Federation have several Elaven botanists and planners in place to ensure that the cities are kept as green as possible.

Noteworthy Elaven

Due to their prominence throughout the Federation, there have been several noteworthy Elaven.

Saelethil, Of The Clan Yllathyra

Saelethil, Of The Clan Yllathyra is a male Elaven, and was the first Elaven Prime Minister of the Commune Federation. He was elected only fifteen years after the admission of Fasia into the Commune Federation, making him one of the fastest rising politicians relative to their species joining the Federation in history. In particular, they promoted a focus on ecological development, seeking to create new world within the Federation that were compatible with their environments.

Jorildyn, Of The Clan Xilgeiros

Jorildyn, Of The Clan Xilgeiros is a female Elaven, who was born on the Fasian moon of Pacan. Jorildyn would go on to serve on seven dozen star-ships and dry-dock stations, accumulating an exemplary service record, and eventually serving on the CFS Eternity. During their time on this starship, they would go on to become a weapons expert.