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The total population of Elpida is 87 billion individuals. The entire populance of Elpida is largely concentrated in the continents of Ashara and Meltarna. This two continents are closely followed by Golka and finally by Bira, which is the least populated.


The population of the planet is divided between Citizens and not Citizens

Citizens (71%)

Are members with citizenship of the Empire, able to vote and to elect senators, judges and Legislators among the candidates presented to them. They have rights and duties in accordance to Imperial Law. They are divided in three cathegories. Nobles, Wealthy, Common People

  • Nobles (5%)

In Elpida, they make a large part of the population. They are extremely numerous in the Planet as it is the center and capital of the Empire and a center of power. Every noble was to be close to the Emperor to have and adquire power from him. Most are low nobility and few are high nobility. However, those of the High Houses do have enough power and influence for it to be noticeable within the world. High Nobles and the Imperial Family (1%), Low Nobles (4%)

  • Wealthy Citizens (9%)

They are those among the common people who thanks to trade, business or their own merit have attaigned large amounts of wealth and literally have become rich. In some cases even as rich as the High Noble Houses. These powerful class, specially the richest of them, try to marry into the nobility or the low nobility at least. Quite Rich (3%), Rich (3%), Very Rich (2%) and Extremely Rich (1%)

  • Common People (57%)

They are the most common class of citizens. About 57% of the population belongs to this group. It can as well be divided among the middle-high class (16%), the middle class (21%), the middle-low class (15%) and the low class (5%). Each of this groups make the entirety of the working masses.

Non Citizens (29%)

In Elpida, non citizens have traditionally be slaves. However, nowadays it takes as well inmigrants with residential permits but no voting rights at least just yet, and illegal immigrants. Slaves however make the bulk of this class.

  • Slaves (23%)

They are divided into 2 groups, Human-born Slaves (9%) and Clone Slaves (14%). The first ones are in decay and mostly employed in nicer jobs such as housing, services and other less physical or hard tasks. Clone slaves are used by corporations, the state, services and more rarely into households. Slaves in Elpida make a significant amount of the population as they are very much needed by the high amount of nobles and wealthy individuals in the nation.

  • Immigrants (4%)

Those lucky enough to have obtained legally a migration permit that allows them to reside in Elpida. They may belong to any social class, except for the nobility. Most are National Migrants while others are international migrants. From foreign embassadors to a recently relocated rich family or a farmer seeking a new life in the capital, all are technically non citizens. The only exception here is for those national migrants which do have citizenship status to vote on national matters but do not have a say in Planetary government.

  • Illegal immigrants (2%)

Known for being a significant minority, it is made of people looking for opportunities in the capital and managing to scape from authorities sneaking in the planet. However, conditions for illegal migrants are brutal since Elpida, specially the Imperial city are expensive places to live and not the most suitable for the least favoured by society.


Imperial City

Also known as Indara, its old name, this Large city is the center of Elpida and the center of the Empire. It is massive, covering around 1 million km2, sprawling itself all along the delta of the Yalom river. Around 20 Billion inhabitants are said to reside here. It holds the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Garden and the Dome of a Thousand Stars, as well as many significant buildings like the National Imperial Library of Archives. The city is divided into sectors and areas. The further from the core, where the Palace is located, the poorer the area is, usually slave sectors. Towards the center, the Nobles and Wealthy inhabitants reside in opulence. In between the Slave sectors and the Nobles and the Wealthy live the Common people.



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