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The Economy of Elpida is among the most important within the Empire of Mankind. For millennia, it was the center of production and comerce, notably during the Republic of Elpida and the Republic of Anthropos. After that the economy has been turning towards being an administrative center of the Executive power and to satisfy the needs of its wealthy population.

Elpida is currently one of the main centers of Luxury production items, exported all over the Empire. It is strategically located at the center of Imperial space, from which the expansion of the nation occur in concentrical circles. This has allowed for many routes to cross the system making Elpida a center of trade and a key important place in trade.

Administration and Executive Power

As an adminitrative center, it holds the main executive power of the nation. This is translated in the Senate and the Imperial Palace. Alongside those two, we have the houses of the many nobles which in turn are projections of the imperial executive might all across Imperial territory. Since the Nobility War and the reign of Thardos II, the nobility is force to mantain a house in the capital and reside at least partially here.

This restrictions have been eased with time as long as the Emperor powers were increased and those of the nobles limited. Now many families do not reside in the capital for very long anymore. However, the Planet has remained a center of Luxury and administration ever since. Large buildings with offices, bureaucrats etc are to be seen all over the planet. Specially within Ashara and the Imperial City (Indara). Many of them do require entertainment and many more amenities to sustain the population.


As the capital of the Empire, home to many nobles and wealthy individuals and a center of power and prestige, it is regarded by its elaborate production of Luxury. Every person in the Empire wants to emulate the life and quality of life seen in Elpida. Many, specially the wealthy of any social class want to do "the Elpidan way". It is a source of pride to follow and pay attention to the current trends on going in the capital. The planets outside the core, may try to live as they do in the capital. For that, there is an ongroing market of luxury from Elpida, which has shaped the entire economy of the planet. Thus, all this items have become the main exporting commodity of Elpida.

Agriculture and Herding

Incredible as it is, the utopian way of life seen in the rural areas of the planet is still heavily based on agriculture and herding. Mass production and little scale farming are a way of life in many regions of Elpida. This has been possible only thanks to the fact that mass immigration to the Capital has been severely restricted to prevent Elpida to turn into an ecumenopolis. Only those born in Elpida or with a permit are allowed to reside in the capital. Travel to the capital is also somehow restricted to avoid mass concentrations of populance. All this has been done to preserve the natural fauna and flora of the planet and to safe its green space to use for production of food that feeds the planet. Actually, it was in Imperial will to be like that, so the planet was not dependant on importing food from abroad in case of siege by a foreign power.


Its another important activity of Elpida. The capital is also the oldest world in Lewisian territory. The place with the Humans that currently make the Lewis Nations landed for the first time in the Lewis Galaxy from Via Lacrimosa. For that, it is regarded as a holy place, even by the other Lewis nations. Millions upon millions of tourists flock every year to Elpida from the Empire, the Union, the Intergalactic Federation, the United Alliance, the Plutocracy and the Republic of Sion, to see the holy lands of the early colonists who came in the Twelves colony ships of the forefathers. This has provided the planet with billions in profit. While international tourist arrive from every corner of the Lewis Nations and beyond to visit the historical grounds of the forefathers of the Lewisians, national tourism does not stay just there. Many go visit the planet for its significance in fashion, technology and history of the nation. They also visit the famous landscapes and natural landmarks such as the mountains of Golka or the pleasant shores of Bira.

Another interesting factor is the planet's gastronomy, famous all over. Many of the most refine cuisine can be found here, attending the nobility and the many wealthy who can afford it on a daily basis. Many come as gastronomic tourist to taste the wonders of Elpida cuisine that they so much have heard in their native planets.

Finance and Business

Elpida is a center of trade, a center of finance and one of the main centers of business activity in the Empire. It holds the seat of many of the largest companies in the nation. Although it isnt as important in this matter as Pax, it has a large history of importance in Finance and trade. One of the largest stock exchange in imperial territory can be found here. Every day, millions of financial assets are moved in Elpida alone.

However, due to the increasing standards of living in the planet, the cost of living or having a business open in the Planet, most notably in the Imperial city and Ashara has been impossible to bear. This has slowed the creation of new business activity in Elpida.

Trade companies exist in Elpida and function as they do in many other worlds. They benefit from the strategical location of the capital in the center of the Empire to distribute the items not only produced in the capital but in the corners of Imperial space and beyond.


Elpida is one of the most advance world in terms of technology. Small pieces and appliances are design here. In fact, more than production of technological design, it is a planet based mostly on design of knew technologies that are later sent to another planet for its construction. Many studios are based in the planet and many innovations are first tried in the capital and then exported nationwide or even internationaly.

Industry and Manufacturing

Although minor, it plays a role in the economy. The many mines have been exploited from time to time to avoid is exhaustion. Most of the material comes from the system and the nearby areas. Many arrive to the planet in order to be processed and used in the larger economy of the city to manufacture many items, most notably luxurious objects, grandiose buildings, textiles, tecnological aplliances, machinery for agriculture etc...

Energy production

Most of the Energy produced in the planet is based in the poles. Using water and sun to create vast amounts of energy to keep the planet going. The needs of Elpida for energy are constantly increasing and thus the energy production is a growing market in the planetary economy. Large pumps and energy transportations connect the centers of production with its main consumers, the civilian population.