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The Elmaren (Ell-Mah-rhen) are a bat-like species from the Rouge planet Hosmiyr, located in the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. They are a tribal society that does not have a concept of borders. They became a founding member of The Commune Federation.


Much of Elmaren biology is designed around the fact that they come from a very dark world with little light. Elmaren possess four large arms, which they use to feel their surroundings quickly in darkness. they are able to pick up small vibrations, which let them know if there are people to be mindful of around them.

They are also in possession of large eyes, designed to help them maximize what little light does reach their homeworld. It is not something that they tend to rely on, however. This turns into a downside when on worlds with actual suns, and they will often be found wearing sun-protective goggles so as to not blind themselves. Elmaren also tend to have very good hearing, and utilize a form of echolocation as one of their main methods for long-distance 'Sight'.

In an odd contradiction however, the Elmaren themselves tend to be brightly coloured, often being orange or yellow. It is suspected by biologists that the reason for this was the centuries of evolution in a tribal society meant that the brightly-coloured ones were more noticeable, and would be easily spotted by their tribe and would receive assistance when it was needed.